When you came into my life (episode 6)

Naira comes to her cabin . She thinks how kartik helped her .
Naira (in mind) : He is not that unsmart as l thought him to be .
She smiles .
Kartik is doing his work on cabin . Naira comes and snstches his files . He runs after her to get the files . While doing this they come closer to esch other . He was about to kiss her on the cherk when his imagination ends .
Kartik : Was I day dreaming ? Whats happening to me ?
He smiles .
Kartik comes to Naira’s cabin .
Naira : Thank you oncd sgain for ssving our hard work and reputation in front of the clients .
Kartik : There is no thank you and no sorry in freinddhip .
Naira : I didn’t get it .
Kartik forwards his hands .
Kartik : Will you be my friend?
Naira : Of cousre .
Saying this she smiles and shakes hands with him .

After the office hour is over they leave .
At night : Nairas thinking about kartik helped her and how he befriended her .
Naira : Kartik is a really good guy . He is really helpful .
Saying this she dozes off .
Kartik finshes his work on laptop .
Kartik : Finally the designs are ready . Now I hope nothing goes wrong .
He dozes off .
The next morning :
Kartik comes to office . Naira sees him .
Naira : Kartik today we have to do the designs .
Kartik : I have already done it .
Naira : Oh, thank you so much . You are my saviour .
Saying this she kisses him on the cheek .
Naira realizes what she just did .
Naira : Woh … I am really sorry Kartik it was by mistake .
Kartik : Its ok .
Naira goes .
Kartik blushes .
Kartik : Hope I get this everyday .
Saying this he smiles .

Precap : Naira goes on a coffee with kartik .

So , I want you to read this . Well if you wanna please do and don’t forget to comment guys .

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