Can I fall in love Episode 2

Thank you so much for your support guys….. This won’t be a longer ff. I will try updating regularly.

Birla house:
Pratima: So that is fixed Sharad. Tomorrow we will meet my would be bahu.
Sharad smiles.
Sh: Mausi I have some work…..
All the three of them smile.
Yuvi: Don’t lie Sharad, we know you are going to call Bhavna.
Sh: No guru.
He leaves and they laugh on him.
Yuvi: I will tell others.
Sharad calls Suhani.
Suh: Wow bhaiya…… I am so exited, you are gonna marry di!!!
Sh: I too, I can’t believe all these happening…Everything feels like a dream…..
Suh: Oh my dreamer…It’s really happening….
They kept talking. Yuvi and others see him happy on the phone and smiles.

Yuvi: Come on Gauri, I will help you with your project.
Gauri: Thank you Viyu. So bhai’s marriage is also fixed na.
Yuvi: Gauri please, don’t feel insecure. You know Sharad, you will be always dear to him.
Gauri:Nothing like that Viyu. I just hope he remains the same.
Yuvi: He will dear.
He pats on her cheek and smiles. She too smiles and they headed to her room.

Meanwhile Bhavna was trying to call Sharad and was angry to find his phone engaged. She saw Suhani on phone and understood why Sharad was busy. She dials Yuvi.
Yuvi sees Bhavna’s call.
Yuvi: (confused)They hung up!! By seeing Sharad I thought their call was gonna last a bit longer. Whatever.
He attends the call and goes out.
Yuvi: Hi Bhavna
Bh: Yuvi can you please tell that foolish cousin of yours to spare some time for me. I am his gf!!!
Yuvi: What!!! Where you not talking to him, I just saw him on phone.
Bh: (sighs) He is busy talking to my sis!!!
Yuvi: Are you serious? He is talking to your sis!! Don’t worry Bhavna, I will talk to that idiot. By the way Bhavna congrats, I am very happy for you.
Bh: Thanks Yuvi, I am happy and sad at the same time.
Yuvi: Happy and sad, what do you mean by that?
Bh: Well you know why I am happy, I am sad because I have to leave my house. You know I never stayed away from Suhani. I can afford being away from Ma and Pappa, because
none of my vacations I spent at home. Always some camp or the other. But I attended all those with Suhani. I can’t think of staying away from her.
Lata hears Bhavna and get sad. She leaves.
Yuvi: Well, Bhavna, I …. I don’t know what to say or how to help you.
Bh: Hey, don’t feel sorry, I know you can’t do anything….. I was just saying my mind out. Now I feel a bit relaxed.
Yuvi: Thank God, I am of some help.
Bh: Yuvi!! But think of it Yuvi, I am doing all these for that idiot and he is busy talking to his sis!!
Yuvi: You are right Bhavna. I will see that stupid. Bye.
Bh: bye.
Yuvi: Gauri, I will be back in a while.
Yuvi goes to Sharad.
Yuvi: Sharad, are you insane??? For the last half an hour Bhavna is trying you and you are busy with your sis!! Great!!
Sh: (regretfully) did she call you?
Yuvi: What else can she do, you just forget her when you are with your sister.
Sh: Guru I am sorry.
Yuvi: Now call her you idiot.
He leaves.
Suhani hears everything and keeps her hand on head regretfully.
Suh: Oops, Bhaiya I think we will be screwed.
Sh: Will be screwed? We are screwed. Now wish me luck. I am gonna step into a volcano.
Suh: You are right bhaiya. Good luck. Bye, see you.
Sh: Bye.
He dials Bhavna.
Sh: (tensely) Hello
Bh: (angrily) Finally you got time for me?
Sh: I am sorry……
Bh: Wow, great, now you are sorry?
Sh: Please calm down.
Bh: I won’t. Neither am I gonna accept your sorry. You will be punished.
Sh: (relieved) Anything Bhavna.
Bh: Tomorrow you are gonna spent time with me alone. We will be going a for date, just you and I. You won’t call Suhani tomorrow.
Sh: (smiles) Pakka.
Bhavna too smiles.
Bh: I love you.
Sh: (smiling broadly) I love you too…..Good night.
Bh: Good night.
Disconnects the call.
They both smiles seeing each other’s photo.

Lata went to Suhani.
Lata: Beta, you both are taking leave right?
Suh: Yeah Mummy. I just mailed our leave applications.
Lata: Good beta.
She leaves.
Suhani dials Kasyap
Kasyap: Hey
Suh: Hi, I am on leave tomorrow.
Kas: Leave? Why?
Suh: Di’s marriage is almost fixed, they are coming to see her tomorrow.
Kas: Poor di……. Anyway, I will come in the evening to pick you.
Suh: Yeah, by then everything would get over. Good night.
Kas: Good night.
Suhani calls Soumya and tells about Bhavna.

Sharad goes to Gauri
Sh: Sorry Gauri, I was a bit busy.
Gauri: It’s ok bhai, We were just doing my project.
Sh: I know, I came to help you.
They started working together.
Pratima calls out for Guari.
Pratima: Beta, it’s raining, please go to terrace and get clothes.
Gauri: yes Ma.
Gauri was about to leave and Yuvi stops her.
Yuvi : (Handing her an umbrella) take this and go.
Gauri: (keeps her hands on head) Viyu, for heaven’s sake, I am just going to terrace!!
Yuvi: Still you will be wet and will spoil the floor and the house.
Gauri and Sharad stares at each other.
Gauri: Viyu please…
Yuvi: (sternly) take this and go.
Gauri looks at him being irritated. Sharad laughs seeing Gauri.
Gauri: I really pity that unlucky girl, who is destined with you, Poor thing, you will drive her mad.
Sharad laughs even harder.
Yuvi: Well, if she turns out to be careless like you, then I will surely change her.
Sharad prays for her.

Meanwhile at Shrivastav house.
Suhani goes to her Papa.
Suh: (excitedly) Papa it’s raining!!!
Punkaj: Wow, hurray, come on now.
They go out and enjoy rain as if seeing it for the first time. Both love rain so much that, when it rains, they forget everything else and enjoy rain completely.
Lata: Punkaj ji, Suhani, come inside, you will fall sick.
Punkaj: Lata ji, don’t be a spoil spot. (Excitedly) It’s raining.
Bh: Ma, you know them, they won’t come inside now.
Lata: (sighs) I am asking for the final time, are you coming inside?
Suh: Not until we enjoy rain to its fullest.
Lata: (irritated) Do as you wish!!
They laugh. They enjoyed rain for a while and then came inside and dried themselves.
Punkaj: Had fun beta?
Suh: It was so fun, Papa
Punkaj: Are you happy with Bhavna’s marriage?
Suh: Of course Papa, they both love each other so much and you saw how happy di was when Mummy said that they are going to come tomorrow.
Punkaj: You know beta, it is my only dream. After your birth, I have just dreamed about your and your sister’s marriage. Your sister is about to marry and then your marriage.
Suhani was shaken; she looked at her dad and saw the intensity of this dream of his in his eyes.
Suh: Papa, I am tired, let me go and sleep. Good night.
Punkaj: Good night Beta.

At Suhani’s room. Suhani’s pov
Papa, I can’t, I can’t share my life with someone!! Please I can’t, it’s my life. But Suhani, you can’t hurt your Papa’s feelings. It is his biggest dream. Now accept this fact. You will have to marry, for your Papa. What is the use of thinking about this and being sad?? No use, do one thing, go to di.
At Bhavna’s room.
Suh: Di, you are still awake? What happened?
Bhavna comes to Suhani and hugs her.
Suh: (astonished) Di, what happened?
Bh: I will miss you so much. We never stayed away from each other.
It was only then Suhani thought of this, she was shocked but regained quickly.
Suh: Di, it is inevitable, anyway you will leave in few days, so let’s enjoy these golden days.
Bh: Yeah right, from today till my marriage, you will sleep with me.
Suh: (smiles) Pakka di.
They sleep.

Its morning:
Lata: Suhani, where is Bhavna?
Suh: Mummy, di is getting ready.
Lata : (handing over some heavy jewellery) Now go and wear these.
Suh: Mummy, aren’t you fed up? You know that I won’t wear these.
Lata: But you look so simple in this beta.
Suh: Mummy that is I. If I wear these, I will feel that I am in someone else’s body. Please stop it.
Suhani sees Punkaj
Suh: Papa, please explain Mummy.
Punkaj: Lata ji why are you forcing her?
Lata: Punkaj ji, please don’t always side her. That’s why she is this stubborn. She never listens to me.
Suh: Mummy then say something, which is worth listening.
She runs.
Lata: See her Punkaj ji.
Punkaj: Lata ji, spare her.
Lata fumes and leaves.

Birla house
Yuvi goes to Sharad.
Yuvi: Looking really handsome.
Sharad fakes a smile.
Yuvi: What happened Sharad?
Sh: I am very nervous!!! I am going to meet uncle and aunty for the first time.
Yuvi: (sarcastically) do one thing, call Suhani. She will help you.
Sh: I can’t. I promised Bhavna that I won’t call Suhani today.
Yuvi laughs.
Yuvi: This is the best promise you could give Bhavna.
Just then Gauri enters.
Gauri: Bhai, we are getting late. Come quickly.
They leave.

At Shrivastav house
Punkaj, Lata and Suhani received Birlas. They all introduced themselves. Lata sees Yuvi and thinks.
Punkaj: Suhani,bring Bhavna.
Suh: Ji Papa.
Suhani brings Bhavna. She was looking very gorgeous. Sharad could not take his eyes of her. Anuj teases him. Pratima and dadi likes both Bhavna and Suhani.
Dadi: Now that everybody is happy with this marriage, I will call Pandit ji tomorrow and fix the date.
Lata: : Ma ji if you don’t mind me saying, Suhani and Bhavna have never stayed away from each other, If you don’t mind, can we proceed Suhani’s alliance with Yuvraj?
Dadi: I don’t mind if children are ok with it.
Suhani and Yuvraj are stunned!! They were about to revolt. Just then, Bhavna screams happily and hugged her mother. Seeing Bhavna that happy, both of them could not say a direct no.
Yuvi: Dadi, Ma, we just met today. I will neither say a yes nor a no today. I need time to understand Suhani. Then I can give you an answer.
Dadi: How much time do you want?
Yuvi: A month.
Dadi: What about you beta?(Dadi asked Suhani)
Suhani was so shaken. She could not speak a word.

Yuvani meets in the park.


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