again .. he came into her life (kkb few shots) shot 5 (final part)

I’m sooooo sry.. hands on my ears… soooo sry.. I was little busy.. thanq for ur constant support dears.. I feel blessed wen I read ur comments..hope u remember this for now.. abhi is reading pragya’s diary..Let’s get into the story..
As usual .. exams are nearing.. & this idiot sid makes me to right his record as usual.. I wonder how on the earth our staffs failed to recognize my hand writing in his records.. !! not like am not interested to write his record.. but, he is always playing.. without any seriousness.. tat’s wat make me to worried..bulbul’s& purab’s board xams are going on..hope both are doing their xams well..
Today board xams result were published.. I hav bulbul’s no. so, I saw her result.. she score 90% & am very happiee for her.. prior I asked many times for purab’s register no. but, he did not gave me.. I know, purab is average student in studies.. so , I didn’t forced him to give his exam no.just now, I called ET to know the status of purab’s mark.. & he said he passed with 78% & he is glad tat purab passed in all subjects.. watever, I can’t speak to purab now.. he will feel bad.. to my surprise after sometime he called me.. & he is very happie.. he told me tat he studied all the questions which I gav him to study.. he is all praising me.. & I told him this result is fruit of his hard work.. he said tat ma & pa are dumb struck bcoz of his mark.. & ma wants to speak with me & he passed the mobile to his mom.. for the first time I speak to her.. she thanked me saying tat puru won’t listen us.. but, wen u told him to study he studied.. I don’t know, wat made him to study… but, he respects u a lot..he used to say Barbie is a nice gal.. but, she is elder to me.. I don’t know wat this idiot is thinking of u..she smiled by saying this.. I too don’t know how to react for that.. she asked me to call her wenever am free.. but, she failed to know tat am always free for my ET & his FAMILY eventhough am busy.. !!
(26.5. 2011)(diary)
All xams are finished .. & my idiot gang planned to go for a movie.. being an obedient gal to my family, I didn’t went to theatre.. & in our home.. we r all ladies na.. so, ma used to restrict in so many things.. & we know tat ma is afraid of society.. so, we used to follow wat ma is saying.. but, I too want to njoy my college life na.. !! I asked permission from my ma.. but, she refused.. & I told it to all.. & they cancelled the plan for me… I told them to carry on.. but, they didn’t .. I feel guilty.. bcoz of me they didn’t go to the film..
In home sweet home… this bulbul na.. she is doing something.. but I can’t figure it out wat she is upto now..!! anyways am njoying her company.. she is going to tak maths..
I can’t forgot this day.. I don’t know.. wat magic u did to me ET.. I could not forget a single thing about u.. today ur bday.. 2 yrs back u made me to cry.. till now, u r unaware of my love.. I used to cry because I could not forget whatever I imagined about our future life.. anyways I wish all ur wish comes tru.. I thank God, atleast he show u to me.. & we maintain a unnamed relation ship..I don’t want ur love back.. but, I want to express my love to u..if I express my love, u will think am a cheap person.. I don’t want to break this relation ET.. now, am happie.. atleast u r speaking wenever U get tym na.. am thankful for tat..
Bulbul told me about ET’S love.. I didn’t care to know about tat gal.. so, I didn’t asked ET about her schooling & college.. it didn’t striked tat tanu is my school mate upto 10th std.. but bulbul managed to collect information about ET & Tanu.. we both knew how tanu can stoop low to achieve her goal.. we r aware of tat she hav already dating 3 or 4 guys in our school.. I was shocked if she is really in love with abhi or not.. but, I can’t tell him tat she is not worth for his love.. wat can I do..! I’m thinking.. & other thing.. hw bulbul knows tat tanu is our schoolmate tanu.. I enquired her.. for tat she smiled sheepishly & told me tat she asked purab.. ho God.. how many shock for a day..!” is purab knew tat am ur sister?.” I asked her.. “no dii.. he knows my sis name is pragya.. other than tat he didn’t know anything” bulbul said.. tat’s wen I remembered purab told me about a gal named ‘bubbly’ in his class.. I thought she is his college mate.. now am connecting the dots.. bulbul also told me whatever they talked & purab will always speak about barbiee(me only!).. bulbul promised me tat she will not reveal my identity to purab.. am little bit tensed about her..i’m thinking like she is also same like me.. chating with purab,& interested in him.. but, she told me tat she is considering him as frnd only..
I could not relax myself after knowing about tanu.. I want to convey this msg to ET.. but, how can I.. I asked purab about Tanu.. but,he is not willing to talk about her.. as he told ET many times tat she is not worth.. but, ET was quiet stubborn in his love.. & many times fought with purab for bad mouthing Tanu.. he didn’t tried to know the real face of tanu.. I gave a msg to ET from sid’s not useable number stating tat Tanu is not worth for his love & about her life upto 12th. Even she is dating his college mate even now.. I gathered all the information from one of my frnd who is studying with Tanu in same college..the reply msg was made me to dumb struck.. “I hav faith in my love..”he is loving her this much.. but, she is back stabbing him.. ridiculous..i’m praying.. wen my ET knows about her he should not broken down.. I will there to support him.. ! once I thought if the gal is gud then they will make the best pair.. but, now, I can’t think like tat.. tanu is betraying my ET..
Abhi’s POV:
I’m the one who is at wrong.. ya.. every one told me about her.. but, I blindly believed her… tat is the big mistak I have ever done.. chuweety after ur msg only I got some hints about tanu.. but, I brushed off the thoughts at first.. but, after tat her activities made me to follow her.. & I got shock of my life.. she was not true to me… & wen I broken down u r the one who consoled me.. ur talks made me to think positive.. I changed a lot after tat.. u knew me very well na!!
Today my ET called me & cried .. he came to knew the fact tat tanu ditched him.. & he broke off all the relation with her.. he himself saw her with another guy in compromising position & there itself he blasted on her.. now, he is crying like a child.. I can’t see him in pain.. I said him” I’l b ther for u always.. “ he said ‘i believe I hav no faith in tat so called love..& I won’t love anyone as long as u r with me as a well wisher… I don’t want to name our relation.. bcoz I lost every beliefs in, just be like this.. I can’t tak other deceive.. “.. I can feel his pain.. he is saying tat he hav no faith in luv.. hw can I tell him.. tru love exist..he is talking like a saddist.. I said him “u did some thing gud.. tat’s y u came to know about her before marry her.. leav her.. she is not worth ..” I know he will tak tym to back as him.. am waiting for his coming back as my ET..
Lots of things doing my P.G in correspondence.. & came to Delhi & staying in my maasi’s home with akash & maasi..also I joined in a centre for experience & also to help my ma economically.. but,I didn’t informed about staying in Delhi to my ET or purab..My ET is doing his final yr.. bulbul & purab now very close.. but, as she promised me she didn’t revealed about me.. purab often call me & update me wats going in home..& I started to speak with ET’s ma frequently.. every time she is feeling for my ET.. ET is busy in his final year project & campus.. wenever he feels sad he will talk to me.. !! & I liked tat.. bcoz.. I can console him by my words..
ET am happiee for u.. u got selected in ur dream company.. & u achieved ur goal..this is ur dream come tru..& u said ur posting will be in Delhi.. u called me & said tat after informed ur ma & pa , u informed me .. I’m very happiee.. day by day I became important to u.. wenever I gather my courage to tell tat I’m in love with u, u will say ur mood is bad or talking bad about love.. like love is the biggest lie in the world.. no one can love unconditionally.. all r expecting money or other things.. it is like business.. blah blah blah.. y can’t u feel tat I love u unconditionally.. I love u madly, deeply, truly..
He joined in his company..this is his first day.. he shared his experience with me.. we both r in Delhi.. I know where he is working.. so, often I’l go there to earn a glimpse of him..

This year I called u at 12 at nyt.. u picked up my call at first ring saying tat “i hav been waiting for my call..” I was surprised to hear u saying this.. I smiled & talked for some times.. this whole day I smiled like an idiot…
I can say tat my ET is back.. he is back to normal.. & purab also said tat he is talking like before.. tat frndlyness he missed for these years.. now, they again started to fight like before.. & purab said I want my bhai like this only & he is exactly fine now a days.. !! his mom also said the same.. I’m happiee for u ET.. I want u to b happiee…
In train pragya written in her diary na..! (shot 2)
DEAREST ET, (6.8.2014)
U know wat.. this also one of my best days in my life.. lots of morning I hav dreamt about how I will wake up by seeing ur face.. & today my dream comes true.. am waking up by seeing u.. my love.. only u can stole my heart again & again.. I didn’t know tat u will sit just opposite to me..& u didn’t told me tat u r coming to home.. I know.. am not tat important to u to tell ur schedule.. &also u don’t know tat am in delhi.. whatever am travelling with u.. with my love.. the most lovely train journey ever.. I hope in our life journey , we will travel with eachother.. & am waiting for tat day..
Urs chuweeeeeetyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abhi’s POV:
Oh my chuweety.. from now onwards all ur day will be ur dream come true.. u will wake by seeing my face & u will dozed of by seeing my face..& same will happen with me.. !! wait babie.. I’ll come especially for u babiee…these many days u r in delhi .. even u came to see me.. but I could not identify u..for that I will tak revenge on u.. I will use my idiot brother & my angry bird saali for my mission..first hav to tell my ma&pa about my love…
************* end of abhi’s POV********
In the mean time in Pragya’s home..
Sarlama is resting on her bed & pragya is taking care of her..& bulbul went to hospital.. sarlama is better now.. but, her worry is to get pragya married.. she is searching for pragya’s groom.. but, there is some problem in pragya’s, nobody is willing to marry her.. if a groom’s family didn’t consider horoscope match but for tat they expect a big amount of dowry.. as we all know tat in pragya’s home no man & sarala ma is working hard to run her family.. so, this marriage worry makes her weak.. & pragya feels guilty& thinks because of her ,sarala is suffering a lot..
In abhi’s home.. :
As per abhi’s wish mom,dad & purab gathered in the hall..
Dad: abhii.. why u called us.. u know na.. I want to check 3 files.. but, u called us & now standing like a statue.. tell me .. wat is tat..
Mom: yes.. tell us abhi..!!
Purab:tell me bhai.. who is tat gal…? we hav to talk to her family?..
Abhi gav a shocked expression ..! how did this purab knows this..!!
Mom & dad: wat (shocked tone)
Abhi: wo.. ma.. tat..
Mom: u r just 24 abhi.. now u want to get married?.
Dad: now, he proved .. he is my son.. but, am too fast than him.. wen I talked to my dad about ur ma I was just 18..
Purab: dad..! no body can beat u.. because am also out .. now am 20 na!!
Mom: so u also going to tell.. u want marriage now.. ?(shocked)
Dad: tat’s like my sons..! today I love u both.. !! (smiled widely)
Mom: just shut up prem.. u r motivating them in this big matter.. how can they jump into conclusion just like tat.. I hav some expectations for my bhahu na..
Abhi could not talk as the trio were going on with their chat..
Dad: madam.. it’s his life.. he has all ryts na.. ! am sure he had chosen the best after all wat had happened in his life.. he is now matured enough to handle things.. so, leav him in his way na..
Purab: ma.. don’t tell me u r expecting ur bhahu like my barbiee.. because my bubbly is not like baarbie.. ! (purab spills all the pearls..)
Mom: so u r in love with bubbly?. But, I really expected one of my bhahu like Barbie.. she is caring, loving na..but ur bro alo in love with another gal.. wat can I do..!
Abhi:will u plz all quite for some time..
All closed their mouth with their hands.. abhi smiled at them.. & started to speak..: ma.. wat about marrying 2 gals in same family..?
Dad:can I talk?.
Abhi: s.. dad..
Dad: u r going to marry 2 gals ?.. no beta.. maintaining one wife is more than putting our head in railway track.. ! (rendunaa thaangaathu pa..)2 means u can’t bear dear…!
Abhi:mr.Prem.. I’m talking about purab also.. not only for me..
Purab: but, I love bulbul na..
Abhi: so, wat I love ur barbie Bhabhi na.. !
Purab nodded his head(smiled as he got his baabhii) & asked : so, u marry her.. y u r trapping me..
Abhi: she hav a condition bro.. if I marry her .. then my bro that is u hav to marry her little sister..
Mom: abhi.. u r in love with Barbie.. then okay.. I agree for ur’s & purab’s marriage to the sisters..
Abhi smiled & hugged his mom happily.. purab is sad.. dad just patted purab’s shoulder ..
Purab: bro u r taking revenge on me na.. but, I’m sure.. it’s a bad idea talking about marriage now.. so, u tell barbiee tat purab is still a kid.. I’l also speak to her about this… she will hear me.. I know she is the most understandable person..
Abhi:okay I will tell pragya that purab does not want to marry ur little sister bulbul.. bcos he is still a kid..
Purab without realized wat abhi said nodded his head in agreement.. then only his mind works.. bhaiii … no.. wat u said?.. bulbul is pragya’s sister.. I know tat.. but, pragya is my barbiee..? & barbie’s sister is bulbul?..
Abhi: s darling..
Purab: then y r u taking time..?.. call her & tell tat I’l marry bulbul tomorrow itself..
Dad: may I come in ur talks?.
Purab: no dad.. we bros r discussing some important thing na.. u go & check ur so called files..
Dad: arrey.. ! I’m the one who is going to talk for u.. & ask the gals hand for u two idiots..
Abhi: ya.. dad.. like dad.. like sons na…
Dad:uff.. give her number i will talk..
Abhi: no dad.. I want to surprise her.. I didn’t told her tat I luv her.. so, with ur help I want to get her..& now, u hav to talk about my marriage only.. now u fix my engagement .. after 1 yr we will fix marriage..
Purab: bro then mine?..
Abhi: u r kid na.. first u grow then we will speak about ur marriage(with a wink)
Purab: uff!!tell me now wat can I do ..?
Abhi: u r choo chuwweeet bro..
Purab:look it’s for my Barbie.. not for u.. ! okay..
Abhi: me & she are same na..
Purab rolled his eyes in disbelief ..
Abhi: now, u call my saali & tell her to giv her mobile to her ma wen pragya is not there.. then ma & pa will speak to her ma.. then we will go tomorrow to ask her hand..
As per plan purab called bulbul but she is in college na.. now she is in canteen.. so, she attened the call.. but, abhi was in the line.. as usual after attending the call bulbul started scold purab(but, we know tat is abhi na..)
Bulbul: hey idiot wat u were doing these many hours.. u know na?.. I’m free after my lunch.. but, u called me wen am going to home.. stupid.. u senseless fellow..
Hearing that abhi started to laugh out loud.. bulbul felt tat laugh was not like purab’s laugh..
Bulbul:who is this?.
Abhi: ur jeeju..
Bulbul: wat nonsense..?
Abhi: hey drama queen.. all ur drama came to halt.. now, I know everything about my pragya, Barbie, & u.. my to be saalii bulbul…& yes.. u guessed me ryt.. am abhiii .. ur idiot jiju..
Bulbul mouth opened due to abhi’s statement..
Bulbul: how come u know all this?..
Abhi: u 2 sisters thinking u r the brilliant people in the world.. ! but, am telling u .. u r dumb..
Bulbul: u r dumb.. as u didn’t feel my di’s love na..
Abhi: now, am feeling na..
Bulbul: this is too late na..
Abhi: late is better than never na..
Bulbul: haan.. but.. now, wat u want..
Abhi told her everything & bulbul did as abhi said.. because she to longing to see her sister’s true smile.. bcoz these many days, pragya will smile for her loved ones.. she is faking her smile till now.. if abhi came into her life means she will happiee forever .. tat bulbul knew ..
saralama & abhi’s parents talked through phone.. & sarala ma told about prblms in pragya’s horoscope.. but abhi’s parents seems to be not interested in matching horoscopes becos their’s is love marriage.. they didn’t seen their horoscope match even for once.. they lead a happy life na.. so, they insisted sarala tat there is no prblm with tat match making & all.. saralama was overwhelmed by their statement.. but, she have to know the groom’s family na..! she asked them to come tomorrow.. & they will decide..saralama was happiee.. but, pragya does not know wat happened to sarala ma.. as she is sad.. after bulbul came she seems to be happiee.. wat’s this..!
saralama: pragya come here..
pragya: tell me ma.. (she sat beside her..)
saralama (kissed her cheeks ):tomorrow a groom’s family is coming to see u.. these many days wen a alliance comes to me they demand for either dowry or horoscope, I, myself could not proceed ,so I stopped there itself.. but, these people seems to be gud.. I will be happiee if all goes well..
hearing tat pragya’s heart skipped a beat.. she knew tat.. she is not a lucky to hav her love in her life.. same age for her ET .. so, they won’t marry him now.. she is longing for his love.. but, here her ma is planning to get her married to another person.. she don’t know.. wat made her to decide this.. she left her home..
bulbul calls purab.. & purab’s phone is speaker on..
Bulbul: idiot dii is missing because of u..
Purab: wat I done bulls..?
Bul: don’t call me bulls..
Purab: tat’s more important to u now..??? tell me where is my baarbiee doll?.
Bulbul: call her as Barbie doll& call me as bulls.. idiot.. di is not here.. if anything happens to my dii I won’t forgive u both.. I will kill u idiots.. !!& ended the call..
Abhi smiling like an idiot: I thought i’m unlucky to hav a saali like her.. but now am happiee tat .. I can tak my revenge on u both at same time by marrying u to her…. 1 stone .. 2 mangoes..!!(winks at him..) … but poor me.. where is my pragyya??? Chuweeeeeeeeeeeeeetyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
Abhi calls bulbul ..
Abhi: hey angry saali.. tell me clearly wat happened..?
Bulbul: idiot jiju.. u told us not to reveal ur identity na.. but, she didn’t asked for it.. after hearing ma she said she want to buy some accessories for home.. I insisted to come.. but, she left me by saying some xcuses.. she didn’t attend her calls ..
Abhi cut the cal & make some random guess tat she can move to her maasi’s home.. & the time is xactly the train arrival time.. so, he rush to his bike & drive it to the railway station.. & yes he get into the train at correct time.. next is pragya’s station… & he is eagerly waiting to see her glimpse.. he is looking… looking.. & finally he found her.. his chuweety… his love…. His soul.. his everything … her face is full of worry.. he stepped out from the train.. she was going to step into the train.. he hold her hands.. she looked at him.. with no other second needed to her to hug him tightly & led her heart out… his eyes also started to shed his tears.. becoz she came from her home without anyone’s knowledge.. bcoz she loves him..tat love makes her to decide this big thing.. she didn’t told her love to him.. without any hope to get him she boycotted her own family for her longing love.. abhi can feel tat she loves him more & more so tat she came without anyone’s knowledge.. she is not interested to marry other guy.. just then realization strikes pragya’s mind.. wat she had done.. according to abhi.. she is a random gal na.. ! she just hugged him.. poor pragya didn’t know tat our abhi knew all things.. she immediately pulled off her from him..
Pragya :am sry.. I didn’t..
Abhi cuts her off by pulling her into a tight hug.. & pragya surrender to him..
Abhi(without breaking the hug): chuweetyy! I thought to give surprise by coming to ur home & asking for ur hands.. but, pragya…u gave us a shock.. !! where r u going Barbie gal…
Pragya with a confused look connecting all the words came from abhi’s mouth.. & took her head & faced abhi in an shocked excitement..
Pragya: u r coming to see me?.
Abhi nodded his head in agreement..
Abhi: s.. my chuweety sweet heart..
Pragya: (eyes popped out..)u know who am i?..
Abhi: wat r u asking.. I know.. after tat only I came up with a plan to surprise u.. but… u… u don’t want me.. so u r going somewhere..
Abhi faked his anger..
Pragya smiled at his antics all the while…: u want to surprise me..! then I forget the things whatever happened today..
Abhi: smart need of forget anything.. now also I can surprise u..
Pragya: u r giving me more surprises.. now wat is tat?(eagerness..)
Abhi moved closer to her & gav a kiss in her fore head.. pragya’s eyes led out a tear drop of happiness..
Abhi: y u didn’t told me anything..! y u only bear the unbearable pain pragya!!
Pragya: becoz I don’t want to hurt u abhi..
After hearing this abhi could not speak further.. he just kissed her again.. & hugged her tight like no other tomorrow..
After that their engagement fixed.. one year they njoyed as lovers.. then marriage.. after they r njoying with love ,silly fights, small angers..package of all..
Than q for reading this story & I know its too long to read na..sry if I bored u & killed ur tym.. & i hope it entertained u.. & looking forward to ur lovable comments guys..!! keep smiling.. keep reading & keep commenting.. & hope I didn’t disappointed anyone by this story line.. I finished in hurry.. if possible I will continue or it will be the end.. happiee end..

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