Can I fall in love, Episode 96

Everyone reaches farm house by evening.
Suh: Dadi, Ma, Di and Bhabhi you four rest here, we will clean the house.
They nod.

Yuvi: Suhani, you too stay here with them, there is you no use in taking you.
Suh: Really? May I know why?
Yuvi: Simple, you are not going to clean anything, because you are allergenic to cleanliness.
Suhani fumes.
Yuvi: And you just know the mess things, you crazy monkey.
Suh: Crazy monkey??

Family were enjoying their fight, and all were laughing silently.
Yuvi: Why? Do you doubt it? You are exactly like a crazy monkey, running here and there, messing things, and doing all stupid things.
Suh: (angrily) better than you, you just know to boss around. You don’t do anything; all you know is to shout. Sadu!
Now he fumes.
Yuvi: You!
She laughs.
He was about to retort but Gauri stopped him.
Sh: Enough both of you, stop it.
Yuvani stared at each other.

They all got in and started to clean.
Suhani and Saurab were cleaning the first floor, corridor. Gauri, who was working at ground floor, called her. Suhani ran to her, slipped and fell on the stairs. Saurab was shocked seeing her, and shouted her name. He ran to room to call Yuvi, and Anuj, who were cleaning inside.
But Suhani was least bothered, she got up the next second, and ran downstairs.
And hence when Saurab came back with his brothers, Suhani was not there.
Anuj: Bhaiya, you told that Suhani bhabhi fell down. But…
Sau: I am also thinking the same thing, she fell down. Trust me, she fell down, I saw her falling,
Anuj: But,

Yuvi laughs.
Yuvi: Bhaiya, she left.
Sau: What? But she was hurt.
Yuvi: Doesn’t matter Bhaiya, she would be in the ground floor.
They came down and saw Suhani and Gauri cleaning together.
Yuvi: Told you!
Saurab was shocked and went to her.
Suhani smiles.

Sau: (shocked) you, you are fine??
Suh: (confused) Yeah, why?
Sau: But, but you fell down right, how did you reach here?
Suh: Yeah, but I was not going to lay down there.
Saurab looked at her in disbelief.
Suhani shook him.
Suh: Bhaiya?? What happened?
Sau: I am surprised, I mean if it was Gauri or Rags in your place, they would not even move a muscle, they would be waiting for someone to lift them up. I thought the same and went inside, but when I came back you just vanished!

Gauri fumes.
Sau: I am saying truth.
Suh: (smiling) because it was nothing, I didn’t fall hard.
Sau: You did.
Suhani sighs.
Suh: I am fine Bhaiya.
Yuvi sighed. Saurab nodded. They all finished cleaning and then went to take rest.

Yuvani’s room:
Suhani screamed in pain.
Yuvi: What happened?
Suh: Back ache.
Yuvi: (sighs) Deserves you! What do you think you are, super woman?
Suh: What do you mean?
Yuvi: I know you are hurt, and fell hard, why were you acting like nothing happened?
Suh: (sighs) Because Bhaiya was worried for me and I don’t want to spoil the mood because of me.
Yuvi: (sighs) Great, you care for everyone excluding you, at least once in a while, look after yourself.

He looked angry, she smiled at him.
Suh: Why should I? When you are there to look after me.
Yuvi looked at her angrily.
Yuvi: Don’t you try to pamper me.
Suh: Sorry.
He still remained angry.
Suh: Come on Yuvi, we are here on family trip; leave your anger, please.
She looked pleading; he smiled seeing her and aided her.

After dinner, everyone gathered outside, around fire.
Anuj: Let us play something.
Sau: Yeah, but what?
Suh: Let us give task to everyone, one by one.
Bh: Task?
Suh: Yeah, some dares.
Men: Like?

Suh: Anything.
Gauri: Sounds good.
Yuvi: Yeah.
Sh: Ok then, let us begin.
Sau: Let us begin with you Sharad.

Sh: Me?
Anuj: Yeah.
Sh: Ok. What is my task?
Gauri: Bhai, I will tell you,
She thought for a while,
Gauri: Mimic Viyu.
Yuvi: What? No way!
Suh: No, Bhaiya, go on, it would be fun.

Yuvi fumes at her, and she winks back. Others cheered for Sharad.
Sh: Ok, ok, but Gauri, you too join me, as your bhabhi.
Suh: What? No need.
Yuvi: Of course needed.
Suhani fumes.
Sharad and Gauri started, they acted like Yuvani, recreated their fight.
Everyone other than Yuvani cheered for them, Yuvani fumed.
Anuj: Wow, Sharad, Gauri, what an observation!
Sh: It is nothing Anuj, they always fight, and everyone knows how they fight.
Others laughed.
Next it was Suhani’s turn.

Yuvi: I will give your task; you have to keep mum till we go to bed.
Everyone laugh.
Bh: Oh Yuvi, you put my sister in big problem.
Sh: Yeah, my sis and not talking, impossible.
Yuvi: That is the task.
Suhani beats him, everyone laugh at her.
Then they made Saurab sing, Dadi dance, and much more. Family had great fun together.

Bhavna is upset.

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