How can I forget you still I am alive episode -4


Hello sweeties.. hope all are fine… thanks for all your support and love guys… let’s go to story..
Abhi; I don’t knew who you are? Who ‘re you for me? But I see my world in these.. I see my life in these two eyes… abhi place his hands on her face.. ( sanam re plays)..
Pragya suddenly get away…
Pragya: No.. we can’t be together…
Abhi: why?
Pragya: kyom ki.. meri kismath is like that… I can’t be with you.. all the time when I think I got u.. but at the next moment I losed you… when I fill my forehead with the name of that kumkum.. that’s kumkum itself make us separate.. so.. we must stay as separate.. that’s good for us.

Abhi: what are you saying?
Pragya: what I am saying is right.. as you said that my love is for you.. it will be there still if there is distance between will be in my heart still my heart get dead.. so for us.. it’s better to stay away from us..
Abhi: fuggi…
Pragya: I don’t wish to lose you… I wish to always see you.. if we get closer I will lose then it’s better to stay away… I am going.. she goes..
Pragya reached purabs flat.. she gets into room..
He take abhis photo..

Pragya: I wish to live with you.. spend all the time with you.. but… vakth hamee do rasthe mein it’s really difficult to be together.. until you get all my memories.. I will wait for that day..the day which we become one.. I knew you got hurt.. but I have no option other than that.. I love you.. I love you a lot.. ( hamari adhuri kahani plays)
Abhi: why she says so… as we both can’t live together… . what is our real relationship… I knew she is trying to hide herself.. why?… why as she loves this much…. I must just tried to find out my past… but how… how… ya I just ask about whom around us.. abhi drives car and reached home..
Aliya: Bhai how was your concert.. is it k….
Abhi: haa good… where is dadi…?
Aliya : she is at room..

Abhi: dadi….
Dadi: beta tu aagayi… how’s your concert…
Abhi: it’s too good dadi… really fans are too crazy.. dadi there I saw a chashmish…
Dadi: chashmish get shocked…
Abhi: what happens dadi… do you knew her..
Dadi: vo kuch nahin.. I just its sound different na that’s why…
Abhi : so you mean you don’t knew her.. right..
Dadi: haa.. he goes..
Dadi: abhi is trying to find about pragya… oh god I must stop it.. I don’t wanna lose her… abhi goes to his room..
Tanu: abhi….
Tanu comes and she sits close to abhi.. he gets up..

He takes a spects..
Tanu: why are you putting this type of specs abhi… that bahangi valla..
Abhi:what bahanji valla..?
Tanu: nothing.. I forget one thing.. just a minute she goes..
Abhi: which means both dadi and tanu knew her.. so let check with aliya…
Aliya came..
Aliya: Bhai. I have make deal with a new company that too for 2 crores… abhi: that’s great… aliya I need your opinion..
Aliya:haa tell bhai..
Abhi: aliya.. I am planning to make a new song about love… the love which we see through a chashma… love which feel through an eyes…
Aliya: wow that’s great Bhai… how do you got this idea?
Abhi: I feel that love.. I feel her…
Aliya: did you see that bahanji…
Abhi: bahanji.. who is that..

Aliya: nothing Bhai. She leaves..
Abhi: so everyone knew pragya.. they all are hiding something from me… time passed… it’s night…
Abhi lies on bed… he recollect what pragya have told..
Abhi gets up… she told about kumkum which is in my name… that means she is my wife… but how? Is our relationship ends.. that’s why… but how this happen… how she entered to my life… how can I marry her.. if so why I forget her…
Abhi takes his phone and searches…..
He sees his marriage pics… his pics with pragya…..

He get shocked…
Abhi: I must found out what happened between us.. I need my fuggi back…. but she is keeping distance between me.. what will I do for that..
Abhi calls purab..
Purab : Bhai why are you calling at this time…
Abhi: purab…. I need to talk with my wife..
Purab: what wife…
Abhi: give phone to fuggi as I need To talk to her importantly…
Purab goes to pragyas room.. it was open… he sees pragya with teary eyes..
Purab: di.. don’t you sleep why are you crying… di abhi needs to talk with you…
Pragya :Tell him.. I am not ready to talk now…

Purab : hllo abhi
Abhi : purab I hear what she talks… tell her If she don’t talk with me now.. then I will directly come there…

Pragya: hllo…
Abhi: fuggi… I knew you are crying.. as you don’t like to continue our husband and wife relation… then k… can we have friends… please think answer me tomorrow… k good night my wife…he ends call..

Pragya: what wife..
Purab: haa di. What to both of you… if he gets memory… if he remember you….
Pragya: purab I don’t knew… he don’t remember me… but he knew something about me.. he knew I loves him… he too loves me.. he knew I am his wife… he thinks because of some problem between us…purab… I don’t understand what is in his mind? He is asking for my friendship… what will I do now? Do you remember what doctors says… what will I do now…
Purab: di… you just calm down
Pragya: how would I….
Purab: we can do one thing we can meet doctors tomorrow… and ask for their opinion..
Pragya: k…
Next day…
Pragya: hllo doctor..
Doctor : hllo mrs. Mehra… how is abhi now.. is he k..
Purab: doctor we just came for your suggestion.. abhi meet pragya di… he came to knew she is his wife.. he didn’t knew what happened between them… he wish to live with di… but if he tries to recollect his past.. then..

Doctor : look purab.. from this one thing is clear.. by seeing pragya he didn’t recollect anything… but he feels her love.. now he came to knew she is his wife too.. I am sure that if pragya is with him.. if he recollect his past also nothing will happen to abhi.. pragya you can start a new life with him.. nothing to worry..
Pragya: but..
Doctor: I knew you are thinking about his health.. but pragya.. look you are trying to move out from his life.. but still you become attached with him.. he didn’t remember his past.. but he feels your love… pragya be trust in your love.. it will bring you both closer.. go ahead… accept his friendship… and starts a new life with him… if you need any help.. then calls me.. wish you all the best.
Both pragya and purab smiles..
Pragya: thanks doctor… they comes out..
Pragya calls abhi
Abhi: hllo who is this speaking..
Pragya: fuggi..
Abhi:tum.. what about deal..

Pragya: haa
Abhi: tell directly…… do you accept my friendship
Pragya: yes.. can we meet today..
Abhi: wow of course…
Call ends.. abhi goes..
Aliya: Bhai where are you going?
Abhi: to meet my wife.. goes…
Aliya: wife.. pragya.. no way.. it must be tanu.. otherwise he will tell as tut stupid name fuggi…
Episode ends..

Precap: pragya make surprise for abhi

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