Can I Fall 4 A Goon Like U? (Character sketch)

Hey guys! My name is Sunny and I have decided to start writing an ff on Thahaan. However, I would also like to add Sukor too as they r my fav. Don’t worry though , they r not the main lead. So here is the character sketch. Hope u like it. Plz let me know if I should continue.

Thapki- a young beautiful girl who loves her family to bits and can sacrifice literally anything 4 her family

Chakor- A young bubbly girl and Thapki’s little sister. She loves her Di a lot and can’t tolerate anything against her

TD(Thapki’s Dad)- the father of the girls and suffers from heart attacks

Bihaan- A handsome young punk who is a total goon but a lover boy. He loves his family and ALWAYS obeys his father

Suraj- Bihaan’s best friend and tries to help him in every situation. Isn’t like Bihaan. He is smarter

Pandey Ji- Bihaan’s father. Understands his son very well and takes decisions 4 Bihaan’s betterment. He is also a very close friend of TD

Vasu- Bihaan’s mother and dislikes Thapki’s family a lot a they r poor and down market to her

Dadi Maa- Bihaan’s grandma and loves Thapki’s family and Bihaan a lot

So these r the important people but there will also be Suman and Preeti and also Shraddha as Bihaan’s GF but she hates him. (I had to include Shraddha somehow)

Plz let me know if u like it or not. Thnx ?

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    Wow !!! Sukor fan here..
    So sunny tell me are you boy or girl..
    Fantastic job dear..
    All thahaan fans with you..
    Please keep writing..
    Mene Abhi pdaa nahi h, ped k cmt kertii hoon..
    Or thank you so much for writing A beautiful ff…
    Keep smiling..
    Nd please take care..

    1. Yah. I’m a sukor fan. I’m a girl and thnx do let me know if u like the characters. I don’t know if I should change Shraddha or not. ?

  2. Please do continue.. I am eager to read it…

    1. Thnx Rinka ? will update soon.

  3. Hi Sunny, this sounds interesting. I like male leads who are a little naughty and have swag.

    1. Thnx Didu. I love the main lead boys too. ?

  4. Very nice dear. Waiting for this ff. Plz update soon.

    1. Thnx Misha. Will do ?

  5. BTW. Do any of u know what Thapki’s father’s name is cuz 4 now, I’m calling him Chatu ji.

    1. His name is Chaturvedi.. ?

    2. KUDRAT

      Krishan Kant chaturvedi

      1. Thnx so I’ll just call him KC instead of writing the whole thing ?

      2. KUDRAT

        Yes yes yes of course di.

  6. Nice dear. please continue

    1. Thnx. I already did. ?

  7. Waiting to read your story..
    Starting soon.. I like it.. ?

  8. hi Dear sunny its awesome nd can’t wait to read it thahaan with sukor wow and try to update soon . We thahaan family support u as always and thapki father name is krishnkant so good morning

  9. Krishnakant chaturvedi
    That’s thakpis father’s name
    Hi read ur intro eager to read the story post soonnnn

  10. KUDRAT

    Wow wow !!
    SUPERB dii..
    Fantastic Introduction..
    Eagrly wating for next…
    So please try to update soon please
    Or thank you once again for this ff..
    Please take care..

    1. Thnx and I’m only 15 so no need to call me di. Call me Chutki like the rest. ?

  11. Please do continue i cant waif to read ur ff n update soon!! Does thapki stammer here??

    1. I already have and no Thapki doesn’t stammer.

  12. Sukorian

    sunny gud u wrote this ff ? they r both my fav. couple

    1. KUDRAT

      Wow !! Ek or sukorian..
      Welcome friends..
      Welcome to Thahaan or Manyasa family..

    2. Cuz of the nok jhoks obviously na? Same here. ?

      1. Sukorian

        yeah ?

  13. Inbisat

    Thankyou so much di ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????????

    1. Ur so welcome and no need to call me di I’m only 15. ????? Call me Chutki like the rest do.

  14. hey.nice…keep writting….

    1. Thnx and I already have. ?

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