Can Broken Hearts Mend [KKB] Part 2

The lecturer came in and started off. He paid full attention and enjoyed his lessons. Then the bell was heard, all the others shouted and he were eager to go and have a snack during break time. ‘Hey Abhi come we go” the all called him. He said later guys, we meet at lunch time. He went to the library with the hope of seeing Pragya.

She came and saw him standing by the wall, “you are here? Are you waiting for someone” she asked. ‘Am waiting for my friends, they went in too pick some books” he replied she was abit disappointed but smiled and said “alright, see you around”

He noticed bow her smile had changed and asked “are you disappointed that I was not waiting for you?” she hesitated and said “why would I be disappointed? Who am I to you anyway?” she turned to walk  but he held her hand and said “my dream girl”

She was surprised and was speechless “what did you say?” she asked. He then excused himself saying “see you later, my friends have left me. bye”

She smiled at her new found friend and walked away to her other class.

At lunch, they met at the canteen. He knew she would be their as he had always spied on her. He admired her from a distance. He got his food and moved to a table, after coming from picking her meal, she walked looking for a table and saw him, their was a free next to him. She walked over and asked “anyone here” he smilingly said “its very free, you may have a sit” saying thank you she sat, silence prevailed for sometime. He broke the silence asking about her toe “how is your toe” “its a lot better, thanks to you”

“how was your class” he asked

“I actually did not have class, I was reading as we have exams really soon. I don’t want to fail. I want to make my papa proud” she replied calmly. He was looking at her face, mesmerized by her beauty, her dark brown eyes and the priceless smile.

“hello, times up we have to go” she said but he was only smiling at her. She waved her hand and he snapped out of his dreamland. “are you alright” she asked. Yes i’m. I was just remembering something” he said .

Come lets go, we have class to attend. They walked away and both left to their separate classes.

Abhi, where have you been man? We have been looking around for you like a needle. What’s happening to you boy?”Akash.

“who is a boy?” Asked Abhi. “I have only been here na” Purab touched his shoulder saying “I don’t know what happening to this man. I only hope all is well”

He smiled. They had their lessons properly and it was time to go home. “See you guys tomorrow, I have a discussion with someone” said Abhi as the rest looked at each other with blank faces.

“Purab you are Abhi’s very close friend what is going on with him” asked Akash.

“Don’t you stay together with him, you tell me what has happened over night” replied Purab.

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