Can I fall in love, Episode 48

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Episode 47

Suhani was numb. She felt like fainting. Kasyap shook her. She looks at him.
Kas : Suhani…
Suh : (trembling) This can’t be true. I want to see him, I want to see him right now!!
She started to cry.
Kasyap nods and takes her to the hospital. All the way she was crying. He tried to console her, but…
They reach the hospital. She ran inside, he follows her.
Suhani goes to a nurse.
Suh : (trembling) I received a call saying that my husband, Yuvraj Birla, is admitted here.
Nur ; Yes, he met with an accident, he is under observation.
Suh : I want meet him.

Nur : I am sorry, but I can’t let you.
Suh : (Pleading) Please sister, I want to meet him.
Nur: I am sorry, but I have strict orders, I can’t let anyone meet him.
She cried harder.
Even under this circumstance, Kasyap smiled.
Kas : (to nurse) I am sorry,

Nur : It’s ok, I understand.
He nods.
Kas : (holding Suhani) Suhani, calm down, for his own good, they are not letting you to meet Yuvi.
She didn’t say anything. He wiped her tears and made her sit.
Kas : Relax now, nothing will happen to Yuvi.
Suh : But I want see him, just once.
Kas : You want to see him or want him to be fine? If you want him to be fine, then you have to wait.

She looks at him, and then nodded. He sat beside her.
She cried on to his shoulders, he held her. Kasyap informed Sharad about the accident.
In some time family arrives.
Dadi was irked to see Suhani crying over Kasyap’s shoulder, but in the present situation, she didn’t say anything, she was much worried for Yuvi. Kasyap and Suhani go to them. Kasyap tells the others that Yuvi is under observation and also that they can’t meet him; Suhani was not in a state to speak. Nurse approached them.
Nur : I am sorry, but all of you can’t stay here.

Suh : (instantly) I won’t go anywhere.
Sharad smiles, Suhani hugs Pratima and cries.
Sh : Yeah Dadi, let her stay here, we will all leave. Kasyap you too stay here.
Kasyap nods. Dadi didn’t like it.

Dadi : Sharad, you stay here with Suhani.
Sharad looked at Pratima and Bhavna, both were crying and he knew that they needed him.
Sh : (signing about Bhavna to her) Dadi, Kasyap will look after everything.
Dadi nods unwillingly. Pratima hugs Suhani. Sharad looks at Kasyap. He assured him.
Others leave. Suhani started to pray. Tears rolled down from her eyes.
Kas : (gently) Suhani… how can anything happen to Yuvi when you are with him? Relax….
Like always, his words gave her hope. She was restless, her heart was beating fast. But Kasyap is right; nothing can go wrong with Yuvi, IT JUST CAN’T. She rested her head on his shoulder and was silent. He held her hand. She felt relieved. They sat likewise for hours. It was 10 pm.
Kas : Suhani, are you intended to get me scolded by Sharad?
She looked at him.
Kas : He told me to take care of you, and… Come on now, let’s us have something.
She nodded no.

Kas : (gently) For Yuvi…. He won’t like it if you skip meal…
She looked at him, she was sure that she won’t be able sallow anything, but for him….
Kas : Please….Wait here, I will get something.
She nods.
He comes with food. She looks at him, he feeds her, and she ate, only for Yuvi’s sake.
Kasyap smiled.
They sat there. Both where tired and doused off.

Precap :
Yuvi gains consciousness. Suhani hugs him and cries.


  1. radha

    Hi sis u came back after sooo much time with this ff.i miss u and ur ff very much.episode is very nice.kasyap supported suhani veryvwell.i hope everyone would have a friend like him in sorrow.he is very nice.this dadi will never change.hope yuvi wil get well qsoon.and this time i think suhani will confess love.pls pls post next update also asap sis.

      • radha

        Dont feel bad sis.if ur friendship is true then god will never let ur friendship break inspite anyones misunderstanding.hope ur elders will understand ur friendship and u will be happy all d way sis.

  2. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    amazing epi dear.. u described suhani’s condition very nicely.. I could visualise it.. update the next epi asap.. and dear, can u plz start one more ff?

  3. A.Tejaswi

    Wow..Superb epi..I loved it.The way kasyap supported her..It was awesome..Everyone needs a frnd like him.Loved suhani’s caring towards yuv

  4. zahnab

    woooo superb……thank you jaldi wapas anekeliye… and waiting next episode jaldi uplode karoo plzz inthzar nahi hotha yuvani moments keliye….

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