Can I fall in love Episode 7

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The episode starts with Suhani coming to Yuvi.
Suh : Shall we leave?
Yuvi : Yeah. Can I come with you guys to teach these kids?
Suh :Ah!! I am sorry Yuvi, I mean, I know that you want to do it by heart and I appreciate it. But the kids may feel that you are sympathising with them. We, I mean me and Kasyap don’t want them to feel that so we didn’t allow bhaiya and di too, when the said the same. I am really very sorry.
Yuvi : I understand.
Suh : (smiling) Thank you.
Yuvi : So, how are they running this orphanage?
Suh : Well, they get donations from few sources, I, Kasyap, di, bhaiya, Papa, Soumya, my friend, we all give donations every month.

Yuvi’s POV.
I felt I was wasting my money till now, where I used spent money on parties and chilling with friends and where she with these kids. You rouse higher in my eyes Suhani. I felt I am so small compared to her.

Me : From next month onwards I too will join you guys.
Suh : Wow!! That will we be wonderful.
I smiled.
Me : Now you are free right?
Suh : Yeah.
Me : Perfect, then come with me, I will show you something?
Suh : What?
Me : My favourite car. We can go for a drive.
Suh : Sure.
Yuvi : You know, this car is very dear to me, Dadi gifted it to me on my eighteenth birthday. It is my favourite present till date.
She smiles.
Suh : I am excited to see it.
End of POV.

They reaches Birla house and Yuvi shows his vintage car to Suhani. She starts laughing seeing the car.
Yuvi : (confused) What is there to laugh?
Suh : (laughing) This….this kattara is your favourite car???
Yuvi : WHAT ??? What did you call my car?
Suh : Kattara, this is kattara for normal people.
Yuvi : (angrily) THIS IS A VINATGE CAR!!!
Suh : This..Vintage car….!!
She laughs again.
Suh : Why are you angry????

Yuvi : You insulted my car!!!
Suh : Insulted? I just said the fact, (seeing him angry) Mr Sadu.
Yuvi : What did you call me??
Suh : Sadu, what else can I call a person who gets angry on every silly things?
Yuvi : (angrily) I don’t get angry on silly things.
Suh : Yeah , I am the one shouting right now, isn’t it?
.Yuvi : This is not silly!!!! You insulted my car!!
She laughs again. He goes angrily.
Suh : (laughing)Hey, Yuvi listen…….

Sharad sees him leaving angrily and goes to Suhani.
Sh : Sis, what happened to guru?
Suh : Nothing, he is being silly.
Sh : Still, why is he this angry?
Suh : Well, I just called his car katara.

Sh : What?? Did you really???? That car is his favourite….
Suh : Really?
Sh : Yeah.
Suh : No use in going to him now, right?

Sh : Absolutely no!!
Suh : (laughing) Ok bhaiya, I am going home, I will call him later.
She leaves.
She calls Yuvi after reaching home. Yuvi rejects the call seeing her name.
Suh : So Mr Sadu, you rejected my call, now see what I do.
She calls for another five times and he rejects the call each time. He switches off the phone. She calls again and found it switched off.
Suh : What do you think? By switching off the phone you are safe? Not at all Sadu….
She calls Sharad.
Sh : Yeah sis, tell me.
Suh : Bhaiya give phone to that Sadu.
Sh : To whom?
Suh : Yuvi, Mr Sadu.

Sh : Wow, nice name. Did you call him that?
Suh : Yeah, I did.
Sh : Oh God, why are you troubling him?
Suh : I am not troubling him. I am just saying facts.
Sh : Yeah right. I don’t think he will take the phone.
Suh : He will bhaiya, pakka.
Sh : No way, I know him.

Suh : Let’s see then.
Sh : Yeah sure.
Sharad goes to Yuvi.
Sh : Yuvi, Suhani wants to talk to you.
Yuvi looks at him angrily.
Sh : I told you Suhani, he won’t attend the call.
Suh : Oh really, then tell him that I will call Pratima aunty and will tell her to give him phone.
Sh :Guru, she says she is going to call Mausi!!
Yuvi : What!! She can’t do that!
Sh : She will do that.

Yuvi : God!! This girl, give me the phone then.
Sh : You won Suhani, here you go.
Sharad leaves.
Yuvi : What do you want?
Suh : I want to talk.
Yuvi : Why? Don’t you have any exciting book to read?

Suh : Of course I do, but you know, my friend’s mood is not fine, so I thought to deal with it.
Yuvi : So you want to make my mood ok?
Suh : Did I say that? I just said a friend; I didn’t mention your name.
Yuvi : Ok then, why are you wasting your time talking with me, call your friend, I am going to disconnect the phone.
Suh : Hey, wait wait wait…….I was just kidding. Are you still annoyed?
Yuvi: Yes I am, and I will remain so until you apologise for insulting my car and calling me Sadu!!
Suh : That can’t be done, I didn’t say anything wrong. Don’t you dare to cut the call, I swear I will call aunty.
Yuvi : Are you threatening me?

Suh : Yes I am.
Yuvi : You are very stubborn!!
Suh : You are nothing less.
Yuvi : You threatened me.
Suh : Only because you made me do that!!
Yuvi : (sighs) You won’t stop arguing until you win, right?
Suh : Yes.

Yuvi : Ok then, I accept my defeat.
Suh : Wow, this fast?
Yuvi : Only because I don’t want to spoil my mood by arguing.
Suh : Don’t create such foolish excuses. I know you are lost for words. You will be, after all you are arguing with Suhani Shrivastav. No one alive can defeat me in an argument.
She started to explain about her past experiences. He held his head. After so many hours(As Yuvi felt), she stopped.
Yuvi : You know, you will surely defeat Rajdhani express!!
Suh : Rajdhani express? I defeated it long back, my aim is to defeat aeroplane.
Yuvi : I must say your practice is efficient, soon you will achieve your aim.
Suh : I know that!!

He couldn’t help it, he laughed. She smiled.
Yuvi : By the way Suhani, Gauri want to meet you and Bhavna.
Suh : Anything serious?
Yuvi : Nothing like that, just causally. I know you are busy tomorrow. What about Monday eve?
Suh : Sure, ask bhaiya to come along.
Yuvi : Well, there won’t be a need to tell him that, he won’t miss a chance to meet you.
Suh : That’s my brother.

He smiled.
Yuvi : Ok then, continue your reading. I will meet you Monday.
Suh : Bye then, Good night.
Yuvi : Good night.
He disconnects the call.

Precap :
Yuvani, Shavna and Gauri.

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