When you came into my life (episode 5)

In the morning Kartik reaches ofgice . He sees Naira shouting at an employee .
Naira : What did you do! Huh? Now who will repair the jewellaries in such a short span of time ? Answer me dam it !
Kartik : What hapoened Naira ? You can’t shout like this at anyone .
Naira : Kartik you don’t know what he has done . He broke all the jewellaries that were to be taken by the clients tomorrow . Now if you givr this to any jeweller he will surely not fix and give this back in one day .
Kartik : Naita just relax . I know a jewellar and he can fix this in a day .
Naira : Will he agree Kartik ?
Kartik : Of course he will now give me the pieces .
Naira gives him the pieces .
He takes the pieces and goes to the jeweller .
Kartik : Kakaa can please fix it within a day ?
Jeweller : Kartik beta I think it will not get fixed in a day . But still I will try my best .
Kartik : Thank you kakaa .

The next morning
Clients vome to take the jewelkaries .
Client : Ok Ms. Naira can you please give us the jewellaries ?
Naira : Woh …sorry the jewelleries got broken .
Clients : This is ridiculous .
The clients were about to leave when kartik enters with the jewelleries .
Kartik : Here are they sir . If you want to you can check them once .
The clients cjeck the jewelleries and get impressed .
Client : Thank you from now on we will do every deal with you people from now on . They leavd .
Naira : Thank you .
Kartik : Its my responsibility .
Naira leaves .
Kartik (in mind) : I hope now she doesn’t get sad . But I am sure she won’t

Precap : Kartik befriends Naira .

Okay guys please comment . You guys always tell me that to writd it longer and if this is longer according to u thrn pleaee let me know .

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    Hey Akhana , i also read your FF on Ek Hasina Thi….i liked it…pls write longer

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