When you came into my life (episode 1)

Heys guys Akhana here ,I am new in writing ffs so please support me .

A girl is getting ready in her room . She gets ready and is nervous.
Girl (to herself) : God I hope today there is no problem today.
Another girl comes in her room
Another Girl: Naira don’t be nervous so much .
Yes, it is our naira .
Naira : Gayu di today is my first day at job . Everyone’s a littlle nervous on first day of their work .
Gayu : Naira, do you confidence in yourself ?
Naira : Yea I do have but …
Gayu :(cuts her off) : Naira just have faith on yourself .
Naira goes to Sighania office.
Everyone welcome her . She goes to her cabin.

Naira : Oh god please don’t let any problem come here .
Naitik : Naira today you have to do a presentation to recommend our jewelllaries . And yeah , you have to do it nicely ok ?
Naira : But papa if anything goes wrong ?
Nairik : Naira have confidence in yourself .
Naira : Ok papa .
Naira prepares the presentation .
After an hour she presents her presentation .
The clients get impressed and finalise the deal .
She gets really happy .
Naira : (to herself) : Thank you so much gsngaa maiyya .

Precap : A new guy joins singhania office .

Any guesses who’s that guy ?Well know it in next episode .

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  1. Nice..:-)

  2. Hales

    Nyc one! Try keeping it longer …waiting ti see kartik ki entry in next ond?

  3. Nyc one

  4. I think the guy is karthik. Nice episode

  5. AnikaSaini

    It was good …
    Keep going ☺☺??
    Post next asap

  6. AahanaReddy

    It’s interesting. I think it’s karthik and he may think Naira as a employee only

  7. Nice plot dear
    plz make it longer if possible

  8. Gud dear may b the guy z kartik

  9. Vrushy

    Nice 🙂

  10. Fenil

    Good 🙂

  11. Aadi

    Good one . the guy may be Karthik .

  12. Tvfan1

    definitely karthik… nice one

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