HELLO SWEETIES…i knew its too late more than 2-3 weeks…i soo bad na..first of all i got fever then laziness..then onam…i knew its bad..but what to do…may be some of you have forget about this…i have no words other than this sorry….really so sorry…i knew some of you have may be forget this one..some still remembering it…now iam going to story..i will finish this ff as soon as possible…
abhi stops at beach..
pra: here..
abhi:ha…as i met you first here…they both look at each other(allah warriyan plays)…
abhi and pragya sits at the beach looking at the moon..pragya lies her head on her shoulder..
abhi: fuggi…how cute was this na…

abhi: our it starts and how its end..fuggi i wish to lets love once again..
pra: what do you mean?
abhi:just go back…
pra:what do you mean?
abhi:fuggi..i did it remember what all thinhgs happen inour life…when we start to love each other…so i wish to recollect all that moments..thats why i came here ..because this is the place where we first met…fuggi..can you explain everything to me..
pragya smiles..tinkus…how will i start ..from where because i even dont knew how i fall for you…when that feeling arise in me..actually its our fights…our fught made me to fall in lov with you…abhi holds her hands and drags to her..
ab:but this eyes make me to fall for you..this innocence..
pr:k…now lets go to home…
abhigya reached home…there is tanu and aliya..tanu is with her luggages tanu is leaving may be she is trying to escape from me..but i will never leave her..
pra:no tinkus just wait ..we can watch this new drama
tanu:so mr.abhishek prem mehra..the rockstar..iam leaving this house..and leaving you…i dont care if you go with this bhahanji..because iam going to start a new life..a new life with she turned and sees nikhil
holding his hand with this you knew he is now owning a music company that too indias best…and look at after a break ..its difficult for you to comeback..and i will spoil it as my nikhil is head of their assosiaction too..hey na nikhil
nikhil(in mind):oh this tanu na..iam calling back to her to my life because he is going to get a new add that too for 5 crores…so i must act infront of her…
ni:ofcourse sweet heart
ta:and you aliya..from this day onwards there is no relation with you…and dont call me again..she leaves
abhigya goes to thier room..
aliya sit shattered
next morning..
purbul came to meet abhigya
pur:goodmorning di and abhi..i came here to tell you about the party..
bul:haa.. maa has organised it and its after a long time we are together so lets celebrate..
i need to call all others too..
pr:bulbul i need to tell you one thing as tanu goes .
bul:haa di i knew it..
purbul laughs..
pur:actually abhi..its our plan..nikhil own a company thats true..but nikhil call her back because he thinks that tanu will give him money ..
ab:what?purbul explained it..but actually tanu not sighed for such a project..she even dont knew about it…its just we make him fall in that tanus problem will permanently get solved..

abhi gives a hifi with purbul
abhi:thats my bulbul..and hugs her…
dadi comes there
dadi:abhi…pragya…she started to cry..i knew you all are anger on me..abhi i knew that you are waiting for my speak me up..but i cant stand infront of you like this…because iam so selfish possesive…i make my bahu to get out of the house..i fall in the trap of aliya and tanu…i even doesnt value your love..i must understand that pragyas memory will not make you in danger..its all my fault..its all my fault..dadi started to faint abhigya holds dadi and make her sit..bulbul; gives water ..
dadi holding abhigyas hand..will you forgive me?they hugs each other
ab;dadi…what are you talking?i dont hate i knew because of your love for me that makes you to do so…
pr:dadi i can understand..
they all smiles..
bul:dadi..there is a party at evening at our should be there with jiju and di..
pur:now we are laeving as there is lot of works..i want to call aliya too..
ab:aliya..what is the need of her?
bul:jiju…there is a plan ..thats why..
ab:iam not interested..if you wish you can but she will surely create problem..
bul:no bhai..this time her plans didnt work ..lets waits and watch for bulbuls game
episode ends..
friends may be within 2 episode this ff ends…

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