How can an angel like you fall for a devil like me? (EDKV) Shraman Five Shots part 4 of 5



Hi all. I am back with the fourth part and thanks for waiting patiently for the parts. I hope you all like it. And thanks for supporting via ur lovely comments really means a lot to me.

By any chance if you didn’t read the first and second part, here is the link.
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Here is part 4.
Next day morning, Shravan woke up. He wanted to sleep more but the rays of the sunshine broke his sleep. He tried to close his eyes but the sun rays were irritating his eyes due to which he got up from the bed and stood up. He walked straight to the door as usual with no expression on his face and always in his devil avatar. He pulled the door so hardly, so hardly that he almost broke the handle. As he opened the door his eyeballs got struck, but before he could react seeing her. Yes it was his angel. Suman was shocked to see the way Shravan opened the door, so shocked that she lost her balance and fall. As she was about to fall down, Shravan hold her in his arms and they both look and stare at each other. Shravan did fee bad. How could he hurt her so much? His angel got scared and he could say that.

Suman got up and as always was in her cheerful character. She teased him for his anger and that what was the use of staying like a goon even in his own house? Well Shravan tolerated these talks which was nonsense for his type people only for his angel. Like she is so full of life and so adorable. He just can’t keep his eyes away from her. Her madness her childishness he just likes everything about her. He never expected he will like someone this much. And he felt blessed with the fact that he was his angel’s dear friend. And then Suman took Shravan’s hand and dragged him out of the house which surprised Shravan. He wonder what was going in her mind.

Did she want to punish him? Did she want to confront him? Did she want to bring him back to jail? What was she exactly intending to do? Well, when Shravan got his answer he was quite surprised. He was surprised as Suman brought him to the orphanage. The same orphanage which he tried to abduct. Suddenly he felt nervous to go in the orphanage. He was hesitant to go from there but his angel didn’t let him.Not because he lost but because how the kids will react seeing him. Well as expected everyone not only the kids were quite nervous to see Shravan. There was clear fear shown in their innocent faces. The only brave face was of Suman. And she had a bright smile as always.

Shravan was nervous to go in the orphanage, but Suman hold his hand to encourage him and Shravan looked at her. She made situations and actions in such a way that all stopped fearing Shravan. Shravan was feeling happy from inside. It was an unusual feeling. It was a clear indication that Shravan had something named humanity in him and that was blooming up. As if he was the flier and his angel was the sunshine and sprinkles of water. He apologised to them but in his usual serious tone, the kids were smart enough to read his sorry through his eyes and they forgave him.

Suman looked at Shravan and said to herself that it was not enough and that she had to do more and he deserved more. Slowly slowly besides orphanage, Suman brought Shravan to different places. She brought him to Parks, restaurant, cafe, Malls, Theatres, concerts, museums, libraries and all the possible places. She wanted to show him and teach him how was life like. Just that instead of teaching him using books and pens she showed him live. Day by day Shravan felt better and he enjoyed doing so.

And then one day while Shravan and Suman were walking, Shravan went to talk to someone on the phone and when he came back he was shocked. Someone was harming his angel. Two guys were eve-teasing Suman and hold her hand. Suman struggled and tried her best to get away from the clutches. She did fight back well to get rid of them. And then suddenly, one of them went to slap Suman. This boiled and angered Shravan from inside. Now the devil in him became Super powerful and there was nothing that could stop it. After all how can someone dare to hurt his angel?

He hold the hand of the guy and stopped him from slapping Suman. Suman was shocked as now she knew that the devil has awakened in her dear Friend. Shravan mercilessly beat those two guys up. He beat them so much that only death was left for them. How dare they hit his Suman? He said this and beat them up non-stop. Suman tried to stop him, but it was of no use. And this time Shravan went out of control and took out his gun. Suman knew that this was going out of control. And as Shravan was about to shoot those guys Suman stopped him. She requested him not to do so and that it was wrong to take the life of a person like that as life is really precious.

Shravan couldn’t resist himself from the innocence and request of his angel and he dropped his gun. He couldn’t understand. Killing people was the easiest thing for him to do, but now it became so difficult. Last time he did it so confidentially and without thinking and now why does he think so much about them? They are not even related to him? How can he spare them so easily? Maybe this was the effect he had while staying with his angel for Long. But they deserve to be punished for hurting his angel. Later the police came and arrested them. Well Shravan felt relieved that they got punished but would have been happier if he punished them.

Now he realised he wasn’t the same Shravan Malhotra anymore who never cared about anyone. Now he was another Shravan Malhotra who cares about everyone. He was a devil, but his angel made him one like her. No she didn’t make him angel, as angel is for too good people, she made him a normal human being at least. Shravan knew that killing people wasn’t his job anymore.

He walked to his godown and confessed to all his dear friends and also his Guru that he will be resigning from this job of killing people. Well all were surprised with this decision of Shravan. That didn’t went well between them. And they all decided to confront Shravan and force him to join them back and that this normal girl Suman changed him and that she deserved to be harmed. That’s what you all thought! No! Infact they agreed with Shravan and they also realised their bad deeds and even others retired from this deed of killing people. Well Babu Ramnath must be furious! Not at all. Infact he was happy and he also closed down his business and started a new one. Now all the members of this godown wasn’t a devil anymore. All became normal human being.

Ramnath made his godown a shelter. A shelter where all his men can live. And now all the members of the gang stared their life afresh by earning a living. Some became a newspaper seller, some a florist, hairdresser, vendor, Mechanic, waiter, cashier, tree cutter, businessman, etc. And they all were so happy with the changes in their life. It was more difficult than before, but it was much peaceful and soothing at least better than killing people for no reason. Ramnath thanked God for bringing Shravan in his life to open his eyes and felt guilty for his deeds and now he settles business of his property- his godown.

Shravan looked and realised how all his friends were so happily living with each other. How he wished these changes came on earlier. He believed in God and thanked for bringing Suman his angel in his life. She really taught Shravan the meaning of life well. He looked at the stars and smile. Last time his signature look was his expressionless face now his signature look is his killer smile. He was still a killer but with his smile. He tried to work hard and find a job. But he failed. But he didn’t give up as Suman was always there to encourage him. He helped her with her orphanage work sometimes. Shravan realised that it was 12am and that it was Suman’s birthday today.

It was the day his angel came to this world. He wanted to do something special for her as she changed his course of the way his life was going on. And he decided to do it in Suman style. Full of smiley faces. He even took the help of his dear friends and also the tiny friends of Suman the orphanage kids. He stayed awake the whole night so that his angel’s birthday could be celebrated in a special way.

The next day Suman woke up and she got surprised as she found no one in her house. Not even a single phone call. Did everyone forget about her birthday? That’s not fair. Now she will take class of them. How can they forget her birthday like this?

Suman went to the orphanage and became more shocked to find it empty. She started to taunt and scold everyone whereas there is no one and that she won’t spare them until she was surprised as a cake came infront of her. And then suddenly so many people singing Happy Birthday!

Suman looked and smiled as she saw how everyone gave her a surprise by organising a surprise birthday party for her. One of the kid gifted her a box and told her to wear it. Suman changed and came in a wonderful dress. As she was gifted that. The cake was full of Chocolate and the place was decorated with smiley face balloons the Favourite symbol and emoji of Suman as it’s just like her. Even Shravan’s Friend were there and Shravan smiled seeing this as Suman cut her cake. Shravan was seeing all this from a distant as if he was just a viewer. No one would say that he was the one who planned all this for his angel. He was the one who gifted this dress to his angel and how she was blooming in this wonderful dress. Suman took the cake and fed the first piece to Shravan. Because she knew it was her cute devil who planned this birthday party for her.

Gradually she fed everyone. She enjoyed the party with dancing with all, playing games chit chatting. Later all left. And suddenly it was Suman and Shravan all alone. They both were feeling so awkward. They both were all alone. Suman wanted to thank Shravan for such an awesome and best birthday party. But as always he was silent. He was not speaking a single word. He should have said happy birthday to her at least even if did everything. As he was about to leave, Suman hold his hand and stared at him.

Well Shravan knew his cheerful angel very well. He couldn’t tolerate to see his sad face on his angel’s face and that too in her birthday that’s why he said
“Happy Birthday” Shravan just said two words disinterested.

This brought a broad smile on Suman’s face and she became Super happy and thanked him. Finally her dear Friend wished her birthday. Her heart was beating. It was kinda unexpected but it was enough for her. Shravan as always couldn’t get his eyes away. Today she looked so different. She is so beautiful. He wants to confess his love to her right now. This is the right time. He doesn’t know how will she react but he have to do so.

Shravan came close to Suman and tried to confess his love. But he couldn’t. Suman was still waiting as she knew he wanted to tell her something. Maybe it was important. Shravan came closer and closer and stared at her. Her eyes, her nose her. Suman’s heart started beating more. Shravan came closer and her lips. He was so engrossed that he didn’t realise when they ended up sharing a kiss.
End of part 4.

Precap for part 5:- Suman asks Shravan why he did so. Suman starts crying and Shravan confesses his love in his angry mode. Suman is shocked.

The next part which will be the last part of this five shots I will publish it tomorrow. Till then stay tuned.
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  1. Aishani Purkayastha

    Soo sweet? I can’t wait till tmrw….??…. The end of part 4 with a Kiss….aww? that took my breath away…!!! How could you imagine soo well!!??? Awestruck FF of EDEV ever!!!! Please extend it…plzz!!! I am enjoying it a lot!!! And please don’t be late tmrw!!!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey aishani thanks for Commenting
      Will post the next part soon
      And happy u liked it 🙂
      And Omg ever :O
      Well i can’t promise of extension
      As i already completed writing this five shots Long back if not i would have extended it maybe
      And well i won’t be late

  2. Diya

    Loved today’s episode ??â€Ļ !!! I’m in love with this story….its so unique and wonderful ??? !!! Precap is so interesting !!! Ans the kiss …..oo waiting for that only and finally it happened !!! ? ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sonai thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked the story
      And happy u that 🙂

  3. Joyee Aapi
    I literally am speechless.
    Just post the last part soon.
    Coz this is turning me crazy.
    Love u?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey laddoo thanks for commenting
      Wow speechless
      And will post the next part soon
      Love u too 🙂

  4. Dhira

    U planned to kill me with suspense right
    superb awesome amazing shot
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow (dying)

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey dhira thanks for commenting
      Well i won’t kill you like that
      Just wait for tomorrow
      Happy u liked the story 🙂

  5. beautiful…..
    ur words and imagination are suberb
    just loved it
    can’t wait…..
    post soon.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Aishana thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked it 🙂
      And will post the next part soon 🙂

  6. It was just fabulous…
    Most romantic part till now??
    Shravan got changed completely….

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sona thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked it and ya love can do anything ?

  7. WeirdSister

    Wow fatarajo..!!!
    I loved how u ended it…
    It was too good…
    Sorry for d short comment…
    I hve I hve to study..!
    Love u loads..
    Post soon…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey weirdsister thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked the last part 🙂
      Well it’s okay i understand and good luck for your exams 🙂
      Love u too
      Will post it soon 🙂

  8. Ariana

    OMG such an awesome shot!!! Superb!!! Every single word was wonderful. I loved how u showed something different. Not the causal melodrama of Ramu Kaka being evil nd trying to harm Sumo. it was out of the box! Wonderful. marvelous!!! the ending was bashing. Out of words now so post the next part soon!!!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Ariana thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked the shots
      And well even i hate those melodramatic things and happy u liked the ending too
      And will post the next one soon 🙂

  9. wowwww di wonderful.. sorry 4 not commenting be4 i was rather i am too busy wid school feast…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey deotima thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked it
      And it’s okay i understand even i face these problems
      As i tend to be busy with classes
      But currently my holiday is going on that’s why 🙂

  10. Neeti

    I was crying bt ur ff made me a lil bit happy di, especially aftr d kiss.
    I am crying bcs Pari di (Angle_pari) said she is leaving us forever, pls contact hr if u can.
    It was really beautiful di. I cant write anymore bcs I am crying.
    Luv u di- Neeti, Cryti (cry+Neeti), Sadti (sad+Neeti).

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey neeti thanks for commenting and what why is Pari leaving? What’s happening ☚ī¸ And don’t cry yaar i m sure she will be back with a bang

  11. It was so wonderful. Loved it.
    You made me speechless. Loved the way you made everyone positive. This is such an unique storyline yet beautifully explained. I love this so much.
    You write amazingly beautiful.
    Post soon. Take care ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey zainab thanks for commenting happy u liked it and happy u liked the storyline 🙂
      And the next part is already posted u can read it now 🙂

  12. Angel20

    Hi Jo..
    Sorry for the late comment! It was awesome super awesome super super awesome!!??
    That kiss tho??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Maria thanks for commenting
      Well it’s okay haha and happy u liked it ?

  13. Jo loved it… the killer look to killer smile change was wow…
    n I loved it that you gave a beautiful msg thru ths …all started new jobs n wr happy …
    n sumo’s birthday… was beyond words…going to read next as precap seems so interesting 🙂 love u dear fr such a beautiful ff 🙂

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