When you came into my life (episode 3)

Naira leaves from kartik’s cabin.
Kartik : She is such a sweet girl . Wait a minute first she argued wiyh me then she explained to me all the work but behaved very rudely to me . Then why am I falling for her ?
And am I falling for her ? Saying this he smiles .

At Sighania Mansion :
Naira : Bhai you know there’s a new guy joined Sighania ofgice today .
Naksh : Yea I knew about it . Papa told me earlier .
Naira : He is a donkey . First he bumped into me and then acting like a stupid .
Naksh : Naira I am a little bit busy now I will call you later bye .
Naira : Bhai listen , whats wrong with bhai ? Nowadays hes behaving strangely hope hes fine .
Naira comes outside
Naira : Mom can you see me and if you can see me then please listen to me , I am missing you very much. I wish you were there with me but your blessings are then I don’t have to worry .
She gets Kartik’s call.

Naira : Hello .
Kartik : Naira I am katrtik speaking .
Naira : How did you get my number ?
Kartik : Woh I got it from the office .
Naira : Why did you call me ?
Kartik : Woh tomorrow morning I have a presentation to do and I neede your help that’s why.
Naira : I will help you tomorrow .
Saying this she hangs up .
Kartik : Arrey atlleast she could have talked for more minutes .

Precap : Kartik thanks Naira .

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