When you came into my life (episode 7)

After thr office hour was over, Naira was leaving when kartik stopped her .
Kartik : Naira
Naira : Yes .
Kartik : Will you go on a coffee with me ?
Naira : Okay , lets go .
They leave .
In the coffeshop :
Kartik : Naira , whats your favourite colour ?
Naira : Blue .
Kartik : Me too .
Naira : Whats your favourite dish .
Kartik : Pasta .
Naira Thats my favourite too .

Kartik : We have so many things in common right ?
Naira : How so many things , only two things match .
Kartik : Okay than tell me , you like karrate ?
Naira : Of course , l like Karrate .
Kartik : I too like Karrate . Now if l keep going on like this then a day will pass finding our things in common .

Naira laughs . She gets a call .
Naira : Hello okay l am comming .
Saying this she hangs up .
Naira : Kartik I have to leave now .
Kartik : Naira is everything okay ?
Naira : Yea everything is okay but sorry I have to leave now actually theres an important work .
Kartik : Okay bye .

Naira : Bye .
She leaves .
Naira reaches Sighania house .
Naira : What happenrd papa is everything okay ?
Naitik : Everything is okay princess actuallg you did not come home at the time you come other day so I got a lil bitwortied .
Naira : Oh okay .
Later in the night :
Naira calls Kartik .
Naira : Hello kartik .
Kartik : I was going to call you .
Naira : You were going to but you didn’t .

Kartik : Accha baba sorry .
Naira : Its okay .
Kartik : Vaise why did you call me ?
Naira : Simple I wanted to talk to you , thats why .
Why were you going to call me ?
Kartik : Simple to talk .
They smile .

Precap : Kartik and Naira go on a mysterious place .

Okay guys I am really sad, you guys don’t comment when I tell you to .
Okay bye but please and don’ get angry on me please . Bye . 😊


  1. naman

    U r going good but ur story is small that we want to enjoy but it was finish so keep it long a little bit but the story is really good

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.