Can I have a bite – Swaragini (episode 2)

Hi everyone so you see I’m late lets not waste time anymore so here we go…

the boy’s POV

i just kept staring at her face and failed to notice a cut in my arm which started bleeding.Damn she found me,what? forgot the fact that they can smell blood eh?
wait a minute… Shio, he’s returning from his spree and if he sees a girl… no wait let me rephase it,if he sees a VAMPIRE girl in his room without permition and finds out about her being my mate noooooo i won’t let that happen she’s MY mate(possesive much buddy?) I can’t let anything happen to her even if she’s a strong oponent she’s still ,my responsibility ,my mate ,my… my love.I…I love her.The feeling of her being mine overpowers my mind and i Lose myself in the dream land of our future family ,she shakes me to bring me in real world, she touched meeeeee *blushing hard she saw me and asked “why the hell are you blushing” and I told her that I heard somewhere that if a beautiful woman touches u,becomes angry with you or fight with you it means she LOVES u.hehehe.

see i told ya. she’s glaring at me but i didn’t payed much attention and told her to leave but she being herself was stubborn ughh (hey no hard feelings but its our I mean girls birth right to show attitude) I pushed her out of the window but little did I know that Shio is standing just bellow the window ??? why is my luck so bad what have I ever done to annoy the god that he’s taking revenge on me, Wait I’ll need some time to think on that ?(I told he’s stupid didn’t I?)

Shio’s POV

I was about to enter into the castle but I felt like something rolled and fell on my back I can smell herrrrrr she’s a v v… Vampire.i immediately threw her and faced her with rage filled eyes that was my biggest mistake.boy I shouldn’t have done that.the very next second I found myself on ground with HER on top of me with her fangs out and her eye color changed to orangish red colour ?(ab toh tu gaya Kalia) what did I do I usually heard stories of a vampire’s anger which can destroy the world and when its a girl I I I can’t imagine what Will become of me ? and then I blacked out (darpok chuha ?)

Precap- same as last one and fight between 2 people let’s see who they are

I’m ashamed of myself for being so much late sorry because I even said I’ll post soon but didn’t so I’ll accept any punishment OK bye bye ?

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    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you ☺

    1. Shubhangi

      Thanks ☺

  1. Asra

    superbbb dear…

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you very much di ?

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you ☺

  2. Nice…..But ur cover pic is too scary…


    1. Shubhangi

      I know that’s why I kept na to scare you ? even I got afraid after saw that pic 1st time ?thankyou di keep reading keep commenting ?

  3. G.Chandu

    awesome…!!! loved it…!!

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you very much I hope that u’ll like it ☺

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