Can I fall in love, Episode 90

Suhani and Kasyap came out of the park.
Suh: Lets us go home.
Kas: Ok, but before that I want to go to mall.
Suh: For?
Kas: For Ayush, I mean I haven’t got anything for him, and he came after long time na.
Suhani nodes.
Kas: I thought of going to shopping with Ria……. After our, after our engagement, but!!
Suhani became sad, almost had tears.
Kas: Someone was telling me not to cry, and,

Suh: I am not crying.
Kasyap smiles.
Kas: Anyway leave that, let us go. You help me in buying.
Suh: No, Chachu is buying something for his ladla, so it has to be Chauchu’s choice. I will just come along.
He smiles and they leave. He was searching for some toy for Ayush, Suhani was simply wandering and fond a hourglass, and stared at it.
Kasyap bought a toy and packed it and then searched for her. He found her staring at the hourglass, and held his head.

Kas: How long will you stare at it?
Suhani was about to say something,
Kas: Oh, please, I know what you are gonna say, that you like this, there is something special in it, but you don’t know what, and you will by it only when you understand the what it is!! I have been hearing this from the day we went on our first trip together!
Suh: But I was not going to say that!!
He looked at her.
Kas: Then? Did you understand its specialty?
Suhani nodded.
Suh: It reminds me of my love, see it, how slow the sand is moving down, just like the way I fell in love, (smiling) slowly……

They smiled.
Suhani suddenly looked shocked, Kasyap understood it.
Kas: Oh, hello, I am not that weak!
She smiles.
They leave, he dropped her home.

Suhani was busy with Gauri, Kasyap called her, she excused herself.
He sounded normal, and she was very happy about it. They talked for a while. Ayush was making things very easy for him; people simply don’t say that God lives in them.
She was happy seeing him recovering. She went to room, Yuvi was on his laptop.
She smiled seeing him. He noticed it.
Yuvi: What are seeing like this?
Suh: Nothing, you look so cute, sooo cute like a monkey!!
Yuvi: Oh, so I look like a monkey??
Suhani nodes.
Yuvi: Wait, I will make you one then.
He advanced to her and she ran, he ran after her and then caught her from behind.
She was breathless, and he messed her hair.
Suh: (turning towards him) what are you doing?
He laughed seeing her and led her to the mirror.
Yuvi: See yourself, you look like ghost!!

She fumes and beats him.
He laughs, she went and sat on the bed, he sat beside her, and he adored her.
They were silent for some time, and then she laughed. He smiled seeing her.
Suh: I got something for you.
Yuvi: Without any reason?
Suh: No, there are two reasons for getting this, (she held his hands) Thank you, Thank you so much for supporting me, your support is my biggest strength.
He smiled.
They had an eye lock. Yuvi broke the trance.

Yuvi: Ok, what is the second reason?
She smiled.
Suh: It is something funny, yet an example of my craziness.
She took a gift from her bag.
Suh: Open it.
He was confused to see hourglass.
Yuvi: Hourglass?

She smiled.
Suh: You know, form childhood onwards I used see this, I always find it special, but didn’t understand why, I used to wonder what is special about it. I decided that I will buy it only when I understand what it is, today when I saw it….. It reminded you of you,
Yuvi: Me?
Suh: (smiling) Yeah, you, see it, see how slowly the sand moving down, our relation is something similar, I mean love was devolved very slowly for me, so….
He smiled and held her by her waist.
Suh: What are you doing? The door is open.
Yuvi: Ohk!!
He went and closed the door and smiled at her.

Yuvi: (smirking) so?
Suh: What?
Yuvi: Well, falling in love was slow, romance can be fast,
She smiled.
He held her gain and was about to her kiss her when his phone rang. He was irritated.
Yuvi: Who is calling this late?
Suh: Attend it.
He nodded, it was Ria, he smiled.

Yuvi: I will just come.
She nodded.
He went out.

Risyap makes up.

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  3. this was truely awesome.. really i too luv tat hourglass a lot n even relate it to my life… i wish tat scene in the show real would have been like this.. felt very bad for suhani in tat episode.. atleast after tat they wud have shown yuvraj luking at the broken hourglass gift n feeling guilty abt it bt they cut it upto tat.. if it was so, it wud hav been an excellent scene…

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