Can I fall in love, Episode 60


I am very happy today. Firstly because I am 60!!! Wow!! Thank you all.
Secondly, because this episode is so close to my heart. It is all about friendship, and I am sorry, Yuvi is not here in this one.
Here you go.

Next day:
Yuvani leaves for office. Both were excited, Suhani was eager to meet Kasyap and Yuvi because their company would get a deal today for building a school, it was his dad’s dream. Brothers were working hard on it. Yuvi drops Suhani and leaves.
Suhani went in; she had a busy schedule till noon and didn’t get a chance to talk to Kasyap. She was happy when it was lunch time. They sat together; just then someone came and called Kasyap.
Kas : Suhani, you carry on, I would be late.

He leaves. She became sad, and ate alone.
Suhani went to him afterwards and he was busy. She tried to talk to him and was not getting a chance, after sometime; she understood that he was deliberately avoiding her, for she understood him the most.

Knowing him, she was almost sure that he was playing prank on her, but… Yes there was a ‘but’, for the first time she was not sure about what he is up to. She felt insecure for the first time. Even though she was married an year before, she and Yuvraj started their married life in its real meaning only a few days back,so in real meaning now she got married. Until then, Kasyap was always with her, nothing changed between them, but now, she was not sure. Is he doing this to make a distance between them, his mother advised him on doing that, when she got married. No, he won’t do that, but…. ‘But’ was killing her!!
Suhani got out of the office without even looking for Kasyap. He sees this and smiles. He went after her. Suhani waited for Yuvi.
Kas : (from behind) Hey, so you will go without talking to me?
She didn’t reply.

Kas : Are you avoiding me?
She turned back, she was almost in tears.
Suh : I am not avoiding anyone, you are the one who avoided me.
Kasyap understood that she was sad, but thought to play.
Kas : Yarr, I was busy!!
Suh : Fine, now I am busy!!
Kas : (wickedly) But you don’t look so. You look like you are wasting time.
Suh : I am not, I am waiting for my husband and I will leave as soon as he comes.
Kas : Then you won’t leave today, I messaged him to not to come.
Suh : Why??

Kas : Really??
Suh : (crying) I know you don’t want to spent time with me, then why??
He was shocked!! For he never imagined that she would behave this immature!! He knows she is childish, but she was really mature.
Kas : (shocked) Are you out of mind?? You know me, you know my pranks. Why are behaving so immature?? And…… who are you?? You can’t be Suhani Birla!!
She cried even more. He held her shoulder.
Kas : (concerned) Come on man, what happened to you?
Suh : (crying) I don’t know why, but I felt like you are trying to create distance between us!!
Kas : You…. can’t…be serious!!

She hugs him. He let her be, after sometime he broke the hug and wiped her tears.
Kas : Come with me.
She nodded and he took her to the park, they usually visit. All through the journey, she was silent.
They sat under a tree. He held her hand, and she held it tighter, as if she feared that he would leave her. He kept his other hand on their hands assuring her that he won’t leave her ever. She was relived. They didn’t speak, but his message reached her and her insecurity seemed to vanish in the thin air. He thought of her sudden change and understood the reason, for he knows her really well.
After a while:
Suh : I am sorry, I don’t know what got into me.

Kas : It is fine, I understand.
Suh : I was being stupid!!
He smiles, seeing him she too smiled. The tension which was there sometime before seemed to vanish.
Suh : I got something for you.
She handed over the gift. He opened it.
Kas : Wow, it is so cute!!
Suh : I see you and me instead of the kids, I always wanted to grow up with you!
He was touched.
Kas : Hey, mental, don’t get senti!!
Suh : Mental is your wife!!

Kas : Don’t you dare to call my wife mental.
She laughs.
Suh : I am not being senti, but you must express your feeling always, otherwise we might not even get a chance.
Kas : Do you think we are not expressing?
Suh : No.
Kas : You don’t have to put everything in words.
She nods.
Kas : (irritated) God!!! Atmosphere is very serious!! I can’t handle it!!
Suh : Let us have ice cream.
Kas : Good idea.

They went to ice cream shop and bought ice cream. A girl came at the same time to buy ice cream. Kasyap was lost after seeing her. He stared at her when she went back.
Suh : Stop staring at girls like idiot. You flirt.
Kas : When with you, I would like to stare at every other girl.
She fumes and throws the ice cream on him.
Kas : Youuuuuuuu
She ran.
Kas : I won’t leave you.
He chased her and in between, his ice cream was lost. He catches her hand.
Suh : Go and wash your face first.
He leaves and she laughs. Suddenly she sees Saurab with a girl and went to them. But before she reaching them, they left.
Kas : Hey, what happened?
She turned back.
Suh : I saw Saurab Bhaiya, but now he left.

He nods.
Kas : I want to have ice cream.
They bought again and sat on the nearby bench and started to talk. Kasyap was on full energy. He was telling her every single thing that happened in her absence. His joy of being with her after the break was visible. She listened to him and she too was very happy. They started to walk for a while.
Kas : It is getting late, shall we leave?
She nods. He drops her at Birla house and leaves. She smiles seeing him leave.
Suh : Thank you Bhagvan ji, I am the happiest person in this world. One side I have my Yuvi, and the other side I have Kasyap!! I am really grateful to you.
She goes inside.

Yuvi is upset.

Guys, I know I haven’t given Kasyap a face, because it is the name of my bestie!!

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  1. Truly wonderful episode.. I have faced this situation with my best frnd.. I felt like she has changed.. She wasn’t like she was before.. I too cried just like Suhani thinking she was avoiding me.. But when I got to know.. She was just trying to make a prank on me.. I bet the devil out of her..I had tears in my eyes while reading this episode.. I know how it feels when someone avoids us.. Especially our best frnd.. Thanks a lot for writing such a beautiful episode.. Anyone who reads this episode can easily understand that each and every word is from ur heart..

    1. I forgot to congratulate u on completing 60 episodes successfully.. Hearty congratulations Di..

    2. Yuvani

      Thank you so much dear……

  2. Lovingirl

    Awesome epic I too miss my best friend, it was great to see kashap and suhani together back 🙂

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  3. cool!! now friendship is on air… congrats of ur completing 60 epis…

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  4. words…

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  5. Sis is one of d best episodes and one of d best ffs taht i have ever read.episode is truely superb.but i am soooo sad after reading this.bcz in my life all those people whom ithoght my besties are the people who had left me alone.whenever i remember them i will get tears .thats y only i like kasyap character in d ff very much.bcz he laways support suhani.sis i wish god bless ur friendship .be happy dear.sry i forgot congaratulations sis completed 60 episodes successfully.i will be waiting to cpngratualte u on ur 600 th episode sis.all d best sis.

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you so much dear….. your words means a lot to me…. don’t worry dear, you will find the right people for you…
      that is my fb profile link, we can be in touch….

  6. Sorry fr d spelling mistakes dear.i wrote it in a lile bit hurry.

  7. Yuvani_saraj

    beautiful episode…

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  8. epi is superb.. i like kashyap’s character very much..i wish everyone hve a friend like kashyap in their life.. and congratulation sis for completing 60 episodes.. i love this ff.. plz continue ur ff like this..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

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