Can I fall in love, Episode 93

again marriage functions!!
This is not my thing, and I am really sorry, this one is not good. Please bare with me. Love you all.

Suhani was very much excited; it was her bestie’s marriage functions. Yuvani reached Kasyap’s home. Suhani went to him, and teased him.
Kas: Stop it man!!
Suhani laughs.
Suh: Excited??
Kas: Nervous man!
Suhani smiled.
Suh: It is ok, relax!
Yuvi came in.
Yuvi: (smiling) she is right, relax bro, if you can’t, then think of me; come what may, your situation is better than mine na.
Kas: That is correct brother!
They high-fived.
Suhani fumes.
Suh: I won’t speak to both of you.
Yuvi: Are you sure? Thank God!!
She beats him, Kasyap laughs.
They came to hall. Ria came with family, and the guests arrived.
Deepak and Keerthi performed first, Ayush too joined them, making it more beautiful.
Yuvani came on to the stage and they performed on samjhawan. They performed very romantically, and were lost in the Yuvani world and came back to senses only when audience cheered for them. They smiled.
Risyap performed next. After that Ria called Yuvani on to the stage. Suhani danced with Kasyap and Yuvi with Ria.
It was a very sweet one, every one cheered most foe this one.
Yuvani were staying back, because of mehandi.
Suhani was very much excited, she and Keerthi applied mehandi on Kasyap.
Suhani was about to apply it own her hand when Yuvi stopped her.
Suh: What?
Yuvi: You are going to apply mehandi?
Suh: Yeah, what is wrong in that?
Yuvi: (irritated) Please don’t,
Suh: (confused) why?
Yuvi: I hate its smell!! Yuck!!
Suh: So?
Yuvi: You are not going apply it!
Suh: No way, I love it, and I am going to apply.
Yuvi: Can’t you do this much for your husband?
Suh: Can’t you adjust a little for your wife? Now for sure I will apply.
She leaves saying this and he stood there irritated.

Risyap get married.

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