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Can I fall in love, Episode 106


Suhani and Menka looked at each other. They didn’t know what to do and got in.
Yuvi went to his room.
Anuj: Menka, I am going to terrace,(seeing that she is about to say something) don’t worry, I am fine.
She nodded tensely, he leaves.
Suhani held her shoulders.
Suh: He will be fine, give him some time.
Menka nodes.
Suhani went to their room, Yuvi hugged her when she got in, and she too hugged him.
Yuvi: (painfully) Suhani, what did I just do, what happened to me? Why did I over react?
She caressed his hair.
Suh: (calmly) you were upset with something else and got your anger on Anuj.
Yuvi: He is very upset!
Suh: Yeah,
Yuvi: Now?
Suh: Leave him alone for the time being, he will be fine.
He nodes.

Suh: But what happened to you? Why were you upset?
Yuvi: I lost an important consignment, and,
She smiles and broke the hug.
Suh: (cupping his face) so now relax and try a back for the lost one,
Yuvi: Anuj,
Suh: He is upset now, give sometime and I know, until you get an alternative consignment, you won’t be happy. Now like a good boy work on it.
He nodes.
Yuvi: I am sorry.
She looked on.
Yuvi: You had a rift with Anuj because of me.
Suh: (scorning playfully) oh hello, we Bhabhi-devar’s relation is not that week that it will affected by you.
He smiles.
Suh: you carry on, I will come.
He nodes and she leaves. She went to Anuj.
Anuj: Bhabhi, I know you came to apologize on Bhaiya’s behalf.
Suh: Of course not, who am I to come between you two brothers?
Anuj: Bhabhi,
Suh: of course he is my husband. But he is your brother long before that.
Anuj smiles.

Suh: I am here to say sorry on my personal behalf. I am very sorry, I shouted at you.
Anuj: No Bhabhi, it is completely understandable, Bhaiya was irritated with something and I made it worse, and I don’t know, I too angry and things went off the hands.
Suh: (thinking playfully) seems like you are following your brother, getting angry on every silly thing.
Anuj: Bhabhi, don’t speak against my Bhai!
Suh: Yeah right, Bhai ka chamcha.
Anuj: Is he ok?
She nodes.
Suh: You became understanding.
He smiles.
Anuj: Bhabhi, shall I tell sorry to Bhaiya?
She sighs.

Suh: I am taking back my line, it is between you two, you take the decision, don’t make anyone come in between; you are exactly like you Bhaiya, arrogant.
He laughs and Yuvi come there.
Suh: Speak of the devil an here he is!
Yuvi fumes at her and Anuj laugh.
Suh: Now you brothers carry on, bye.
She leaves.
Yuvi and Anuj looked at each other, and then hugged each other tightly.
Yuvi& Anuj: I am sorry.
Yuvi & Anuj: No, it is my fault!
They smile and broke the hug.

Yuvi: Listen I am really sorry yar, I don’t know, I was so upset and I,
Anuj; No Bhaiya, it I me, I didn’t notice that you were upset and irritated you, and then shouted at you!
Yuvi: Only because I shouted.
Anuj: But still,
Yuvi: It is ok.
Anuj nodes.
Anuj: I think Bhabhi is right,
Yuvi: What?
Anuj: She told me you got into me,
Yuvi looked on confused.
Anuj: I mean I got angry,
Yuvi: Ohk.

Anuj: After all I am your brother,
They smile.
Yuvi: You became so understanding,
Anuj: Bhabhi was saying the same thing,
Yuvi: (proudly) Of course you have to be, after whose brother you are,
Anuj: Saurab bhai’s.
Yuvi: (pulling his ear) Acha beta, when it was about anger, you said you got in from me, and when it is about understanding you got in from Bhaiya, so every good thing is from Bhaiya and bad form me.
Anuj: Actually, yeah Bhaiya.
Yuvi pulled his ear harder, Anuj screamed.
Anuj: It is paining Bhaiya, leave me.
Yuvi laughs and then leave.

Together they came down and saw Pratima sitting on the sofa and reading. They looked at each other and smiled. They ran to her and laid their heads on her lap.
Prat: (happily shocked) what happened?
Yuvi: Nothing ma,
Anuj: Ma, do you remember, when we were kids, we both used to fight a lot na,
She nodes.
Yuvi: And after that, both of us used to come to you and lay on your lap.
Pratima smiles.
Prat: Even though you were angry, both will adjust on my lap and won’t disturb the other, and used to get up only when you were fine.
They smile. She caressed their hair.

Prat: How did you remember this now?
They didn’t say anything.
Prat: Did you have a fight now?
Sau: (coming to them) Of course they did Ma, after all they are not perfect like me.
They got up and fumed at their big brother, he laughs.
Sau: Ma, but is because of you, your love and care spoiled them.
Pratima held his ears.
Prat: What does that mean Saurab? That I didn’t love you as I do them?
Sau: Of course not Ma, I know you love me the most, but I am much stronger, that your love couldn’t spoil me.
Yuvi& Anuj: BHAIYA!!
Pratima bets him, and everyone smile, and then the brothers together hugged their mother.

Precap:Yuvi thank Suhani.

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