Can I fall in love, Episode 20

Next day
Dadi and Pratima go to Yuvi.
Dadi : Beta, before we leave, I would like to know your decision.
Yuvi : Dadi I don’t have any objection with this marriage, I told Suhani that and told her to take a decision.
Dadi : Ok beta, as you wish, her decision will be the final one.
Birlas leave.
Punkaj welcomes them inside, everyone greet each other and get seated.

Suhani was standing with Kasyap.
Dadi : Punkaj, Yuvraj has no objection with this marriage. So Suhani beta, are you ready for this marriage?
Yuvi looks at Suhani, Suhani looks at Kasyap, and he encourages her, she takes a long breath.
Suh : Dadi, I too don’t have any objection.
Everyone except Yuvi, Bhavna and Sharad smile. They were taken aback, three of them stares at her, sadness and disbelief reflected in their eyes. Gauri happily hugs Suhani.
Gau : Wow di now you are my bhabhi!!
Suhani smiles.

Rags: Welcome to the family Suhani.
Suh : Thanks d, I mean thanks bhabhi.
Rags : Now that is cool.
Suhani takes elder’s blessing.
Yuvi, Sharad and Bhavna were stunned. The girl who always wanted an independent life, who hated marriage to the hell, agreed for getting married? So what about her dreams and plans??
Dadi : So, it is now one week for marriage, so after four days we will have engagement, then sangeet and mehandi, and then marriage.
Everyone smile.
Dadi : So, time is less, and I want this grant, after all we have two weddings at once.
Pun : Sure Maji.
Birlas starts leaving.
Yuvi : Dadi, I will come later.
Anuj : (smirking) Bhaiya, it is just one week, after that you will have a life time to talk.
Yuvi fakes a smile.
He comes back in.
Suhani was sitting, she was holding Kasyap’s hand, who was next to her, Bhavna, who was sitting in the other side of her was talking to her, she was shaking Suhani, but she was lost in some other world.
Yuvi goes to her and hold her by hand.
She looks up.
Yuvi : I need to talk to you.
She didn’t say anything.
He dragged her outside.
Yuvi : Suhani I told you that you can but I would like to know the reason.
Suh : When you gave me the complete freedom, then why ?
Yuvi : Please, I want to know.
Suh : That….. I don’t know.
Yuvi : Suhani please don’t act now, I know that you won’t take any decision as such, I know you would have given it a great thought.

When you know all these you would know why I said a yes! Suhani snapped.
Both were awestruck, for Suhani never wanted to say that, it got spitted out unknowingly. She cursed herself. Yuvi felt he heard the exact thing which he was almost sure he would and with his entire mind he wanted not to be true. So she is sacrificing, he thought. He got teary eyed.
Yuvi : (getting angry)So, so this is it, right! You are doing this for me!!
He started to leave.
Suh : Yuvi, please, listen to me.
Yuvi signed her to stop. He left. She stood there in distress!

Precap :
Yuvi makes a decision.

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