Can I Fall 4 A Goon Like U? (Epi 1)

A big mansion is shown and Pandey Ji is seen video chatting with a teacher.

Teacher: ur son is absolutely impossible to teach. Wherever he is, he starts a fight! I’m sorry sir but I don’t think we can have ur son and his friend in our college. Thy r suspended.

Pandey Ji smiles and calls someone else

2 boys r seen fighting. Another boy tries to pull one of them to stop them fighting.

Boy1: C’mon Man! Stop fighting now!
Boy 2: Suraj! Tell him to not speak anything about Bauji again!
The boy who was trying to stop the fight is revealed to be Suraj
Suraj: Bihaan! Ur gonna kill him! Just stop it and BTW ur phone is ringing.
Boy 2 who’s now revealed 2 b the one an only Bihaan lets go of the other boy’s collar.
Bihaan: Just answer the phone then
Suraj: It’s Bauji! And it’s a video call!
Bihaan: We r so Dead
Suraj: Just calm down and answer it and don’t u dare the mention the fight
Bihaan answers the call
Bihaan: Pranam Bauji.
Pandey Ji: May God bless u son. Where r u 2?
Suraj: Bauji. We r at college and we just had an exam. It was exhausting!
Pandey Ji: Ok. No worries. BTW, I have got some news 4 u
Bihaan: What is it Bauji?
Pandey Ji: My very close friend is coming 2 stay here 4 a few days with his 2 children, they r the same age as u.
Bihaan olv: Gajab! More boys 2 hang out with.
Suraj: Ok Bauji. We’ll get the first flight 2 India. Pranam
They hang up


A small house is shown with a sign saying ‘Chaturvedi House’. A girl is seen doing aarti and folding her hands.

Girl: He Kishan Ji. Plz help Di in completing every single question on her paper. She really needs u during her exams.

KC (Thapki’s dad): Beta Chakor
The girl turns around and she is revealed to be Chakor.
KC: It’s an exam! No one can help anyone during an exam.
He makes Chakor sit down next to him and winks
KC: Not even Kishan Ji
Chakor: Papa! I’m not telling Kishan Ji to help Di cheat am I? I’m jut telling him 2 give Di support and a lot of strengths so she passes.

After Chakor says this someone blindfolds her with their hands. It was a girl and she had long pink fingernails.

Girl: Akkar Bakkar Bambe Bo
Chakor smiles
Chakor: Koi tho hain meri peeche tho
Girl: Abhi kon Ho sakta hain yaha Bhi?
Chakor: Agar mein nehi aur papa nehi tho meri Thapki Di!
As Chakor said Thapki Di she turned around and hugged her. The girl is revealed to be the sweet Thapki. Thapki song plays…….

Precap: Bihaan is in 4 a shock

Thnx guys and I hope u liked it. Thapki doesn’t stammer here and here is the English version of Chakor and Thapki’s convo:

Thapki: Eeny Meeny Miny Mo
Chakor: Someone is behind me so
Thapki: who could it be?
Chakor: Not me nor papa so Thapki Di!

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  1. Sorry guys if it is short. I was writing my other ff which many requested to make really long. ?

    1. Plus sorry 4 the spelling mistakes I was typing really fast. ?

  2. Nice start.., Sunny.. ?

    1. Thnx dewi. ?

  3. I just read it.. Its a nice start.. And I think chakor and thapki are coming to stay in pandey house as bauji said that two children are coming.. And that’s why bihaan got shocked later.. Keep writing and also read my ff too.. I am writing one on thapki and bihaan/aryan.. Name is Shall we ever fall in love

    1. Thnx Rinka Di. Ur guess is right. Thakor r coming suhaan house. and i have just read all the chap of shall we ever fall in love and it was amazing!!!. I want to know what happened to Shraddha, i feel bad 4 her. Thapki….Black belt…SUPERB IDEA. Keep going and update soon.

  4. Pooja2109

    Nice start do continue soon
    Bihaan is shocked as he thought the children are boys but they are gorls Thapki and Chakor
    Suraj here seems more calm

  5. gd one….keep writting…

  6. Nice start dear. It seems to be interesting. Keep writing. Waiting for nxt.

  7. Nice start, it’s strange seeing suraj as the sensible one. Looking forward to the next update.

  8. Nice start.Keep writing.

  9. wow awesome Thahaan and sukor to meet . Can’t wait to read it lovely very nice Suhaan and Thakor bond awesome loved it

  10. Sukorian

    Chutki keep it up ? waiting for the first meeting

  11. Chutkiiii nice start keep going post next part soonnnnnn

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    Nice start sunny….waiting for upcoming one….

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    Hello di,
    How are you??
    Nice episode..
    Wating for next..
    Update soon..
    Thank you..
    Love you..
    Take care..
    God bless you..

  15. Nice starting bihaan think 2 children r boys so funny
    The bonding between chakor nd thapki is really nice
    Love u sanu
    Your beloved doll

  16. Thanxs doll allahafiz ?

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