When you came into my life (episode 2)

Hey guys Akhana here. Today I am going to post my next episode . Just read and enjoy .
Naira is in her cabin working .Naitik enters her cabin .
Naitik : Naira today there’s a new guy joining in office . And you need to show him his cabin and tell him about our work .
Naira : Ok papa .
After an hour… Naira comes out of her cabin . As she was checking some files she didn’t walk seeing the way . She bumps into a guy and all of the papers from her file fall and get scattered .
Naira : Arrey can’t you see ? Are you blind ? Huh? Can’t you walk watching the way ?
Naira was blabbering and argueing while that guy kept watching her adorably .
Naira waved her hands .
Naira : Oh hello Mr. Romeo where are you lost ?
Guy comes to his senses .

Guy : Ah woh I am sorry I am really really sorry since its my first day at office so I was a little bit nervous . Hi I am Kartik.
He forwards his hands . But Naira doesn’t dhake hands with him.
Naira : Okay .
Naitik : Oh kartik you are here its good .
Karti: Hello sir .
Naitik : Naira he ‘s the new guy I was talking about . Can you show himhis cabin andexpkain to him our work .
Naira : Ok papa .
Naira showed him his cabin and explained him about their work and all .
Naira : So now I have to leave so bye .
Kartik : Wait , you didn’t introduce yourself .
Naira : I am naira sighania .
Before kartik could say something she leaves .

So guys please comment okay ?

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  1. Fenil

    Yuppie….i m enjoying….officewala love..

  2. Hales

    Nyc but keep it long ☺….n if possible give a precap for the next one to increase excitment for viewers?

  3. Vinni05

    Excellent but keep it long part

  4. Nice….:-)

  5. Vrushy

    Nice 🙂
    Please try to write longer !!

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