How can I forget you still I am alive (intro)


Hllo everyone I am haritha… I am really disappointed with the current track of kkb… because it’s dadi who is becoming the villain of story… because of she… pragya come back with mogambo look.. now she is telling her to move out of his life… she is really selfish… I think kkb team is going for a new starts in which we can see abhi and Pragya ki romantic story because for him she is no one in his life… anyway I am going to starts a story where they have reached from now..

As pragya left the house without no option as no one in the house need her presence… rather they wish that she must get out their and most importantly abhis life… when pragya goes out of Mehra mansion.. the same moment abhi get into his house… he entered the house all are ready to welcome him…
Aliya: Bhai and hugs him..
Tanu: abhi… and hugs him..
Dadi: beta.. you go and take rest… your health condition is not all good now…
Purab drops abhi in his room…
Purab: abhi I have some important work now… let us see in evening…
Purab comes to meet dadi…
Purab: dadi where is pragya di?.
Dadi: she goes..
Purab: where? Is she don’t knew abhi is coming today?
Dadi: she knews.. she goes out of abhis life… as she is danger for him.. purab: what do you mean Dadi?
Dadi: purab you knew that abhi don’t knew pragya.. and recollecting those moments were really danger for abhi.. so I think let pragya stay away from him…
Purab: how can you do this Dadi? Is that your love for pragya di?
Dadi don’t respond…
Purab: dadi don’t be silent… it’s you who brought her here… it’s you make a bond with abhi and di… it’s you always make them together… now it’s you going to separate them… don’t you think how she feel now? How can she live without abhi…
Dadi: purab.. I don’t ask her to leave abhi… I just told her to stay from him.. as I don’t wish to abhis life in danger…

Purab: ya that’s right dadi.. you always think about abhis life… how can you be such a selfish… what all things pragya di.. did for you all.. because of you all she want to bear all the pain…
Dadi: purab… I knew all this.. but I think my decision is right for both of them…
Purab: you always think so.. as you are right… because of your this mogambo play what happens now… I knew now there is no point of talking with you.. who only think for abhi.. but dadi what you do today…
Aliya: purab… is this your way to talk with my dadi… is this respect what you give to her.. is that stupid pragya is important for you than us.. he gives a tight slap to aliya
Purab: don’t talk anything against pragya di… as I don’t knew what will do as now… I will tell you all one thing… you all did very good thing.. as pragya di is not suit to this family… she will get better family.. but u won’t get someone like her… hereafter I have no connection to this family expect for abhi.. because he never do this to di… if he have memory and I am sure that no one including dadi can’t love and take care of abhi that much pragya di have done…
Tanu: purab are you thinking that what you are saying and doing is good… if abhi came to knew you hate this family… we can make abhi against you…
Purab: claps… wonderful… tanu I have expected this from u.. you can’t do anything expect cheating and playing with other life.. if you tired to love abhi… be sure he will not accept you to marry as you were thinking that soon you become abhis life.. because in any corner of his heart there is pragya di and love for her.. it will make you away from him.. even if he can’t recognize it…
Aliya; stop it purab.. I think even now you will change.. as pragya goes away from our life you will return to me… but

Purab: don’t ever think that I will return to your life.. and don’t ever try to come in front of me.. I don’t knew what I will do then… purab goes from there by closing the door in huge sound.. abhi hears this and came out of his room.. he sees purab going angrily..
Abhi: what happens to this purab.. I don’t see him like that.. abhi came to his
Room and take his phone.. but he stops not now..
Abhi: why I am feeling missing someone as all are here? Whom I am really missing.. why unknowingly tears rolled down through my eyes…
Purab is driving car… he sees pragya on the bus stop with bags.. he stops his car and come to her…
Purab: di…
Pragya who is crying; purab please leave me alone now…
Purab: di… you ‘re not alone.. me.. maa all are with you..
Pragya: I don’t need anyone in my life…
Purab: what are you talking di? Come with me…
Pragya: purab I have told you na..
Purab hugs pragya..
Purab: di.. I knew u can’t live without abhi.. and you even don’t see him after he getting conscious… dadi asked to get away from abhis life…
Pragya: purab.. you knew even dadi also tell me to leave him.. here after there is no relationship between us.. there is no more my memories in that house and even in his mind… he don’t need me…. but how can he forget me. As he gives me promise that he will not leave me alone… he always stay with me.. he gives me promise that he don’t fall in aliyas and tanus word… now I can’t get my love.. I can’t get my life back.. is this love? Love is what only getting pain to us.. purab because of me you even lose your love.. I lose my sister… in this 2 years what all this that I do.. how much I love everyone and him… look what dadi tell to me.. how can she say like that… how can I live without him purab.. tell me.. tell me..
Purab: di… di just listen to me… do you have believe in your love..?
pragya: no purab.. now I don’t have any belief in this love… it only make me fail only give me pain..
Purab: di you just think about maa… how much she will get sad now.. she will be worried by thinking you.. di come with me..

Pragya: purab.. what is the meaning of living a life now..
Purab: di just listen to me.. you have did a lot to get back your love… for that you lost your loved one’s.. meri bulbul.. di now it’s time to take decision now… they all are against you.. that tanu and aliya are thinking that you have failed now.. but di.. you don’t sit like this.. if he can forget all that memories then why you can’t?
Pragya: purab what are you saying? How can I forget him?
Purab: di I don’t tell you to forget him.. but you may return to his fuggi… you may wait for him.. as I knew that he will come back to you.. no one in this family can’t love him as you did.. you just go to old pragya… you must go in front of him as his fan.. and get into his life by making him remembering you..
Pragya: do you think is that possible..
Purab: di.. it’s you who taught him what is love and it’s meaning… it’s only you can do this.. he will surely recognize you and love you like his fuggi… I will there for you in your each step..

Precap: pragya is going to see his concert… abhi is singing the song.. at that time he take pragya on stage

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  1. super..i wish this happens in real….next part please

    1. HARITHA

      Actually sana… I really feel bad for pragya… I just post it to tell my frustration..

  2. Superb!!!

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      Thanks abhigya

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  5. RiyaDcruz

    If dis hapn in real kkb track we will be the haapppiiieessstttt person in d universe……

    1. HARITHA

      Ya riya.. I also wish so..

  6. Superb haritha…abhi loneliness feeling and frustration of Purab…u did very well…keep going

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks varsha

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      Thanks sugan

  7. Its super….very nice. I liked it.

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      thanks maha

  8. OMG I love this so so so much. I agree with you tho, I can’t believe that Daadi would do that. Anyways, this is amazing. 🙂 🙂

    1. HARITHA

      ya divya…i too cant believe the way dadi behave now…its really too bad…thanks divya for your comment

  9. Christine Gloria


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  10. nice..

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  11. Awesome Haritha. Loved it. Plz continue.

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  12. Asmithaa

    wonderful… di.. u become kkb writer dii… that edyads are waste…

    1. HARITHA

      oh asmitha thats really difficult maa…for that i need ektha mams permission…just joking yaar

  13. Monesha

    Wow entry itself rocking awesome episode you have many talents. i want to know that you are elder to me or younger my age is 16. Bcoz i couldn’t call you as name if you are elder to me then I will call you as di. Important news is don’t hide your talent. You just rocking by your awesome ff

    1. HARITHA

      monesha..iam 20 years old..and doing my degree…thanks for your comment dear..actually this credit must goes to tisha di…or sriakka…because her ff abhi and pragya eternal love and love of life kumkumbhagya is the reason for starting me as ff writer..and also you all because of your lovely heart touching comments

  14. nice story

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      thanks kaif

  15. Sema haritha.. purab gave them nice slap with the words…. superb…

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      thanks dear

      1. haritha pls update nxt epic. .. I am eagerly waiting.

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    Really awesome wish it happens really superb darlu love u loads????

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    It’s Awesome…Haritha…i hope kkb writers have to make u as writer… U r creative writer yaar…Thank u so much for this one shot..becoz, i too feeling vex seeing current track of kkb..U just make be cool , ur OS…Love u dear…A Big Hug to u….Keep Rocking..!

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks adhya.. actually I feel cool by reading your comments… thanks dear for that

  19. Really awesome dear best tan real kkb pls continue it hav a nice day God bless u

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  22. Really nice yaar u know after cing sterday episode I really felt sine1 shd scold dadi lk purab did in ur ff bt soooooo so I’m sooooo sad bt NW after reading your ff I was somewhat satisfied… Really how dadi can b soooo selfish… I wish if abhi gets his memory back n ask 4 his fuggi na tat time when dadi ask her to cum to mm also she and my come really some days dadi shd suffer 4 his grandson tat coz of her his love s nt with him nu… Really yaar did thy thk pragya s some thing r toy if thy thk their life s happy with tat toy thy vl keep it if tat toy doesn’t give happiness thy vl just throw it wat a family…

    1. HARITHA

      Ya I also agree with you yaar

  23. Wow…when I read your ff I feel very calm.If this happens in real kkb I will be happiest person in the world…hats off hari

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      Thanks aisu

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    pls con

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  27. Trisha

    This intro is simply beautiful….can’t wait to read the rest of episodes…You my friend, are a truly talented and amazing writer…Keep up the great work….Take care…love you! 🙂

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      Thanks dear

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