Can I fall in love, Episode 102

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Rags’s delivery date was after a day and hence she was admitted to hospital and Saurab was there with her.
Family was very excited, two new babies! Wow.
Everyone was restless.
Next morning:
Saurab calls home inform that Rags has labour pain and taken to OT.
Family other than Bhavna, reaches hospital, she was with Golu, Saurab was much tensed, Yuvi and Anuj tried to calm him.

Bh: Golu, you know, you are going to have two younger siblings, now my son is elder boy, big brother.
She laughs, he smiles seeing her, Mom’s laughter is always a blessing for children, he doesn’t understand it, but yes he smiled. She adored him.

Nurse came out with two boys, Pratima and Dadi took them.
Brothers hugged Saurab. He looked at his sons, and took one of them in hands, with an emotion which no one can ever explain, because it is such a beautiful feeling.
They went inside and met Rags, she looked tired but cheered up seeing her sons.
Shard informs the news to Bhavna and she decorated the house, just like Gauri and Menka did for her.

Three kids at home, time was literally running for everyone.
Kids’ naming ceremony:
They were named Harsh and Varsh.
Suhani was watching the kids with a different smile on her face, she was thinking something. Kasyap saw her and went to her.
Kas: What’s up man, what are you thinking?
She came back to senses.

Suh: What? Nothing,
Kas: (sighs) why do you forgot that I can read your face, you are thinking about us, I know.
They smile.
Kas: But you were looking at the kids, kids and us??
She smiles.
Suh: Just look t them, they are together from their birth, and would be till the end…. (smiling) And,

Kas: It is what you wanted to happen with us, I know.
She nodes.
Suh: I was thinking that,
Kas: Wait, are you gonna be senti again?
Suh: Not senti, but this is filmy,
Kasyap laughs.
Kas: Go on.

Suh: It is true that we couldn’t meet early, but our kids can….
Kas: What?
He looked confused.
Suh: Just imagine, if we are going to have kids at the same time, they would be together from childhood,
Kas: But relations are chosen by heart, not,
Suh: I know, but you are forgetting something, they are our kids man!
He laughs.
Kas: You are mental!

Suh: That’s why I am with you.
Kas: You………
He beats her. They laugh.
Suh: Still imagine, it would be wonderful,
He smiles.
Kas: Good, so who do you want, two boys, two girls, or like us, one boy and one girl?
Suh: Does it really matter, let them be anybody, but they should have our characters.
Kas: Like?

Suh: Like, my kid should be crazy like me, uncontrollable, and only your one should be able to manage him/her.
Kasyap smiles thinking about it, one completely mental and the other managing him/her. They thought itself was beautiful.
Kas: You know what; this is absolutely crazy……. but beautiful, in fact fantastic!
Suh: I know, that was why I was having that weird smile.
They high fived.

Gauri is upset.

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