How can I forget you still I am alive episode -5


Hllo everyone… thanks a lot for your comments… nannu.. I saw your suggestion… don’t worry as real love story is going to happen now.. so you can watch dialogue between them… so let’s go to story..
Aliya: dadi… Bhai is going to meet tanu… do you knew he calls her as wife..
Dadi with no reaction..
Aliya: dadi.. I knew you are thinking about that bahangi right.. don’t think about her as you knew It will make bhais life in danger.. so let us make Bhais marriage soon.. dadi wait a minute I just inform tanu..
Aliya: sweet heart.. there is a big surprise.. for you as I knew you will be so happy for this.. if you give me party then I will tell you..
Tanu: what surprises.. aliya tell fast I will do whatever you want..
Aliya: tanu.. Bhai is coming to meet you and you knew he calls you as his wife..
Tanu: what wife.. aliya.. aliya.. where I have now.. don’t you knew kabse I am waiting for this moment.. that’s bahangi goes from his life.. abhi becomes mera.. I am going to become Mrs. Abhi…
Aliya: ya tanu.. May be Bhai have reached there.. so all the best..

Scene shifted to a cafeteria…
All seats were reserved there.. there is no one..
Abhi enters… manger welcomes him with bouquet and make him sit..
Abhi wonders by seeing whole arrangement… he looks around to see pragya… yes there see is.. she is black Saree.. abhi admires her..
Pragya too.. they have an eye lock (tu meri jaan plays)
Abhi; fuggi.. is this all for me..
Pragya: haa…
Abhi: thank you so much.. for all this and for accepting my friendship too. Pragya smiles..
Abhi: fuggi… why I feel so special in you now.. as you are too happy and relaxed….
Pragya: haa.. I am so happy today..
Abhi: Is this for what? Don’t you feel coward as I am getting closer to you.. closer to your heart..
Pragya: no is that what I wish..
Abhi: what?
Pragya : nothing…
Abhi: fuggi.. as we are become friends now na.. then as I don’t knew what all things you like and not… and don’t knew anything about you.. sorry.. I must knew it but..
Pragya: it’s no problem.. you can ask what you want to knew..
Abhi; so sweet of you.. and pulls her cheeks…
Fuggi.. as we are now at restaurant.. so what is your favourite food..
Pragya: what’s yours that’s my favourite..
Abhi: k then you order the food..
Pragya ordered all his favourite…
Abhi: how lovely she is.. she knew everything about me.. but me.. don’t worry abhi.. you can take help from purab to knew about her and her wish..
Pragya: is your thinking get finished.. don’t disturb purab.. and don’t think sorry..
Abhi: wow that’s great.. so you knew mind reading also..
Pragya: ya.. I knew but I can read only one mind.. I can feel only one heart beat that’s yours.. because I lies in it.. ( saiyyara th saiyyara plays)
As supplyer brings food they came to conscious..
Pragya serves food to abhi.. abhi is still admiring her..
Pragya: if this looking over can we..
Abhi: of course.. they started to have food.. in this time they talked a lot.. abhi understand a lot of things about her..

After finishing…
Pragya: can we have pani poori…
Abhi: pani poori..
Pragya: haa.. please.. abhi likes her while she behaving as a child..
Pragya: I will show the shop.. haa stop here…
Abhi: here..
Pragya: look there..
Abhi: we are going to eat pani poor I form this road side..
Pragya: haa.. if you have any problem.. don’t you knew duniya ki sabse achi panipoori he yaham.. and don’t you remember.. how many times we have to have it… pragya suddenly looks at abhi.. sorry I forget.
Abhi: you forget.. I forget all these things right.. fuggi.. I wish to go to all places where we go… as a friend..
Pragya: as a friend.. nothing more…
Abhi: is anything more.. as they both knew what they wish is..
Abhi: k let’s go there..
Pragya bhaiyya 2 plate panipoori sweet and mirchi..
Pragya started to have it.. abhi looks at her and enjoyed all this..
Abhi: fuggi.. I have one doubt if you always like this.. like a naughty..
Pragya: I am naughty.. it’s you make me naughty..
Abhi: what me?
Pragya: haa You.. don’t you knew I am a professor. After I entered into your life you change my whole life..I am very coward about water.. especially swimming pool.. it’s u who get away my fear… and at the time of our marriage I don’t even hear any of your music.. but.. look now I always hear it.. as I love them a lot…
Abhi: fuggi are you loving my song or me… ( kaisa yeh ishq plays)
Pragya: may be you or your music..
Abhi: may be me.. k.. so what’s next is your wish..
Pragya: wish..
Abhi: haa… I am going to fulfill all your wish as a friend…
Pragya:why all the time as a friend can you tell it as a husband.. pragya murmers..
Abhi: do you tell anything..
Pragya: I wish to go for film…
Abhi: film.. k.. which one.. conjouring..
Abhi: that movie..
Pragya: haa… will you..
Abhi: oh god why this mad girl need to watch that movie.. don’t her knew that I am afraid of that type movies..
Pragya: will you..
Abhi: haa.. if course.. she smiles. By recollecting some older memories. As pragya and abhi went to a house and they got frightened by seeing a man who make them fool and at last they found the truth..
Abhi : we reached theatre.. as they enters.
Pragya: why there is no one..
Abhi: as this show is specially for us..
Pragya and abhi sits..
Pragya: oh god I don’t think he will bring me here.. but I am so afraid..
Abhi: oh god please give me strength.. show begins they both watch movie.. as the ghost enters abhi feels fear.. but he managed.. but pragya can’t control she holds abhis hand tightly abhi too.. as film continues.. pragya is getting more fear.. pragya lies her head on abhis chest because of fear.. abhi hugs her tightly.. ( sayyara plays) pragya is seen in fear.. but we see abhi smiling as he enjoying this.. as pragya is so close to him.. no one can separate them. And no one is for disturbing also..
Film ends.. pragya came to sense..
Pragya: sorry.. as I feared alot..
Abhi: then why you wish to watch this..
Pragya: who wish to watch.. as I knew you have fear to watch such movies.. you will not fulfill my wish.. but you..
Abhi: ohoo.. you are showing your attitude to me..
Pragya: haa..
Abhi: hey chashmish.. I am feared to watch it.. but now I wish to see it again. So you will be once more so close to me..

Pragya: chee..
Abhi: what chee?
Pragya: you forget as a friend..
Abhi: haa.. as a friend.. he kissed at her cheeks..
Pragya get surprised..
Abhi: this kiss is also like as a friend.. as you knew na..
Pragya: haa.. can we go now..
Abhi: of course..
They both get in car..
Abhi: is any wish more?
Pragya: not now.. so please drop me at purabs flat..
Abhi: fuggi.. why so fast..
Pragya: look what’s the time now.. it’s 11:00 o’clock..
Abhi: 11 o clock.. I think this time is running fast today.. as it is so jealous by seeing us.. fuggi.. I need to spend some more time with you..
Pragya: sorry.. friend..
Abhi: k fine.. he drops pragya.. fuggi so let’s see tomorrow on studio.. as I need to compose a new song.. I need your help..
Pragya: k sweet dreams..
She goes.. abhi watches her till she disappears..
He reached his room thinks about the whole day..
He hugs his favourite pillow.. he sees pragya in it..
I love you fuggi.. I loves u lot..

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      ya shriti….as from this episode onwards their romantic track started…but they must go to level which is above friendship…so please wait…and iam happy to hear this is ypou favourit ff..thanks alot

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    1. HARITHA

      thanks durga for your comment..haa actually in this ff dadis real character is hidden..we dont knew if she is really with whose side..ya she is selfish thats right…but in case of bringing tanu to abhis life…its a question…dont worry soon it will be revealed out…as just like our real kkb in which as abhi is having ml…but in his behaviour attitude we feel something different…i thought thats a dram by seeing last 3 episodes…but cvs will always change script we cant make it sure

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