Can you guess the mysterious blackmailer in Swaragini?


Colors’ Swaragini has got a mystery track once again, which has captivated the viewers more. The blackmailer is after Ragini, who made her hurt Swara and get all relations tangled. Ragini wanted to get Sumi’s baby from the orphanage, but she had to get Sumi along. Ragini hears someone has adopted Sumi’s child. She checks the baby adoption record, and reaches the person’s house in disguise to get the baby. Ragini gets her brother and happily takes him along.

The blackmailer kidnaps the baby and runs away. Ragini could not get the baby back and hides the entire chapter from family. Parineeta calls Ragini and sends video of Ragini taking the baby. Parineeta also blackmails Ragini that she will blame Ragini for hiding the baby. Parineeta falls in the river while Ragini tries to take the phone having the video. Ragini fears that everyone will think she has pushed Parineeta. Later, another blackmailer calls Ragini and is threatening her to slap Swara and humiliate her infront of everyone. He tells Ragini that he has proof that she has pushed Parineeta in the river. The truth is something else and Ragini is innocent. Ragini has got under big pressure and obeying the blackmailer to get herself saved from wrong blames. Ragini is cheating the family by manipulating tenders. What do you think about the new negative character in the show? Can you guess the mysterious blackmailer? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Yashal

    For sure it’s adarsh and parinita

  2. Varsha

    It’s parish together, pari is nt dead n adharsh to kill the little brother if he doesn’t become maheahwari head . Hope it’s all because of surekha n parineeta. Even swara is going to be blackmailed.

  3. I think it’s Adarsh because he loved Parineeta and Ragini killed her or its Karthik and he’s back for Ragini

  4. I think it’s adarsh and parineeta working together. And when she fell in the river it was just another plan of theirs to blackmail ragini.

  5. I guess the blackmailer is adarsh or parineeta…not sure….let’s see what have the cvc planned for us…after watching yesterday episode I doubt it to be sahil…’s so confusing..!!

  6. Sumeeta

    adarsh hai.sab ko pata hai.


  8. May b aadarsh nd parineeta..

  9. Iamsofianeak

    it’s adarsh , it’s revealed in spoilers & olv , he joins hands with pari

  10. i wld say another character ruined for RAGINI’S REDEMPTION….plz dnt nw dnt make adarsh negetive for shwng ragini mahan…pls stp this tedemption track…for we accepting ragini cvs ruined many charactr first laksh then pari dadi and nw adarsh why???we accepted ragini devi as a mahan…plz cvs dnt come on trjaswi’s thteatening and emotional traps..sgw smthng good..

    THESE ALL MESS HAPPEND ONLY BECAUSE OF THAT DUMBO RAGINI….whn she come to knw that chottu is alive she go alone to bring chottu and she want to become mahan and want to take credit and prove that she is strong and intelligent..but poor girl again became looser….if she take the help of swara or laksh this will not happen..noooo ahe wants to become mahan..

    when she goes alone to bring chottu if laksh with her this will never happen..bcz he will protect…but ragini deviii doesn’t trust laksh power naa..sge only lustng after him…..adarsh and parineetha choose ragini bcz they know ragini is weak dumbo and easily make her fool…
    its all the mistake done by u na soo bear it alone ragini..

    .swara bcm defamed agin bcz of ragini..i knw she didnt do it intentionally..but think if that defaming happens with ragini what she will do????i sure she will fill 100s of buckets with her tear and even may she tried to suicide..that much weak is ragini..ragini only knw how to do nasty crimes perfectly don’t knw how to do good things..

    ragini always follow the path of wrobg and always broke the trust of her loved ones..she got many chances i think5-6 chances she got but she always broke others trust and hurt them badly..she didn’t care abt others feeling..hw rudely she answred swara when swara questioned abt her tension???the same thng happen with swara earlier but swara answered ragini very polietly..thats the difference btw swara and ragini..ragini is useless good for nothing type..

    1. Don’t ever say like tis Ms. …. All tis crisis stats btw helly nd tej fans bcz of d people lyk u 1ly….if u don’t lyk d character of ragini just keep ur mouth shut… Don’t ever dare to speak I’ll abt any characters… In tis content they just asked about d blackmailer not d character certificate of rags by u… Nd I’m also a swara bt tat doesn’t mean u can speak like tis….
      Nd sry 4 my rude comment

      1. Btw¬b/w and I’ll¬ill

      2. Very true ragini is dumbo

      3. Very true ragini is stupid

      4. Dry for duplicates

    2. Don’t openly say ly this there is also rag fans u shouldn’t have said ly this

    3. It is damn tru all the blasted characters on this show got destroyed and evil just to show that criminal psycho biatch as great sacrificing selfless MAHAAN,she never did any crimes the rest did and she tried to save the baby..Teju is the cause for this coz she want ss and more focus on her with she big fat face and falre nose when she crying,not forgetting a truck load of makeup and same fake expression,As well as her cow crying sound she makes when she crying..i hope they send rags to jail.

      1. Y don’t u direct the serial Sharnelle coz I think with ur wonderful ideas the remaining trp will come down. If u don’t like the track or rags character just ignore it. If u don’t like it it is ur choice but it does not give u the license to insult an actress. The serial name is swaragini. I think as per the name both swara and raginI should get equal importance. Swara got a memory loss track raginI got this track. So what’s u r problem. When she is negative she is a witch nd when her role is positive she is mahaan? Pls don’t insult others like this

  11. it’s nly adarsh nd pari saw n olv …

  12. Teena what’s wr with u y r u always saying that rag is wrong

  13. i think its karthik

  14. Scooby

    Its likr shail voice.. i hav doubt on him from long bck.. if not shail.. may b adrash..

  15. I feel that it is Sahil…dunno…haven’t been watching the daily soap since long…jus that TU helps…

  16. And that is adarsh… Read anarticle in telly buzz..

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