Can I have a bite – Swaragini (episode 4)

Hi, what happen? I know I’m very beautiful, stop glaring me…
Okay everyone, I Shubhangi Panigrahi, accept that like every time I’m late in updating, bad habits don’t go easily & I know there are problems going on with recaps so I’ve decided that… that… that I’ll * blowing nose, I’ll not give precaps *a painful melodramatic nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,I know, I know ,very painful don’t worry everything will be alright, so… so… what yaar stop reading this so so and concentrate on the story*hitting palm on head, everything I only have to tell

Third person’s pov

Every corner of the room was dark just like a horror movie *mummyyyyy, but still we can make out the shapes of things kept there, it seemed like someone was lying on the four postal bed and it was a male. His body started moving and he groaned in pain he had gained from his last fight, well the word fight will be a pathetic excuse ,it was actually something like; a vampire girl beat him up when he messed with her while she was already irritated *claps *whistles (*click #WOMENEPOWERMENT #PROUDTOBEAGIRL I’ll post on insta) it was difficult to wake up, and when he did last night memories came flooding into his mind and only then did he noticed it wasn’t his bed he’s sprawled upon neither is it his room ,to say he was panicked would be an understatement (bro,are you a girl?) he got up and while using his werewolf powers like sharp sight somehow made it to the wall and did a little jinga lala huhu dance (lol, he seriously has some mental problems )

he turned the knob trying to avoid making any sound to attract any attention towards him but what he saw made him stare at it or rather them like a hawk from shock (rhyming words) i.e four people watching his every move internly like hawks and then joined the fifth person, non other than the same boy who said swara is his mate and is still unknown to us.Shio’s face paled at once looked like the other boy knew his ‘brother’ very well, he rolled his eyes and showed his palm to Shio, stopping him from imagining things on his own ‘the girl u were fighting with is my mate’ Shio still remained freezed as if screaming traitorrrrrrrrrr inside, before he added ‘we’re in her house cause you knocked out and other wolves were returning to the pack house and i…’

he continued after shrinking his eyes into slits ‘I thought u love ur self esteem don’t ya ?’ And then shio visibly relaxed a bit, but not completely he was still waiting for an attack but nothing came. Just when he was about to shout on his ‘brother’ swara came back, that’s when he finally noticed how she looks, he tried but could not look away and then there eyes met, hazel brown eyes and her now red eyes (always her eyes will be changing colors u’ll know the reason as the story continues) he felt a shiver run down his spine, his hazel brown eyes started turning golden in recognition and he whispered ‘mate’ and every single face paled in the room besides swara , shio’s ‘brother’s’ with anger and others with shock and confusion.
What? Its over. Not a relationship dude episode is over my exams are coming and mumma caught me typing so today this much only I just wrote it now because someone asked me to do so. I would have said ‘sorry for the short part and late update’ but then again I always do that ,right? Bye bye

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