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Can I fall in love, Episode 108


Suhani goes to Gauri.
Suh: Hey, what about your project?
Gauri: Yeah Bhabhi, I was waiting for you.
They smile.
Suh: Wow Gauri, you started!!
Gauri: Well Bhabhi, not me, it is your brother, he helped me.
Suh: Adi?
Gauri: Yeah Bhabhi, he was here, he helped me, and then he had to rush for something.
Suh: OK.
They started to work. After sometime, Yuvi came searching for Suhani, he smiled at them and went back.
They had to work till late night to finish the project, and by then both were very sleepy. Suhani sleepily made Gauri sleep and then went to her room. She was surprised to see Yuvi awake.
Suh: You are still awake?
Yuvi: Why, only you can stay awake?
Suh: No, but,
Yuvi: I was working on a presentation, and now my sleep is gone.
She smiles.
Yuvi: Did Gauri sleep?
She nodes.
Yuvi: She became yours completely!

Suhani sighed.
Yuvi: It is not my words, Ma and Dadi were saying this.
Suh: What?
Yuvi: Yeah, today Ma was saying that you replaced her in Gauri’s life.
Suhani laughs.
Yuvi: And she is right, she is all after you, forgot her Dadi, Ma, brothers and other sister in laws.
Suh: Anything!
Yuvi: No, and she agreed it, saying that bhabhi is next to Ma.
Suhani smiles thinking of Gauri.
Yuvi: It is not just Gauri, but Ma, Bhaiya, Sharad, Anuj, Snoopy; all are chanting your name
Suhani beats him.
Yuvi: I was thinking it,
Suh: What?
Yuvi: What will they do if you are not here; I am sure no one will be able to manage with put you.
Suhani sighs.
Suh: Ok then, I will do one thing; I will go to my parents’ home for a week.
Yuvi: Perfect idea, go, at least now my family will notice me.
Suhani fumes and beats him.
Suh: I am serious, I will go.
Yuvi: Who said I am not? Just go na, and promise me, you won’t be back until a week.
Suhani beat him further.
Yuvi: Stop it yar!
She fumed and then turned around. He smiled.
He went to her and hugged her from behind, she looked to other side.
Yuvi: Hey, I am going to Mumbai, I won’t be here for a week, (hugging her tighter) and I know that my wife will miss me very much.
She turned to him.
Suh: What, you won’t be here?
He nodes, she turned dull.
He caressed her face.

Yuvi: Sorry, I have to go.
She nodes.
Suh: When are you going?
Yuvi: Tomorrow evening.
Suh: And you are telling mw now??
She fumed again.
Yuvi: Bhaiya told me in the evening and you were busy with Gauri.
Suhani nodes.
Suh: Ok, fine, shall we sleep?
Yuvi: I am not sleepy yar.
Suh: But you have a journey tomorrow! And you need rest.
Yuvi: But,
Suh: Ok, fine, I will sing.
Yuvi: What?
Suh: Yeah, the other day you were complaining that I never sang for you, so let it be today.
He was happy.
She made him sleep, he looked very cute, and she kissed his forehead and then slept by his side.

Suhani misses Yuvi.

  1. So cute yuvani ☺

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  3. nice epi.. nd sry for commenting regularly..

    1. Yuvani

      Don’t be sorry,
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    lovely episode…

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