Can I fall in love, Episode 44

Suhani wakes up. She was greeted by fairy lights. Yuvi had decorated the whole room with them. It was so pleasant; to be greeted by little light is very refreshing. Suhani smiles happily. She got down from the bed and happily turns round and rounds. She sees a card, a rose and a packet on the table. She picks up the card. In it, it was written so
The flower besides this card
Was a bud yesterday

I sprinkled water on it
Now it became a beautiful flower
You are that essence of my life
Which makes me better
Thank you for everything
She smiles broadly, she was very happy. She smells the flower lovingly and then takes the packet. There was a small card on the top of it. “I baked this, my first ever try” he opened the packet. There was an air tight container in it and inside it chocolate cake.
Suh : (excited) Chocolate cake!!
Her excitement just crossed the limits. She was so excited that she ran to Yuvi and shook him. Yuvi was shocked by this, he wakes up being scared, and he thought something wrong happened.
Yuvi : (anxious) What happened?
Suh : (in same excitement) Thank you, thank you, thank you.
For a second, Yuvi didn’t understand what she meant, and then he recalled everything. He smiles.
Yuvi : (sighs) Nothing can be done with you.
Suh : You don’t have to say it always, it is true, nothing can be done with me and I won’t change, never.
Yuvi smiles.
Yuvi : Yeah, don’t change, ever.
Suhani smiles.

Yuvi : How was the surprise, did you like it, and the cake…..
Suh : Surprise is wonderful, I didn’t eat the cake, we will cut together and eat it.
He smiles; they together cut the cake and feed each other. Both were very happy. She liked the cake very much.
Suh : Hm, I must say, you are not a bad cook.
Yuvi : Oh, Thank you madam.
She laughs.
He then leaves for jogging and she went to kitchen.
Bhavna and Kavya were there in kitchen. Suhani’s smile vanished seeing Kavya, she didn’t like to see Kavya there.
Suh : (trying to sound normal)Kavya, you here?
Kav : (smiling)Yeah, today I will prepare breakfast. American style.
Suh : (thinking) Who are you to prepare food in my kitchen? You are guest here and behave like one!!
Bh : But Sharad want paratha for breakfast.
Kav : But I don’t know to make them.

Suh : (thinking, scorning too) You don’t even know to make paratha?
Bh : It is fine, I will make it.
Kav : Ok di, I will get flour for you.
Kavya climbed up to get the flour, just then Yuvi entered the kitchen, he came back to drink water. The flour slips from Kavya’s hand and falls over Yuvi. Suhani and Bhavna laughs seeing him, He was irritated, knowing him, Kavya looked scared. But to their surprise, he started laughing. Kavya was relieved. Suhani fumes seeing this.
Suh : (thinking) So now you don’t have any problem Mr. Yuvraj Birla. If it was I in her place, you would have scolded me saying that I am careless, I am messy. Now that it is your friend who did this, you are fine??
Yuvi : (thinking) Oh no Kavya, what have you done, I just hate all these, you made me a complete mess. I am silent because you are our guest and hence I don’t want to spoil your mood. I really hope you won’t repeat this, I might lose control then.
Yuvi : Now I have to clean myself, excuse me.
He leaves.
Suhani was very angry and started to work furiously. Kavya didn’t understand the reason behind her strange behaviour. Bhavna smiles seeing her.


  1. pooja

    did yuvraj notice suhani is jealous and fairylights,choc cake(yummy),wheat flour(funny)finally episode is super

  2. zahnab

    Wooo superb épisode….yuvani moment ke bareme bolneke zaroorath nahi wo tho hamesha super he…plzz jaldi jalouse suhani ko kadam math karooo….suhani ka jelouse dehkneme bahuth maza athi he..

  3. anshi sharma

    wow jealous rani i love her.. want her more jealous.. episode is superb nd yuvani moment is so cute.. update asap

  4. radha

    Hi yuvani sis.i luved it iluved it to d core.ur just amazing.entire episode is very cute yuvis surprise is soooo nice.jealous rani is veryyy cute.i hope soon yuvani will unite.plspls post nxt episode asap.

  5. A.Tejaswi

    Jealous rani is just superb..Love the jealousy track above all..U r making it even more special..Thanku di..

  6. Bhargavi

    Im short of words!!..u always have something special for us…each & every episode is awesome till now..update asap

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