Can I fall in love Episode 15

The episode starts with Sharad waiting for Yuvi outside his office. Yuvi comes in a while.

Sh : Guru, you look very disturbed.
Yuvi : I am very disturbed.
Sh : Ok then, let’s go home and I will drive.
Yuvi : Ok.
On the way home, Yuvi explains everything, whatever he felt during the previous day.
They reach home and go to Yuvi’s room.
Sh : Guru……let’s play a game.
Yuvi : What? Here I am disturbed to the hell and you want to play?
Sh : Guru, you yourself used to say, when you feel disturbed, you should do something such that you feel relaxed, so that you can solve your problem.
Yuvi : (unwillingly) Ok, so what to play?
Sh : I will say some words randomly and you have to say anything which comes to your mind hearing these words, you can’t take time.

(Guys, this idea is taken from movie KKHH)
Yuvi : What? Ok go on.
Sh : Water
Yuvi : Rain
Sh : Winter
Yuvi : Ice cream.
(They both love to eat ice cream during winters)
Sh : Ice cream
Yuvi: Chocolate.
Sh : Care
Yuvi : Ma
Sh : Friendship
Yuvi : You
They smile.
Sh : (smirking)Love
Yuvi : Suhani
Yuvi said as casually as he said the others. He was awestruck when he realized what he said. He stood still.
Sharad smiles.
Sh : Here you go guru, you got your answer.
Yuvi : What, what do you mean?
Sh : You love Suhani, simple.

Seeing Yuvi disturbed, Sharad goes to him and held his shoulders. He smiles.
Sh : Chill guru, you are feeling wired because you just realized your feelings. It’s natural; I felt the same when I realized I love Bhavna.
Yuvi : Do you think I love Suhani?
Sh : Think, I am damn sure that you love her.
Yuvi looked Sharad.
Sh : Come on guru, she is not the first girl who have been your friend, just think yourself, have you ever been so concerned about anyone else? Have you ever felt jealous seeing any friend of yours with another boy? You said that you don’t want yours and Suhani’s relation to be like hers and Kasyap’s, but she is special to you. What else can be the meaning of all these?
Yuvi : But….. but I don’t feel like accepting this.
Sh : That is because you are hearing all these from my mouth, now you say this yourself, then you will believe it.
Yuvi looks at Sharad, he gives thumps up.
Yuvi : (closing his eyes) I love Suhani.
He smiles automatically.
Yuvi : (excited, he was shaking Sharad) Sharad, this is, this is unbelievable, I feel so relaxed and I am very happy, I never felt like this before, this, this seems magical.
Sh : This is true love. So when are going to tell her?
Yuvi : Knowing her, I don’t want her to know my feelings.
Sh : But guru……
Yuvi : I know I can’t hide it forever, but I know she don’t love me, I am a friend for her and nothing more.
Sh: I know that, but…..
Yuvi : I don’t want to lose her friendship, which I am sure I will if I say this.
Sh : So you are going to hide it forever?
Yuvi : No, we have a deadline right, I will tell her and everyone that day, let’s remain friends till that.
Sh : Why guru, I mean you can try to gain her love, I will help you.
Yuvi : She won’t be impressed likewise, she likes a person for what he is and I don’t want to do anything to make her love me. Let her love me only if she feels so, but I will always love her and her alone.
Sh : So you won’t marry anyone else?
Yuvi : No.
Sh : But what if she never loves you?
Yuvi : I am ready to wait till the very end for her, even the if she doesn’t love me, it means that we are not destined together; otherwise one day she will surely love me.
Sh : I am sure she will love you, because you love is true and true love never fails.
Yuvi smiles and hugs Sharad.
Sh : I am always by your side.
They smile.
Sh : Now call and inform Bhavna.
Yuvi : Ok, but other than her no one else should know this, keep your mouth shut in front of Ma.
Sh : Pakka.
Sharad leaves.

Yuvi calls Bhavna.
Yuvi : Bhavna, I have to tell you something important, promise me you won’t tell this to anyone other than Sharad, he knows this.
Bh : Ok, I promise.
Yuvi : I love Suhani.
Bh: What??
Yuvi : Yeah Bhavna, I really love her.
Bh : Actually I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad.
Yuvi : I understand, don’t worry, I will accept her decision calmly, whatever it is, and please she should not even have a clue regarding this, I will tell her myself.
Bh : Ok.
He cuts the call and calls Suhani.
Suh : Hey.
Yuvi : Hello, where are you?
Suh : Just leaving from office.
Yuvi : Are you free?
Suh : No, actually I and Kasyap are going to Soumya.
Yuvi : Casually, or anything important.
Suhani tells everything.
Yuvi : Do you mind I if I come along?
Suh : Of course not, we will go together.
Yuvi : Ok.
He cuts the call.

Precap :
Kriya’s engagement


  1. A.Tejaswi


    |Registered Member

    Superb one…Loved the way sharad made yuv realise his feelings..Loved the epi to the core..❤️❤️❤️

  2. abi

    yuvraj sharad pair s always awesome.. after yuvani lovely realisation of yuvraj n sharad game s cute..

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