Can I fall in love, Episode 46

Episode starts with Suhani coming in.
Yuvi : Back in usual form!
She smiles.
Yuvi : Can you tell me why were you trying to look normal ?
Suh : Normal?
Yuvi : Yeah, the dress you wore early is something normal for humans..
Suh : You said I was looking weird.
Yuvi : Of course you were, because it is meant for humans.
Suh : Yeah right.

Yuvi laughs at her, only then she understood that he was pulling her leg.
Suh : You……
She took a pillow and he ran, she chased him.
Suh : So I am abnormal?
Yuvi : No, you are an alien…
Suh : Really, then see what I does.
She tore the pillow and put the contents on him.
Yuvi : (frustrated) What did you do!
Suh : Well, you told me that I am an alien, you can’t expect me to behave like humans.
Yuvi fumes.
Just then Kavya comes in. She laughs seeing him and smiles at Suhani, but she didn’t smile back.
Yuvi : Why are you here now?
Kavya : Well, there is an emergency, my friend me to go her, so I would be leaving tomorrow.
Yuvi : No..
Kavya : Have to…

Suh : (in mind) Thank God!
Yuvi : (hugging her) I will miss you.
Kavya : I, you.
Suhani fumes.
Kavya goes to her and hugs her. Suhani hugs her back.
Kavya : Everyone here told me that you get friendly with people easily and seeing you mingling with others, I too felt the same, but I don’t know why, you never talked to me. Am I that bad?
Suhani was taken aback.
Suh : Hey, nothing like that, I…
Kavya : Hey, leave it, I am just kidding.

But they both knew that she wasn’t.
Suhani smiles awkwardly.
Suh : Good night.
Yuvi : Yeah good night.

Kavya : Good night guys, and bye, mostly I would leave before you waking up.
She leaves.
Yuvi started to clean himself, Suhani was lost in thoughts. She went to bed.
Suh : (thinking) God!! What did I do! I upset her. But why, what wrong did she do? Absolutely nothing, she met her friend after long and they were happy, she was the same with Yuvi as I am with Kasyap, and there is nothing wrong in it. And I, I remained angry with her throughout. Why did I behave so weirdly? Are Bhaiya and Kasyap saying true, I am getting jealous? But why?…. Anyway I will think of it later, now anyhow I have to make Kavya happy, she was happy with every damn thing other than me. But don’t worry Kavya, something is getting ready for you.
She smiles. She took her laptop and searched for the recipes of some American dishes.
She woke up much early and started to prepare food. She packed everything and went to Kavya. She was getting ready.
Kavya : You, here, this early?

Suh : (handing over the parcel) Something for you, have it during your journey, it is American, but I don’t know whether it would taste good, I made these for the first time.
Kavya smiles.
Kavya : I am sure it would taste good, after all you worked hard on it.
Suh : You don’t work hard to make food, you work with love.
Kavya : Wow, now I am sure, this would be yum. Thank you, now I saw the Suhani others mentioned me about. But what was wrong earlier.
Suh : I, that,

Kav : If you are gonna take time and tell, then leave it, I am getting late.
Suhani smiles. She helped Kavya in packing and cleaning. They came out of the room.
Suh : I will wake Yuvi up.
Kavya : Ok.
Suhani comes back with you. Yuvani wishes Kavya safe journey.

Yuvi : When did you wake up?
Suh : Sometime before, I thought of preparing food for her..
Yuvi : Cool..
They smiles.

Precap :
Yuvi meets with an accident.


  1. A.Tejaswi

    Loved the epi..Such a nice one..She cares for kavya too..And regrets her behavioe..But the precap…OMG…I can’t imagine..Please update ASAP

  2. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    awesome epi yaar.. very sweet one.. I think after the accident, suhani will confess her love.. waiting for next epi..

  3. zahnab

    Wwoo lovely épisode….lekin ek duk he jelouse suhani tho kadam hogaya..suhani ka jelouse dehkneme bahuth maza ayithii..precap hope ess bar suhani pyar barr ayengi…..plz jaldi uploadkarooo…..

  4. radha

    Awe suhani is sooooooo sweet yaar.she is really so cute.kavyas track ended so soon. Pls post nxt epi asap.

  5. anshi

    suhani is so sweet.. she cares for everyone.. its sad suhani jealousy track end but its ok.. precap is scary hope now suhani realise her love..
    plz post asap

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.