Can Confront But Can’t Confess (Epi 6)

I m sorry guys I m really sorry actually navratri was going onn and there was function at my house then my schol new session has started you know naa books dress so many things to bring and on the first teacher gave us soo much of homework i didnt have time to writ e sory once again and sorry for not replying your comments Thank you for comments soory for not replying and everyone who wites ff on ishqbaaz pagge you write amazing so good I can’t say. sorry not commenting on it huh one more thing now i iwlll be able to post only once in aweek I know its boring please do tell of you laso hting I will try it to make more spicy

Recap:Anika fights with her mom and dada and goes to bar gets drunken shvaay goes to bring her back

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Anika goes to home with shivaay as soon as she gets out of the car she runs towards the door shivaay running behind her shouting her name
Anika goes towards the door and stands there silently everyone sees her yash goes towards
Yash:anu where were you ??
Anika:me ?i m here only bhai smiling
Yash sees her weird behaviour and smells something and says
Yash:did you have alchol again anika
Anika:noo she I m walking she is about to falll shivaay comes from behind and catches her
Yash:what happpened to her?/
Shivaay:yash s don’t no she drove rashly went to bar and was fighting with waiter for more drink
Yash:i knew it she would have gone there only
They were disturbed when anika went towards her dad
Anika:hello dad
He was overhelmed listening dad from her mouth
Mr. mehra:anika my daughter an dhugged her
Anika:umm its hurting mr . mehra
He realises her from hug
Anika:mr.mehra I alsio want to say you dad but you never have done anything so that i can call you dad
Everyone listen to me the great raghav mehra was ashamed of me when I was born he is the killer of my sister
Yahs:anika what are saying you are not in your senses come with me
Anika:no bhai today I m saying the truth when i was born only then only he he had problem he hated both me and my sister he just went and throw us in orpahnage without even thinking once what will we eat?what will we do?hwat he wanted was heir do you ever have known the felt I have felt we were tortured everyday evryday A knew mark on skin of blood one day they seprated both of us I was totally broken then sahils parent adopted me then they also in an accident after that bua tortured me everyone asked me my surname my parents I was hurt i also felt pain but I didn’t said anything I wanted too shout aloud I want hug you tell you hte pain you have given me but then I realised the biggest pain was given by you and strted cryong and slept over there on the couch Everyone was tery eyed
Raghav took her in his arms followed by anika’s mom and laid her on her bed tears were falling from her eyes he aressed her face and said sorry anika
Ever7yone was that from window
Tej:I think we should leave
shkati:yes bhaisaheb
daadi:yash beta hum chalteh yash touched his feets and took blessing
everyone left
shivay was watching anika sleeping peacefullywhen he felt someone hand on his hhoulder it was yash
yash: I know you both love each other but hivaay she is hurt you didnt idd good with her you listened to that daksh
shivaay:how oyu jnow
yash just smiled
to be contiued……………….
please please ignore grammtical mistake.


  1. krish

    your missing logic because yash is big bro of anika then why they had been send to orpanage
    but nice epi and what about daksh&co

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