Can I have a bite – Swaragini (episode 1)


Hi hello yo how are you I’m someone u have to guess expectations are high don’t let them die and i love you guys, so here we go

Swara’s pov

I plastered my best fake smile in front of this man sitting in front of me I was reading his mind and oh god he had such nasty thoughts about me in his cheap mind god why on earth did I ever had to get stuck with this guy. Now I’m regretting for keeping a bet with Riley,seriously I’ll have to drink from him a normal girl can also see his addiction to alcohol and drugs his blood would be having a verr bad taste Chiii yuckk oh well i can read ur mind too yup u stop turning back so by reading ur mind I remember that I hadn’t introduced myself, okay okay I get it just don’t chicken out so…. I’m a vampire my full name is Swara Ryder. I’ve blonde straight hair with soft curls at end and red eyes ,my age is 18 but as I was turned when I was 16 my ageing stopped at 16 Riley is my elder brother’s girlfriend and my best friend in human words I’m adopted but in vampire’s I’m not as who ever turns a person that person belongs to his/her family my brother’s name is Alec Rider and when I was 17 our parents were killed by Vampire Hunters so its just us me bro and Riley, she’s a human and her family abandoned her for loving my brother so that’s all now back to story.

He held my hand pulled me through the crowd of club well he thought I’m drunk and I acted I’m he brought me to a old abandoned building gosh that was creepy Heyya I’m not afraid, no I’m not.I’m a vampire u dumb head and for God’s sake stop turning around *rolls eyes(and read further)yeah so he took me to that creepy building and as we entered he started leading me to a door which I thought would be bed room, oh yeah it was, hey come on claps for me okay okay thank you lovelies and oh yeah I love u too(such a pretty conversation through ur phone?wow) and then he back hugged me like seriously he’s gotta nerve to hug me, I inhaled sharply and turned around gave him a dazzling smile and went closer to him and whispered in his ear “good night babe… Forever I guess” my eyes turned red and I bit his neck no actually it’s more like I pushed my whole face in his neck(gross ,I think I’m gonna puke) and when I raised my head I actually noticed the building’s interior was amazing just like a royal palace type I found myself drooling over that place and u know what this much of surprises weren’t enough for today ya’ see so now I heard someone clapping loudly then a voice came:”ur quite violent of a killer” Without a a single thought i said:thankyou thank you ab meri itni bhi tareef mat Karo ?(shinchan style ??),then she realized what she said and looked around for the owner of the one.seriously boy?.

Boy’s pov

I was in my room when I heard some noise in the hallway damn man some dump headed idiotic mortal has entered into our house with a another idiotic drunk girl. What do they think of our house blo*dy… Ughh whatever. I headed towards the shio’s bed room where they entered and oh my my what I saw was irresistible.damn she was a vampire and that boy was his prey*chuckled.She is my enemy but damn she was cute Huh?what?cute?from when did I started using this word.whatever.her essence was attracting me Karl was howling inside me in excitement. What the hell.l stayed outside of the room clapped and said her she’s quite a violent killer.she looked around tryina find me,her face was worthless *rolling while laughing in mind.Her eyes were red they took my heart away. My wolf howled and said :take her, take her now,we need her, she’s ours only ours.Thats when it hit me she…*sweating like a pig, she’s…she’s my MATE. ???

PRECAP- a boy :she’s my mate?
Another boy:noooo she’s my mate ?
Swara:WTF. I’m nobody’s mate. And for ur kind information I’m a damn vampire *with her fangs out and ready to attack
Werewolves ran away in there wolf form for dear life


Who on the earth said a vampire and werewolf can’t me mates and 2 werewolves can’t have a single mate *winks *winks Hehehe enjoy and plz tell me ur views through comments bye bye ? ham hain rahi TU ke phir milenge chalte chalte ? see you in next episode.

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    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you ?

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you ?

  1. Niku

    Fab ff….. looking forward to it….U n sinchan both r just mad about vampire n werewolf I think…

    1. Shubhangi

      Sahi pakde hai and I’m actually waiting for shinchan to post next part, don’t know when it will be posted ? but thanks a lot for ur comment and hope you liked it

  2. precap is damn funny πŸ˜€
    But a vampire-warewolf <3 story woww interesting
    awaiting nxt part πŸ˜‰

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you very much ur comments are my strength thank you very much and hope you liked it

  3. interesting

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you I’ll try my best hope you like it

  4. Vampire Nd wolf together oh god ????
    Precap super funny ????
    Very interesting Nd superb epi

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you I don’t know why everyone says werewolves and vampires are super duper enemies so twist toh banta h ? thank you very much and hope you like it

  5. Simi

    Nice dear

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you very much I hope you like it

  6. He he he…Wht a pair
    ….. Vam nd werewolves….
    Seriously it’s Amazing nd Uniqe idea…. .
    Waiting for nxt….
    Best of luck….

    1. Shubhangi

      Ya unique pair janmo janmantar ke dushman ? Hehe thank you very much I hope you like it and I’ll post soon

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you ?

  7. interesting..continue

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you very much and hope you like it and u too take care ?

  8. AnuAnn

    Interesting dear

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you di hope you like it

  9. interesting…!!

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you, hope you like it ?

  10. Nice

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you ☺

  11. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Wow shubh,it’s amazing.. I love vampires stories.. Plz continue..All the best for the further parts..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you di hope you like it, I too love vampire stories.and I’ll post soon, you too take care and light up the whole world by ur smile

  12. Shinchan1205

    it was amazing….n the precap was damn awsm…
    post next soon

    1. Shubhangi

      wow ur reading my ff ? thank you very much and I’ll try posting soon and you too post ur ff soon ?

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