Can Confront But Can’t Confess (Epi 7)

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Yash just smiled and went away shivaay was confused but he didn’t eeing him also going to anika’s room he thought its not the right tym he will ask him later onn
In the morning
Anika woke up her head was aching like hell she was tryong to recollect what had happened last night which was disturbed by a knock on the door she saw the person standing with a glass
Anika pov

I thought that I was dreaming I saw mr. mehra THE GREAT RAGHAV MEHRA my so called father was standing at door
Raghav:good morning anu
Anika:what is the need of you to come here in my room
Raghav :I m your father dear by the way I have came to give you lemonade you will feel good
Anika:I don’t need if you have brought this it would worse than posion and don’t consider how many times I have to tell you the same truth
Raghav:its A lie your eyes show me the care which you have for me I know I have done wrong but I m trying to rectify my mistake
Saying this he went from there
Anika:the moring hahs started like thiss I don’t what will happen the whole day
Saying this she drank the lemonade she felt good and went to bathe
In the afternoon the oberois have come for finalizing engagement date
Shivaay was sitting on the couch he was just searching for only one person his lady love henarrowed his eyes but he couldn’t see anika.yash who was observing him from long time said
Yash:shivaay anika has went out for some time
Omru giggled seeing shivaay embarsesd and got death glare from him in reply he excused himself saying that he have to make an important call was going and anika was coming from other direction talking on phone they both bumped into each other resulting in shivaay over anika they were having an eyelock whhich was observed by everyone present it was disturbed by voice from anika’s phone anika:yes yes I will call you later saying this see cut the phone and was shocked everyone laughing as shivaay has got up form over her and she was laying on the floor and talking on phone she was embarsed she quickly went from there she was blushing she was walking on the corrider when a pair of hands pinned her to wall they were none other than shivaay
Shivay: I kow you can never change she youu are blushing no alos
Anika; Im not Blushing

Shivaay; if you are not blushing then why your cheeks have turne pink
Anika:is not that the starts stammering
Shivaay:don’t lie anika I can see that in your eyes sayon this he oved her hands carssing her hair and face he hgged her anika was just melting down she was feeling safe comfortable in that hug she wanted to be like that forever but the devil in every sorty came in between her ego she wnted to show tadi to him she just oushed him saying
Anika:behave yourself Mr. oberoi
Shivaay: I m not misbehaing I m just romanicing with my wife
Anika:I m not your wife
Shivaay: you are my wife what proof do you haveprove it
Shivaay:you are challenging me
Anika:you can think like that
Shivaay:so in 48 hours I will prove you that youre my wife and you will confee it
Anika:I m not afraid of you
Saying this shivaay hold her hands twisted at back in a very romantic told tht Just wait and watch directly in her ears
…………………………………………to be continued
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