Can I fall in love, Episode 34

This is yet another experiment from my side, I tried whatever I could, hence it took this much of time. I don’t know to what extent I am able to fulfill your expectations. Please comment and share your views.

Two days later:
Suhani was not able to contact with him for the past two days, he was out of the country and their timings were not matching. Both were missing each other.
Suhani turned a bit dull, Yuvi observed this but didn’t ask her anything.

Next day:
Suhani was crying in the room, Yuvi sees her. He was sure she won’t tell him a thing. He goes to her. Suhani wiped her tears seeing him.
Yuvi : Shall we go for a drive?
Suh : Now??
Yuvi : Yeah, weather is good.
Suh : (thinks) How does he know that I love night outings? (Sighs) Bhaiya!!
She nodes. They leave. Yuvi stops near a tea vender and they were having tea, silently.
Suhani closed her eyes. She thought of her day, how she became careless and got scolded. She felt she was completely alone, only then she realised how much she depended on her best friend. She was sad, and opened her eyes and realised that she came with Yuvi. She thought of him, she knew that he will never ask anything or compel her.
Suh : ( thinks) You deserve someone better.
She was not able to handle all these.
Suh : Yuvi, shall we walk for a while?
Yuvi : Ok.
They started to walk.

Yuvi looked at her, she was still sad.
Yuvi : You know Suhani, I will never forget this day.
Suhani starts at him.
Yuvi : It is for the first time I see you silent for this long.
Suhani laughs.
Yuvi smiles seeing her.
Yuvi : Thank God!! Keep smiling, this sad face don’t suit you.
Suh : I too don’t like it.
She told him everything, about how much she missed Kasyap, and how she was careless and got scolded.
Yuvi just listened to her.
Yuvi : How are you now?
Suh : Better.
Suhani was staring at Yuvi.
Yuvi : Why are you starting?
Suh : I am just thinking.
Yuvi : About how and why you told me all these?
Suh : Kasyap was like this, in beginning I was like this to him too, didn’t share anything, but somehow he will make me tell. Now it is not needed, because I will tell him everything. My friends used to say, we both know even the number of times the other breathes.
Yuvi smiles.

Yuvi : You told me everything because you don’t want to hurt me.
Suhani was stunned.
Suh : I, that, you, how….
Yuvi : I told you once, I know everything about you.
She smiles.
Yuvi : Shall we leave?
She nodded.
They reach home and Yuvi sleeps.
Suhani was disturbed.
Suh : (thinking) I opened up not to keep his heart, I am sure, then? Am I replacing Kasyap with Yuvi? No, No, I don’t want that, No one can replace him, (she looks at Yuvi, he was sleeping peacefully) but Yuvi has to be my priority!! But….
She looks the time, it was nearly one, and she calls Kasyap.

Kas : What is troubling you now?
Suhani tells him everything that happened after he left.
Kas : Chill, you are not replacing me, why else will you call me now?
Suh : Then,
Kas : Yuvi is earning a special place in your life, and he has to .
Suh : But my priorities….
Kas : Never replace anyone, give everyone their place, then priorities don’t really matter and I know you will never replace a person for another. I hope that your friendship will grow.
Suh : I too, and I think it is.
Kas : Good, that means I have to stay away?
Suh : I will kill you, come back soon.
Kas : Sure, now go and sleep.
Suh : Ok, bye.
Kas : Bye. (Thinking) Yuvi will be your top priority, this is its beginning, I didn’t tell you because I know you won’t accept it now, but when he will become that, you would the happiest person.


  1. radha

    Wow how beautiful story yaar.if every one has such good friend then there will be no relationship problems in world.i like kasyap character very much.ur writing style also very nice.keep going like this sis.

    • Yuvani



      Thank you dear, To be frank, I took this priority think personally and was disturbed. I discussed this with my bff and the last part is something I developed out of our convo.

  2. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    sis, the epi was too good.. there were conversations, and I liked them.. especially the lines,
    “Never replace anyone, give everyone their place, then priorities don’t really matter”
    its so true..
    waiting for next epi..

  3. anshi

    nice epi.. i like kashyap’s character nd his frndshp with suhani…. how easily he understands her..

  4. zahnab

    Wooo superb episode.or kasyap or suhani ka frndshp bi bahuth accha he dehkneme..bit sad for yuvii wo bicchara kithna kuch kartha he suhani keliye. I hope suhani bahuth jaldi yuvi ko samjengi

  5. Bhargavi

    Wow…liked each n every line. ..especially “never replace anyone give everyone their place”….loved yuvi’s dialogue too…kasyap is a true friend. ..waiting for next part

  6. A.Tejaswi

    Wow..Another nice chapter..Don’t know how time is passing reading ur ff..I am very pleased with this..I feel like I am with a good friend of mine reading the lines u have written..U r an awesome writer..

  7. abi

    ur every lines in tis part was mindblowing n do u knw u have gained a special place in my heart.. such a fabulous writer..

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