Can I Fall 4 A Goon Like U? (Epi 2)

Hey guys! Thnx for all the comments I got so far. I’m glad that u liked the intro.. To make up for the short one last time, I have written a longer one this time. Sorry 4 not replying to some of ur comments. Hope u enjoy it!

PS: Suraj lives in the Pandey house, he has been adopted by Pandey Ji after his parents died. That’s y Suraj also calls Pandey Ji Bauji.

Recap: Pandey Ji tells Suhaan that his close friend is coming to stay and Thakor’s sweet convo.

Thakor r hugging and then they let go

Chakor: Di! How was ur exam? U did do good na?

Thapki: mmm. Any doubt?

Chakor shakes her head

Thapki: Chakku! If ur always with me, can anything bad ever happen to ur di?

Chakor: Never

They smile and hug again.

KC: Go on! Shower all ur love on each other. Sisters r everything and After all, Papa is just a Papa right? No point of wasting time on him, am I right?

Thakor look at each other and then at KC. He has his face turned against them. They then go towards him and hug him from the back.

Thakor: Papa!

Chakor: Y r u saying that?

Thapki: Haan. U know na Papa, Chakku is my heart but u….U r everything! U r my Papa…. Mumma…. Teacher……

Chakor: Life.. Soul and even a form of Kishan Ji…Papa u r…

KC: Bas Bas its ok. Now stop pulling my leg.

Thapki: But Papa we r not pulling ur leg. Whatever we just said is all true.

Chakor: And u thought we were joking!…Very bad

KC: But….

Thapki interrupts

Thapki: What But? How could u think that we were joking?

KC: I…..

Chakor interrupts

Chakor: Hud hain Papa! U did a big mistake and on top of that u didn’t even say sorry!

Thakor keep on scolding him while KC looks at a pic hanged on the wall and walks towards it.

Thakor: Papa! Where r u going? We r speaking 2 u.

KC: Did u see Kasturi? (I don’t remember Thapki’s mum’s name so I’m using Chakor’s mum instead.)

Thakor look at their father

KC: Our daughters take after u….They r great at scolding me just like u did….And now that they r all grown up, they r all ready to get married soon. Then they’ll be in their sasural and I’ll be on my own counting the last days of my life

Thakor make a puppy face and hug KC

Thakor: Papa!

Chakor: We r never gonna leave u alone. Not now. Not then. Not ever. We will always b with u

Thapki: We r ur shadow papa. Wherever u r, that’s where Thakor will be.

KC: Thakor?

Chakor: Thapki and Chakor papa!

All 3 of them have a laugh

KC: OK. OK. My lovely Thakor. Now listen to me.

Thakor put their hands cupped around their ears

Thakor: All ears ready to listen Sir

KC: Tomorrow we r going to Indore to meet my very close friend

Thapki: Indore!

Chakor: 2 meet a friend!…oops Sorry. I mean Uncle

KC: Yes! and that’s not the best bit

Thakor get even more excited

Thapki: What’s the best bit Papa?

KC: We r staying there!

Chakor: Sacchi! 4 how long?

KC: Mucchi! But I don’t know 4 how long

Thapki: Y do u not know?

KC: Aree Ballu is like that na, thats y

Thakor: Ballu?

KC: Ur Uncle!…Once I step into his house then watch, he will not let me go that easily.

Thakor laugh

Chakor: Papa! Ballu kaka sounds so sweet. I just can’t wait 2 meet him.

Thapki: Who else is there papa?

KC: There is ur Vasu kaki, ur Dadi maa, ur Sanjay and Ashwin Bhaiyya and ur Suman and Preeti Babhi, and of course, ur Ballu kaka’s daughter and son Kiran and Bihaan.

KC tells a long story to Thakor about Bihaan and Kiran.


Suhaan r packing to go to India.

Bihaan: Gajab! How did u say it so easily?

Suraj: say what easily?

(Bihaan imitates Suraj)

Bihaan: Thanks Bauji. We’ll take the first flight back to india….How can we?!

Suraj: What do u mean how can we?..What’s ur problem….Don’t u want to go bk home?

Bihaan: Yes but….

Bihaan phone rings and the name pops up ‘Shraddha baby’

Suraj: Oh! Now I understand. The problem isn’t urs. The problem is Shraddha Maharani’s, right?

Bihaan: Any kind of doubt?

Bihaan answers the call and has a long conversation with Shraddha.

Suraj olv: Looks like Shraddha Maharani is really angry. Don’t know what this boy sees in her cuz I don’t see anything but anger.

Bihaan cuts the call

Suraj: What does Shraddha Maharani want now?

Bihaan looks at Suraj

Bihaan: 1st of all, Stop calling her Maharani. And 2nd, she wants to go out 4 dinner 2night.

Suraj: 2night! Did u cancel it?

Bihaan: Of course not she’ll kill me!

Suraj: But I’ll kill u 4 sure! 2night is our flight!

Bihaan puts his hand on Suraj’s shoulder

Bihaan: Look Bhai. Y don’t u go 2 India and tell Bauji that I’m busy and I’ll come 2morrow. OK?

Bihaan grins at Suraj and Suraj raises his eyebrows

Suraj: No! Y don’t U CALL Bauji and tell him this while I leave to go the airport

Suraj grins at Bihaan back and leaves with his luggage.


The next day in the Pandey Bungalow, a women is seen doing aarti. She is revealed to be Vasundara.

Vasu: Suman bahu! Preeti bahu! Where r u?

Two girls wearing sari come running into the Hall (of course its the Changu Mangu, Preeti and Suman)

S+P: Jee Bari Sasumaa!

Vasu: Have u cleaned out the rooms?

S+P: Yes we have.

Vasu: have u double checked? I don’t want any complaints…..Both of my sons r coming home after a very long time. My Bihaan and My Suraj.

Suman: No Bari Sasumaa. U won’t get any complaints.

Preeti: Chutki and I have cleaned Bihaan and Suraj dewar ji’s awesome wala room very nicely. U won’t get a single complaint

Suraj comes and S+P see him. He signals them to not say anything while he creeps up to Vasu. Suraj is about to touch Vasu.

Vasu: Suraj! I know its u!

Suraj: Mummy! How did u know?!

Vasu hits him lightly on the head

Vasu: I’m your mother silly. I have brang u up and held u with these hands. If ur mother isn’t going to know, then who else is.

Suraj wiggles his index finger ?

Suraj: Point!

Vasu: Didn’t Bihaan come?

Suraj: No. He has some important work but he said that he’ll be here 2night. Didn’t he phone up to say?

Pandey Ji: Yes he did Beta.

Suraj goes and touches Pandey Ji’s feet.

Pandey Ji: May God Bless U

Vasu: Didnt u have any important work?

Suraj: I did Mummy but I really really wanted to come home so I did.

Vasu: That’s good.

Suraj takes out a bag

Suraj: Mummy here is ur gift

Vasu takes it and replies

Vasu: What’s the need 4 this?

Suraj: Of course it’s needed! I would never come empty handed.

Suraj takes out another bag and gives it to Pandey Ji. He then takes out 2 more bags

Suraj: These r for my amazing babhi’s. This is 4 my zabar dast Suman Babhi and this one is 4 my Awesome wala Preeti Babhi.

S+P: Wow! Thankyou Suraj Dewar Ji!

Suraj: Mention not….Where’s my GF?

Vasu: In her room or where else

Suraj smiles and goes

Meanwhile, Thakor and KC come into the house.

KC: Ballu!

Pandey Ji looks towards the door and smiles

Pandey Ji: Krishna!…What a surprise!…Ur here already!

KC: My friend has asked 4 me after a very long time. Could I refuse?

KC points towards Thakor

KC: These r my daughters: Thapki and Chakor

Thakor touch Pandey Ji’s feet and he blesses them

Pandey Ji: U have very cultured daughters Krishna. They r just like their mother….Meet Vasundara Ji and my DIL Suman and Preeti.

Thakor go to touch Vasu’s feet but she refuses them to.

S+P: Hi Thapki! Hi Chakor!

Thakor: Hello Babhi!


Bihaan is packing to go to India

Bihaan: Bauji is gonna kill me if I don’t go this time

A girl comes in and sees him packing and asks what he is doing

Bihaan olv: Oh no! Not Shraddha again! Whatever happens. I have to go 2day

Bihaan carries on packing

Shraddha: Baby! Y r u packing ur things? R u angry with me?

Bihaan holds Shraddha

Bihaan: Of course not. Y would I be angry with u? Shraddha, I need to go home 2day otherwise Bauji will not be happy. I hope u can understand.

Shraddha: Ur going India! Can I come? I mean then I can meet ur parents and we’ll get to be together. It will be so romantic.

Bihaan is shocked as he was expecting her to be angry. (Thats y he was shocked. I don’t think anyone would have guessed it as I didn’t give a clue. ??)

Bihaan: Shraddha. Shraddha. Listen to me!

Shraddha: what listen? I want to go!

Bihaan: How can u go? U haven’t even booked tickets.

Shraddha: I think ur forgetting something mister! I’m Shraddha Malhotra. The daughter of a billionaire. I don’t need tickets! I can go first class OK?

Bihaan has his eyes wide open

Bihaan: okay.


Back at the bungalow, Suraj enters someone’s room.

Suraj: Hey GF! I’m home!

Suraj hugs her

GF: Aa gaya mera baccha! (My child is here)

Suraj: Jee Dadi Maa! I’m here!

The GF reveals to be Dadi Maa

Dadi Maa: Now u remember me. What about all those days?

Suraj: No Dadi Maa. What r u saying?! There was no day in London where I haven’t missed u.

Dadi Maa: Chal Joota!

Suraj pinches his neck

Suraj: Sacchi Dadi Maa! It was so boring there without u.

Dadi Maa: I know everything. Now tell me. Have u eaten?

Suraj shakes his head in a no

Dadi Maa: U haven’t eaten yet! Go! Go and eat now.

Suraj: Yes Dadi. I will but first I want to give u this.

Suraj hands her a bag.

Dadi Maa: What’s this?

Suraj: Ur gift.

Dadi Maa: Gift? I won’t open it until u go and eat. So go now. And Eat Something!

Suraj bows to her

Suraj: Aap ki hukum sar aakon pe.

Suraj leaves the room and walks through the corridor and stops when his eye catches something.

Suraj olv: Wow! What a girl! Simple and so cute.

Preeti comes and notices him and clicks her fingers in front of him which brings him back to realisation.

Preeti: What happened Suraj Dewar Ji?

Suraj: ummm. Babhi! Who r they?

Preeti: oh them! They r Thapki and Chakor. Did Bauji tell u that his close friend is coming?

Suraj: Yes. He did.

Preeti: So that’s his close friend’s daughters.

Suraj: Accha! Which one is which?

Preeti: The one who has black hair and is wearing a churida dress, is Thapki and the one…

Suraj interrupts

Suraj: So the other one’s Chakor?

Preeti nods and leaves.

Suraj olv: Chakor! Her name is as beautiful as she is.

Suraj still glaring at Chakor, walks 2wards her and she sees him.

Chakor olv: Who is this? Of course its Bihaan! Who else could it be. Papa didn’t mention anyone else.

Chakor walks towards him and extends her hand

Chakor: Hi! I’m chakor and u must be…

Suraj: Su…

Chakor interrupts

Chakor: Bihaan right?

Suraj olv: Kya yaar! She thinks I’m Bihaan?!


Bihaan is on the plane and Shraddha is sleeping on his shoulder

Bihaan olv: Finally! I’m going home. No more college just resting at home….Maa’s handmade food…My mouth is getting watery just by thinking about it….However, I feel like there is something else as well. Something that is special… I don’t know what but something is pulling me.

Raanjhanaa plays……..

Thapki looks at Sukor and smiles

Thapki olv: What’s wrong with me?…Everything is here then Y do I feel like something is missing….something very special….something unique…something seems like it needs to be here…but what?!

Thahaan olv: What is that something special?

To be continued…….

Precap: Suraj becomes Bihaan and Thahaan first meeting

This was the update. I hope u enjoyed it. Sorry Thahaan fans if there was too much Suraj. I did try to fit in Bihaan and if I had Bihaan coming with Suraj then I don’t think I’ll be able to make Thahaan meeting interesting. So sorry once again. Plz do comment.

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