When you came into my life (episode 8)

Naira : What do you have to talk to me ?
Kartik : Why ? Can’t a freind talk to a freind ?
Naira : Ok , calm down . Anyways tomorrow is holiday so I am going to take you to a place and its surprise so , see you tommorrow .
Saying this she hangs up .
Kartik : She … l love her . Yes ! I love her .
Saying this he dozes off .

In the next morning :
Kartik and Naira meet in office .
Kartik : So our meeting point is office ? Seriously ?
Naira :But this isn’t our destination na . So lets go to our destination .
Kartik : Ok .
They leave .

In the car :
Kartik Naira , at least now you can tell me whats out destination ?
Naira : Have patience little boy , have patience ok ?
Saying this she laughs and Kartik makes a puppy face .
After an hour …
Naira : Here we are .
They get out of the car .
Kartik : Ih mh god ! Its such a beautiful llace .
Naira : See my choice ix always good .
They smile .
Kartik : So lets go into the beach .
Saying this they go into the beach .
The whole day they play pranks on each other have fun and listen to music .Naira : Its time to say our audience bye .
Kartik and Naira (together) : Bye audience , see you in the next epusode .

Precal : artik and Naaira get lost .

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  1. Rosa18

    Well written but do try making it a littil longer

  2. Vinni05

    Nyc but short

  3. Hi when u r going to post ur next chapter it’s being a while since u post dis chapter

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