How can I forget you still I am alive episode -7

Hllo everyone… so let’s move on story now..
Pragya: what happened to you? ..
Abhi is not replying her.. he is still crying…
Pragya: suniye… I have prepared this much for you as you have told I think you are not in mood.. k I will have it purab.. there is no reaction from his side as she knews something problem… pragya sits beside him and hold his hands…
Abhi lies his head on pragyas lap.. pragya move her through his hairs.. she didn’t tell him anything as she knew that.. he need some time…
Abhi: fuggi.. I am really sorry… I didn’t knew that it’s my aliya… my aliya… how can she..
Pragya: I knew that…
Abhi: what?
Pragya: I knew everything… now I knew you too came to knew about it.. haa she.. tanu and nikhil did this.. now I knew that my words didn’t hurt you.. so I can tell u everything now.. as I already told you that.. u married me because to fulfill your sisters wish.. but.. purab loves my sister… and you too knew that purab can love only bulbul.. so did their engagement and to do their marriage also… but your sister play a game.. in that fight.. the relation between you both started to weaken.. aliya tried every way to get purab… but she can’t as you become an obstacle.. and she thinks that because of me.. you are doing all this.. when I make them marry her anger towards me increase… at last she tried to kill me.. because of my fate.. my bulbul… ya I lost my sister.. I came to knew the reason for my sisters death is her.. but I give her chance to regret.. because she is also my sister.. but what she did.. she make plan with tanu and make tanus child to give your name.. sorry I knew that u don’t knew that.. it’s really my fault.. when I came to knew that tanu is pregnant.. I think that it’s your child.. I make you to convince this truth.. for that child we got separated but when I came to knew that that child is not yours.. so I returned to your life again.. in new look.. from that moment you give a new name mogambo.. as I love money… I tried a lot to bring all the truth.. at last I succeed.. no.. I fail in that game.. but it’s you who make me win as you trust my words rather than any proof… as we join again.. and think to move with our new life.. again.. fate.. it’s not fate.. aliya.. tanu and nikhil separate us… again.. that too by accident.. in that accident I lost my dream… as you..

Abhi: as I lost all your memories…
Pragya cries.. but I knew that one day you will realize all the truth and I will get you back.. she cries..
Abhi; fuggi… till now I don’t knew about my past.. when you telling all this.. I feel that I am hearing a stories.. but when I look into your eyes I feel your pain…. I feel your love.. sorry pragya.. for hurting you.. making your life in vain.. if I was not there is your life.. May be your life is full of happiness…
Pragya shouts his mouth.. don’t ever said like that.. because I enjoyed my life most with you… the day that I spend with you are the most colourful days in my life.. in all my troubles… I fight with it because of your love.. when I look into your eyes.. I feels my world in it..I knew you will be in pain and shock by hearing all this I can understand that… I don’t want to see you like this that’s why I hide from you.. that’s why I bear all this pain..
Abhi emotionally hugs pragya… ( tu meri jaan plays)
Abhi wiping his tears…
Abhi : will you accept me as your husband? Will you forgive for all my sin..abhi forward his hands…
Pragya place her hand too..
They both laughs ( allah warriyan plays)
Abhi: fuggi.. if you have this must trust in your love.. then why are try to hide from me… you can come in front of me na.. as you knew everything about me.. my feelings my mind.. my heart beat..

Pragya: I can.. if…
Abhi: if.. I can’t recognize you.. that’s what your problem..
Pragya: no.. I knew that if you can’t recognize me as your wife.. but it’s sure you can recognise my love… by looking to my eyes.. as you always said that you can reach to my heart by looking into it…
They have An eyelock there…

Pragya: as everyone wished that it’s better I am going away from you.. and that too dadi as ask me the same.. then how can I?
Abhi: fuggi… k.. now let’s forget everything thing… lets start a new journey of our life… before that fuggi… I feel so hungry now..
Pragya smiles..
Abhi and pragya have their breakfast.. after that abhi calls purab…
Abhi: purab .. I am in your flat.. if you don’t mind can you come here now..
Purab: ya abhi.. I am coming ends call.. why abhi is talking too formally which there is some problem.. let me solve It out..
As purab enters the flat… he sees pragya with all her bags..
Purab: di where are going? Why do you pack all this things? Is there any problem?
Abhi: haa.. it’s me make her pack all this.. as she has no right to stay here.. as she has her own house..
Purab: but abhi… she can’t go there as it will make problem as her maa will…
Abhi: purab I am not talking about that house.. if she is married.. it’s her duty to stay with her husband and in his house..
Purab: haa abhi but… what? What do you say?
Abhi:( smiles) haa.. purab.. she is my wife.. so she must stay with me.. purab looks at pragya.. she smiles..
Purab: abhi.. and hugs him.. abhi I am too happy now… thanks a lot abhi.. I am waiting for this moment..
Abhi: purab.. it’s me who need to thank you.. but I will not because you are my Bhai… my precious Bhai.. akka friend.. as no one would have someone like you..
Purab : k baba… stop your sentiments as it doesn’t suit to abhi the rock star..
Abhi: its not suit for rock star.. but it’s suits to this abhi who is your friend..
Purab take bulbuls pic..

Purab: bulbul.. look now I full fill your last wish.. for the one you give your life.. I knew u are with me.. and you are watching all this…. he cries..
Pragya touches on his shoulder… purab hugs pragya… they both cries pragya: purab.. it’s because of me you lost bulbul.. I lost my sister.. I can’t give her back to you.. I can’t.. I cant…
Purab: sorry di… k abhi… you both leave now.. abhi just take care of aliya and tanu…
Abhi: purab I knew how to treat her now..
They leaves.. abhi and pragya reached mehra mansion.. they reached at door step.. pragya was too happy.. abhi holds her hand..
They both together place their first leg… and get into the house..
Aliya tanu.. dadi.. as everyone we’re there.. all are shocked to see pragya with him.. abhi didn’t mind them.. pragya looks at them.. but abhi make her move to their room…
And placed all her bags there..
Pragya looks around..
Abhi: fuggi… don’t become emotional now.. as we have so many works here..
Pragya: work..
Abhi : haa… don’t you feel anything wrong in this room.. pragya get puzzled abhi…hey mogambo.. pragya looks chashmish.. look here.. is this room look like a married person room..
Pragya smiles.. so now we can change our room as before.. abhi has already framed all their special photo.. abhi opened his drew..
Pragya get puzzled..
Abhi: fuggi… just help me…. I need to keep all this here…
Abhi and pragya took their large photo frame of their marriage and fix it on wall..
Abhi: fuggi.. I don’t like this photo.. do you knew why? When I am looking you.. you were lost in somewhere.. and in our marriage photos there is no such good photos.. abhi takes an another photo.. but look this one.. how romantic hey na.. it was a pic from their latest dance on nikhils birthday.. they arrange all photos..
Pragya: why you insist to leave this side…
Abhi: because there’s space for our abhigya… pragya get shy..
Abhi comes close to her..

Abhi : ya fuggi.. we lost so many happy as well as romantic moments… so many functions.. so many parties.. so from today on ward’s we will have party everyday..
Pragya reminds abhi telling the same on that day…
Abhi: hllo… where are you..
Pragya; kuch nahin.. as I am thinking that u have tell the same on that day too…
Abhi come close to her…
Pragya: statue… abhi stand like statue.. so you need to stand like this till the
Time I said to move… she smiles.. she just circle through his face through her fingers… and laughing loud.. by seeing abhi…
Pragya: pragya take dress to take bath meanwhile statue free.. suddenly she get into washroom.. abhi too rushes to her.. but she locks..
Abhi: fuggi… I will see you…
Pragya: haa baba…
After finishing her bath.. she just tried to hear any voice.. but there is too silence
Pragya: why this much silence.. is he is there or not?
Pragya slowly opens the door of wash room.. she get surprised..

Episode ends….

For surprise.. just wait for next episode.. and you all were now thinking that why he remained silent at everyone and not bothering about anyone… for that too just wait for me… thanks a lot for all your comments as I don’t get time to reply you all… special thanks to my silent readers too….

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