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Can I fall in love, Episode 85


I was again stuck, I am sorry. Hope you will enjoy this, please comment.
Here you go.

Next day:
The guests start arriving, Suhani and Keerthi welcomed them. Atmosphere was very pleasant and everyone was busy.
Suhani welcomed kids in, they were very happy for their Bhaiya, and enjoyed everything.
Yuvi went to Kasyap, who was in his room.
Kasyap was much tensed, love was better, but engagement!! He was scared, because he was going to take up new responsibilities and had no idea how things will be for him, how to manage things, will they make a good couple? Will both of them be able to adjust with each other, how will Ria be in his family?? Will everything be fine etc. Many things were running through his mind, he wanted to talk to Suhani and thought of calling her, and then decided against it as he know she is busy for his engagement. He heard footsteps from behind.
Kas: (Turning back) Su,
He stopped as the person who came was not Suhani but Yuvi.
Kas : I that, I am sorry yar, I thought it was,
Yuvi smiles.
Yuvi: It is ok, I know you are expecting her, but she is busy.
Kas: (smiling) I know, that is why I am silent, I mean, I didn’t call her.
Yuvi: (smiling) I know, and I know how you feel now, I have been through this same situation,
Kas: No, I mean it should have been tougher for you, I mean knowing that,
Yuvi: Yeah you are right, well, anyway I won’t be able to give your nice lecture like her, but,
Kas: (holding his hand) Please tell me something, anything that can help.
Yuvi: (smiling) don’t panic, relax, all you have to do is to support Ria, understand her, the rest, she will take care, girls, I tell you, are something, they can handle anything!!
Kas: Really?
He nodes smilingly.
Kas: (hugging him) Thank you so much brother.
Yuvi smiles.

Meanwhile, Ria and her family came. Kasyap’s Ma welcomed them and made Ria sit.
Such: Suhani beta, call Kasyap.
Suh: Ok aunty.
She went to his room, and found him hugging Yuvi. Suhani was almost in tears of joy when she saw them together.
Suh: Guys,
They broke the hug and looked at her.
Suh: It is time to come, Ria came.
They smile and Yuvani led Kasyap to hall, he was bit nervous and Suhani held his hand in an assuring way.
He smiled, everyone saw this and smiled at them, and wished their friendship remain like this as ever.
Kasyap sat near Ria and they smiled at each other.
Birla’s arrived there; Yuvani went to them and greeted them. Youngsters teased Yuvi again. He fumed!!
Pandit asked Risyap to stand up for rituals and then they exchanged rings. Both were happy beyond dreams, their dream was becoming true and it was the first move!! It was something that words can’t explain.
Suhani was too in a similar situation, she was filled, her bestie was happy, he was stepping into a new face, and she was happy for him.
Yuvi saw her and gave her a side hug, he was happy for her!!
They smile at each other.

Elders blessed them, and everyone congratulated them.
Yuvani were the last to go to them, and Suhani asked them to dance.
Everyone encouraged them and music played. Risyap started to dance, and after few minutes, Kasyap dragged Suhani to the floor and made her dance along with him, and they danced joyfully.
Ria was a bit upset, but didn’t show.
Risyap was talking to each other, when someone called Kasyap; he was Suhani and Kasyap’s college mate. Many college mates were there, and they started to talk. Ria too became busy with her friends. Then one by one Kasyap’s friend started to leave and at last it was only Suhani and Kasyap and they kept talking.
Ria saw both them together again and now she was angry!!

Risyap, made for each other???

  1. superb superb.. time to know abt ria behaviour towards suhani n kashyap.. it will b gud to c how she s able to accept their friendship

    1. Yuvani

      Hope you will enjoy it,
      Thank you

  2. Wooo superb…yuvi or kasyap bond super he..or muje patha tha riya kabi bi suhani or kasyap ka relation ship nahi samjengi.guri or kasyap ka jodi accha he

    1. Yuvani

      Let us see
      Thank you

  3. Manshi yuvani

    Nice episode

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  4. nice episode.
    excited to see how ria accept kashyap nd suhnai friendship

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    very nice episode…its very interesting…

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

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