Can you compare them (not in external beauty)

Guyzz are you really enjoying these types of serials I am fed up of this. Name is Swaragini they want to be stood together. But they are enemies. What is this???are you really enjoying this????If Sanskar can’t marry Swara then why did he promised to her that he will definitely marry her???.Marriage and divorce, divorce and marriage. And the other soaps are also showing this.I think these characters are not representing human beings .Just think guys it will really happens in our lives??? If a Girl’s marriage will break 2 times with 2 different guys then our society will never let her to live a peaceful life.But here Swara is also a Mahan.What about Swasan bond which is not at all made on the basis of trust.I am accepting that they are a fabulous couple.But these types of stupid stories don’t deserve them. Somewhere shows supernatural forces.Tell me is it real lives????I don’t know you are enjoying this stupidity or not. Then okay give me the answers of my questions

1. Can you compare Swaragini to Jeeman?
2. Can you compare Swasan with Arshi?
3. Can you compare Raglak and Siprem to. Virman and Virika respectively…..???
Okay…the list is not over. Saras and Kumud,Adi and Pankhuri,Zaya….

No na….at least they all are stood together till the end…. So they are alive in our minds…especially Arshi and Virika because their bond was so strong…..I know many Swasan fans can compare them now too.But my pain is this that why don’t they are separating right and wrong…

Then why don’t these makers make the plot according to any of these ffs.These are awesome fabulous and outstanding than that stupidities which are telecasting……

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  1. i too agree wid u dear but see.,,, swasan too has complete trust upon each other they didnt trust when they weren’t in love. Raglak is different coz their marraige itself was a crap. And rags did tht. So swasan has full truust ok. Dont say that and ya arshi & virika also bcame crap once. Bcoz of others conspirasis. And ya arshi & virika showd too much of pregnancy & all. Totally bakwas

    1. But jaf they didn’t trust each other after they fell in love.Arshi and Virika trust each other after they fell in love. I am telling about that…..

  2. Nandu your rights but seriously I tell you i am a swaswasan fan and also was a big fan of arshi but not now it replaced by swasan so i tell u swasan has something more than anyother pair in the industry and sometimes even I think to get herun means bonding between them really kills me I love swasan they are awesome

    1. Neha you are right Swasan is awesome.I am also a hard fan of Swasan than Arshi.But this stupid story doesn’t deserves them….

  3. I am agree wid u. It’s a clsless serial. I dn’t kno why people watch it. Only fr lead pair!!!! They r a nic cple bt if strylin is so borng thn nd cheap thn lead pair dn’t keep any meaning.
    Nd tnxs fr such a nic analysis.

    1. Yeah you are right Arshi.This is nonsense story line…..

  4. I am agree with u for swaragini (i mean sisters bonding) and raglak but for swasan they are really specialfor me like arshi, vireeka and maaneet..
    Arshi: even they had a big misundersting.. Do u remember arvan thought that khushi have an affair with shyam and for saving anjali’s (arvan’s sister) marriage he forcefully marry khushi..
    Even they was a misunderstanding between veerika and maaneet also..
    Talking abt swasan.. At start Swara was a pawn for sanskar in his revenge, then frd, best frd, love but for her he was always her best frd.. Their lovestory is intense and passionate..
    I am sorry if i hurt ur feelings..

    1. You didn’t hurt me Lucky. Swasan is a awesome pair but their bonding is not so strong. In the case of Arshi and Virika,they shows trust in their relationship after they fell in love with each other……and I like Swasan.This stupid plot don’t deserve them…..

  5. U r right but if we talk only about swasan then the trust and faith which they have on each other can nit be expressed.they are awesome couple who stood by each other and each others family in every hurdle of I dnt think so we need to compare swasna live and trust with anybody….all couples are respected in their own place….
    Thnks for sharing ur thought….

    1. Thank you Angel for your opinion but yaar they have to trust each other na????

  6. whatever i love arshi n swasan too we cant compare becoz every serial has its own storyline….:-) 🙂 .n every couple has their own values at serial….

  7. I cannt compare them coz swasan r incomparable to others… they r outstanding…. amazing, so magical, so comparison them wid others is totally worst thing ever… and coming to pairs, I dont knw abt arshi and what ever u gave others option.. and this is only the serial which I watch, very much possessive abt pair (swasan)… so plz wanna requst u to stop comparision swasan wid others..

  8. I know the story line is crippy but I love swasan a lot so anything for them but about swaragini bonding…I know there was some hatred emotions but everything is fine now…and yaa arshi and virika also were adorable couples but at the last their story line also loose the charm..

  9. sowseelya Reddy

    They will marry in coming episode it s all completed shooting yesterday yaar don’t worry

    1. It is a good news sows…waiting for their next divorce and remarriage

  10. Plz dnt compare yr……aarshi and all even maangeet they were just outstanding….. Swasan….i like them but helly and varun’s actind skill is not so good….even swara’s trust on sanskar changes as per situation… Helly is working in industry when she was 6 year old..but still her acting skill’s r like fresher. Even some times i think varun expression de bhi raha hai ya nahi…….

    So pls dnt compare…there is no charm in swasan like all others

    1. sorry un bt i don’t agree wid the fact that helly and varun are not good actors…

    2. Yeah un.. I’m agree with u.. Arshi were just best.. No one can take their place.. I don’t want to make anyone feel bad. It’s my opinion.. For me no Jodi can take Arshi’s place. Never… Ever..

  11. You r right, dear.. Seriously no one can take their place.. For me only Arshi were the best,Arshi are the best. And also will be the best.. We can’t compare to others with them.. Never.

    1. hey khusi i know arshi was a very popular couple and it is still there in our hearts bt i just opposed what she said about varun and helly..

  12. If Helly and Varun were not good actors, Then there wouldn’t have been a Swasan fandom…..It is due to their acting skill and chemistry that they are even thought of being compared to legends like Arshi and Virika!!
    I love Arshi and Maangeet
    I haven’t especially thought about Virika!

    All I’m saying is Swasan jodi is superb and the best in recent shows…..But I do agree that the storyline has to change…
    SWASAN <3<3

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