Can I fall in love, Episode 45

Everyone sat for breakfast. Unlike usual days, Suhani was silent.
Yuvi checks her pulses.
Yuvi : (faking concern) Are you fine?
Suhani, who was in her world fuming, just came back to reality. She looked at him blankly.
Yuvi : (laughing) Why are you silent?
Everyone started to laugh. Suhani fumes at Yuvi and fakes a smile.
Yuvani leaves for office.
Suhani was silent, she felt like she won’t be able to tolerate Kavya anymore. She was angry and didn’t know what to do! She was irritated because she didn’t know why she is getting angry. Yuvi was starting to get worried.

Yuvi : You don’t seem normal, tell me what happened to you?
Suh : (trying to control her anger) Nothing, all good.
To whatever extends she tries, she was not able to hide her emotions from him, and he understood that she was irritated and angry. He didn’t ask her further.
Yuvi : (thinking) Oh my God, what on earth made Suhani Birla angry? I am sure it would be something very scary! (looking at her fondly) Whatever it is, you will get over it. (smiling) You always call me Sadu na, today you are behaving like one, I am gonna use this chance.
But by then, they reached Suhani’s office and she leaves.
She went to Kasyap.
Suh : I wanna go for shopping in the afternoon.
Kas :Ok.
They take half day and go. Kasyap was stunned seeing the items Suhani bought.
Kas : When did you started to buy all these?
Suh : I will buy whatever I wish.
Kas : Ok, how was party?
Suhani explains everything, about their date and then about Kavya. She explained everything, her jealousy was visible. When she said about Kavya, Kasyap understood the reason behind her sudden change. He was laughing.
Suh : What is there to laugh? Yesterday, Bhaiya was kaughing at me and now you? Do I look like a joker?
Kas : (laughing) No, you are much morethan that.
Suh : What do you mean?
Kas : You are jealous.

Suh : I am not, why should I be. Anyway I am done, Let us go. No, wait for a second.
Suhani calls Yuvi and informs him that she is going home with Kasyap. Even though she didn’t realize it, she did it intentionally, going back with Kasyap, because she wanted him to be jealous. But Yuvi, who had complete faith in his love, was not.
Suhani reached home one hour early than usual.
Yuvi’s POV.
I was missing that feel of coming home with Suhani, so I searched for her, as I got home. I also wanted to check whether she was fine. I went to kitchen and Bhavna told me that she in our room. I went to room. She was not fine; I confirmed it as I entered our room. Because the girl who was there not Suhani. This can never be her. She was wearing designer sari, had put up make up and even wore heels. I rolled my eyes and looked at her. She resembled Suhani somewhere. She smiles seeing me, the weirdest smile I ever received. She tried walking on the heels, but slipped. I held her by her waist. We had an eye lock. I made her stand.
Me : Who are you and what are you doing in my room?
She fumes at me. I was enjoying this.
Me : Hello Miss. stranger, it is not good habit to enter someone’s room without their permission.
I suppressed a laugh.
She removed her sandals and tried to beat me with it. I ran and she came after me. I begged her to stop and then smiles. She looked at me.
Me: Finally, now I met Suhani, jhally, wild cat. What have you done to yourself and WHY?
Suh :I just felt like doing all these.
I looked at her being shocked.

Me : God!!I beg you; please don’t give her any more stupid ideas. Suhani, you are not recognizable like this, you look so weird.
She looked down, she was sad.
I put my hands on her shoulder.
Me : Suhani, this is not you, you look good when you are you. This is someone else. Please go anf change, please be my Suhani.
End of POV.
Suhani smiles broadly and left to change.
Suh : (thinking) I did this stupidity to impress you, I thought you liked all these, that is the reason you gave Kavya this much importance. But I am so happy now, you accepts me the way I am. Thank you so much.


  1. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

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    wow.. what a splendelid work anjaly.. I enjoyed every bit of it.. this epi made my day.. thanks.. waiting for next epi.. and plz give precap always..

  2. A.Tejaswi

    Awesome epi..Yuvraj likes suhani in the way she is..Suhani realises it..Wow..Great epi di..

  3. Bhargavi

    Amazing…poor suhani she cant resist kavya..enjoying this jealousy so much…yuvraj dialouges r too good

  4. zahnab

    Wooo superb épisode…thum tho bahuth acchi writer huuu…..sab Perfect he suhani ka jelouse yuvi ka pyar concern…..sab Perfect…suhani ka pyar shuru hojuka…..plzz jaldi upload karooo….

  5. suvarna

    wow nice episode……………..and suhani try to impress yuvi i like it very much ……..update next part soon

  6. radha

    Wow avani its sooooo nice yaar.finally suhani undersood yuvi.i am waiting fr suhani confession actually.she is sooo cute.pls post next epi asap.

      • radha

        Soooooooooooooo sorryyyyyyyyy dear extremely sorry i just confused.actually i was commenting on both ffs .name may be mistake.but my comments are true.once again really and extremly sorry sis

  7. anshi

    wow superb episode… i like the way when yuvi say to suhani i like u as u are.. now waiting for suhani’s confession…update asap

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