Can I fall in love, Episode 103


Suhani and Menka were working in kitchen.
Suh: Gauri isn’t home yet?
Men: No jiji, she might have gone for shopping.
Suhani nodes, and they continued to work.
Gauri comes home in a while, and straight away went to Suhani. She looked worried and hugged her. Suhani and Menka looked blank. Suhani broke the hug.
Suh: What happened Gauri? You look worried.
Gauri: That, Bhabhi, I,
She looked much tensed. Suhani held her shoulders.
Suh: Ok, come with me.
She looked at Menka.
Men: (smiling) Jiji, you go with her, I will manage.
She nodes and leave with Gauri.

Gauri’s room:
Suh: Now tell me, what’s up?
Gauri: Bhabhi, I, I went for shopping for kids, and……..
Suh: And,
Gauri: Something strange happened, not strange, but stupid!
Suh:(sighs) Tell na,
Gauri: Someone told I love you to me.
Suh: Wow, Gauri!! That is great!
Suhani started to laugh.
Gauri: (fuming) Bhabhi! I am worried and you are making fun of me.
Suh: Ok, ok, fine.
She held her shoulder.
Suh: But why are worried?
Gauri: (tensed) this is all new for me; someone just came and said I love you, this is crazy, and I can’t take it.
Suhani sighs.
Suh: Gauri, it isn’t a big deal, he might be a flirt or something, I am telling you, and he might not even remember you.
Gauri: Are you sure? What if he follows me?
Suh: Ignore him, stay bold, that’s it.
She still looked worried.
Suhani smiles at her.
Suh: You know what Gauri, I have heard that a girls with brothers are stronger, and I thought that you are stronger than me, but!!
Gauri: bhabhi!!
Suhani smiles.
Suh: leave it baba, why to take tension about a stranger?
Gauri didn’t say anything.
Suh: Leave that, and show me what you bought?
Gauri got excited and then started showing her purchases.
They had a laugh.

Yuvi was looking for Suhani and came to kitchen, but it was empty. He got a glimpse of someone moving out, and caught her hand and pulled her towards him, all in one second.
Menka screamed.
Yuvi was shocked, he left her hand and looked at her being embarrassed, and she laughed at him.
Men: Jiji is with Gauri.
He smiled sheepishly.
Pratima came there hearing her scream.
Prat: Menka, beta what happened? Why did you scream? And Yuvraj, why are you here?
Yuvi: That, I, Ma…. Ma, I came hearing Menka’s scream.
He looked pleadingly at her.
She smiled.
Men: Nothing Mummy ji, I thought I saw a cockroach, but it is nothing.
Prat: (sighs) you scared me!
Men: Sorry Mummy ji.
Prat: Ok beta you carry on.
She leaves, Yuvi thanks Menka and he too leaves.
He went to Gauri’s room.
Yuvi: Suhani, who is she, your friend?
Suhani laughed, Gauri fumed and beat him.
Gauri: Viyu, I won’t leave you…
Yuvi: Viyu? How did you know that name, only my sister calls me that?
She beat him more. Suhani laughed harder.
Yuvi: Ok, ok, fine, stop it now.
Gauri held his ears.
Gauri: Say sorry.
Yuvi: For? I didn’t say anything wrong, and you know Suhani, before marriage someone was telling me that I would ignore my sister after marriage, but I lost my sister after my marriage.
Gauri: What?
Yuvi: Yes, you completely forgot your brother. You have time for your Bhabhi alone.
Suhani sighs.
Suh: Gauri, don’t mid him, he has problem with everyone, she said the same thing to Ma, Bhaiya, Snoopy, Bhabhi, you are his latest victim.
Gauri laughed and Yuvi fumed.
Yuvi: And I am right, you have stolen everyone from me, God, why did I marry you?
Suh: You!!
She started to beat him, he held her hands.
Yuvi: What is up with you both, I am not punching bag!
Gauri & Suh: But you speak so wonderfully that everyone would be tempted to beat you.
He fumes and they laugh.

Adithya comes to Birla house.

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