Calling it Spring – one shot

Calling it Spring.

Love was when I loved you, one true time I hold you, in my life we’ll always go on……

Song was on a loop from the past 15 minutes and with every passing minute she was loosing herself with it, yes; this song held the tragedy of two lovers parting the way for always but for her it was a song which meant their first meet.

In the shopping hall with this background sound he has held the falling shelf with his arms and saved her, all the fantasies and cliché has turned real for her that day when she had felt those brown eyes so close to her.

She wasn’t his type she always felt that, he was way too extraordinary than her ordinary self but they said never feel unconfident why the exotic species on earth choose you for a life time. The Hindu Brahmins have declared a 32 match for them and to say she was ecstatic won’t be wrong.

His lean but built body was meant for something she understood later when one day she saw him for the first time in the green olive patched dress of one special duty, it suited him very well but she never knew it was the reality. He was an army major and she never in her dreams thought it would be this difficult.

Suddenly the fairytales became the Rapunzel story and this Rapunzel was meant to wait for her prince every now and then to lead the story.

It was the longest he was gone for the 5 months and 10 days to be precise and his calls have stopped coming from one month, the officials have told her he was safe they knew where he was but who said they knew how to stop the agonizing terror engulfing her soul.

Unable to stop her wary she has come to the window and sitting on the chair near the window kept looking  the taxying fighters, she never understood how someone could love this job…how they made a mind to go there and how they were able to live with this terror of fluctuating life forever.

There were nights when she was unable to sleep because she dreamed of his death and pouring herself water too was a big job, there were moments when the base was too much of noisy and hustly and she felt if some bad happened to someone but the little relief of it was not him used to relive her a little.

Sometimes she was back to the last night with him where she had been pouring tears secretly from him cause she was afraid it could make him weak and he has engulfed her to him from the kitchen platform and soothed her soul saying it was okay to pour tears ,it gave him courage that someone was waiting him back when he was gone  .

How could it be so easy for him, where it was so difficult for her. She knew sometimes their operations extended to a few months than the scheduled  and sometimes years too and sometimes…..she never wanted to admit but it was also possible and she had knew it from the very first day of saying yes to him.

If she hated any season then it was the autumn, the cold chilly winds which used to tear the souls and the falling days which made every greenery gone. As she used to crumble the dry greens every morning she used to feel her own self warring down.

It wasn’t too many days left for the sun to shine differently kindling the life down him but they were days not a single day for that to come. She was waiting for that day to feel alive but with every passing day it felt the wait was only becoming long.

She had no work to do ,rooms were clean, dishes were done, anyway who was there that she was meant to do it again .all the things for a pastime already used time and again and she was horribly alone and maybe this is called drooping in depression.

Suddenly she thought she heard a Mig or jaguar or anyone of those, (she wasn’t that habitual of identifying them with their sound )was over the dark roof of their military quarters…thinking it was again one of those routine things they were doing she brushed past the possibility of any surprise.

The taxying jets have already left the runway for the approaching terrain .if she loved anything about this place was seeing the runway light up when arrived those mighty air fliers. With the screeching sound of tires and burning rubber stopped one and then one more and then one more, she was habitual of them; nothing new.

A few came forward with their flying helmets under their arms and then a few retrieved some on stretchers, maybe a few have come injured from some training camps they went this morning. It was ironic they were meant to save the country when they themselves were not safe, she smiled a burned smile.

In a few minutes, the runway empty and lights switched off. Again the autumn was back ,in her life and before her eyes .was she expecting the autumn to turn into something and she felt sad when it didn’t. well no, one year here has if taught her something then it was not to wait for spring when autumns were meant to stay long.

And with a jolt her thoughts left the thoughtland , she could listen a few boots skidding the stairs in a fast pace…was it possible? She asked herself. But before her own self could have thought, a reply came the cuckoo on her doors in the form of doorbell.

She forgot her phone was on her lap and the wires attached to her ears, and as she stepped ahead it touched the ground with wires hanging to her arms, she was least careful to mend them; not now. Putting the phone to the table too much in hurry to think about the playing music she approached the door.

A little jinxed, a little minxed and a little drunk in the turn of events she opened the door and here stood the sun ready to shower the quenching leaves. In the dark stubble and a deep cut just over his temple he smelled olives, cocoas and raw coffee beans.

And she was engulfed again in a tight hug cause unaware to her own self it was her who had rained again,in the feelings ,in the longings and in the torturous long agony.

“why I was unable to talk with you,”

“we were not permitted to disclose our location for the last few days.”

“you would be going again.”

“yes,but not in a few days.”

“why it is so.”

“cause It’s my duty .”

“when will it end?”

“not anytime soon.” And he made the hug tighter.

In the silence, tears kept flowing for she was unable to change it, for she has no way to come out of it, for she didn’t want to come out of it, for she has no way, for she loved him so much and for she was proud of him.

“You were gone to brazil” she asked after a few moments.

“I hope that’s pretty clear with the smell.” He smiled in her hairs.

The song was Again nearing the end and what a perfect combination of lyrics and her life …………………            We will stay forever this way, you are safe in my heart and my heart will go on and on.

Spring was again there for a few days but it would be enough to relive those falling trees which were waiting for it for a lifetime ……and they knew it was only a matter of time it would be gone again.




Hey guys, I am back with this one shot again. And again it is something serious, we have soldiers who are saving us and who are time and again being sent to the missions which we don’t even know. How their close ones feel and what they feel I tried to say it here.

Here we have family with us all the hours and think of them; they who live away to their family and their family away to them for months even if they are at the biggest post there. People keep saying government is giving them many services, many advantages.

Also people even mock others that enroll yourself in defense services you will get the card to shop things in much low rate (the Canteen cards).

And seriously guys have you ever thought how difficult it is, it is not easy and we should be proud of them and this job .

so I tried to give a little glimpse of their life. Hope you like this attempt, I will be waiting for your response. also thank you for the likes and comments on the last one shot. With love Morusya.



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  1. awesome it was toooo amazing loved it
    this is one of the too good story
    appreciate ur efforts wonderful msg
    loved it

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear….awwww, i am overwhelmed. i am happy the message is you dear <3

  2. Beautiful one shot ❤❤. Love the concept ❤? Indeed true that most of us in the comfort of our homes forget that there are families giving up their own comforts, time for us to lead a peaceful life ! Most ppl choose to take a job that is too comfortable and even do not recognise the sacrifices made by these families. It is true that nowadays nobody wants to apply for defence services 🙁 And if they get mocked for applying why would they anyway. I would have hit a person if they mocked the minimal renumeration these ppl get in the form of army canteens or schools? that is nothing compared to the yearning and time spent away from home for them?
    Beautiful play on words and so poetic??
    You really have a gift that in such few lines you were able to convey the pathos well????

    1. Morusya51

      yes, you said it right. but you know still our young boys are applying for these jobs and i feel proud about that. one reason could be the poverty and our increasing unemployment charts but they are applying.
      thank you so much for the praises they mean world to me,and if i succeeded then thank you to you too dear for giving this message importance.
      i will wait for you when i would write such shot again,love your way <3

  3. beautiful couldn’t have been better

    1. Morusya51

      oh man…thank you so much.lots of love <3

  4. Hemi

    Beautiful dear!

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear…<3

  5. another beautiful work from u..what u said at the end is so true..we should always be thankful to the people in defense servicses..thank u for this

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear for your words… i am happy you liked it.will wait to see you when i write such again. love <3

  6. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Superb dear?

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear,love <3

  7. Neptune

    Amazing.. it so much of emotions.. couldn’t have been better..
    And your writing style is amazing too.. go on..

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear for the words….they motivate me. i am happy you like it. lots of love<3

  8. Muniya

    Hey Morusya…
    Really this one was something truely praiseworthy…
    And…’My Heart will go on’…one of the most fav songs of mine…this is very special to me…and also the mention of ‘Rapunzel’ is a big example of ur highly imaginative mind…
    The presentation was too good…
    Had to love it anyway…

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Muniya….i am so happy that you liked it, after B T S here it is the closest ff to me as in the amount i enjoyed writing it. and it is one of my fav song too, i love hearing it in loop . and Rapunzel !!! i thought i should use her cause anyway i cant write a Rapunzel story again but i can take her help.:)
      thank you again for being the constant support…love you for that always <3

  9. Awesome ???

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear.

  10. Palak_55

    I dont know, why i didnt notice this earlier but I was going to did blunder, if i skiped this one but it says na “Der Aaye Durust Aaye”….i was always fond of emotional luv stories, and the story of army man, soldiers i just saw only these in movies but didnt felt it this much emotional…but today u make me feel it …
    And that song i have heard it but never listen it with this much peace…..u know i am still reading ur one shot along with the song…… 🙂 and just want to keep reading…
    might be soliers find happiness in their duty, but their families suffer a lot…..
    Indeed Beautiful…..and ur writing style it has already killed me
    waiting for next one…come soon 🙂

    1. Morusya51

      awwwwww….thank you so much dear, i am fluttering with this comment, i am happy about many things and lets be it my secret 🙂
      and reading with the song in ears…i love doing that, it is one great piece(the song).
      yeah, its their families who suffer most cause they have less time to think about it,actually when they are gone they only think about their family when they are free but family think about them every now and then…and wives !!! this shot is actually a dedication to those brave souls. thank you again dear,hope i’ll write something like that soon.

  11. Vyshu10


    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear…

  12. HarSHaN

    Beautifully Written..Learned new words from the Story..At the centre Cuckoo too came!A Good presence .I actually read in video mode.S..’The’ Life is so much difficult for them..My Ma experienced that..

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear, i am happy it helped you some way. and cuckoo symbolizes spring in India and in story it symbolizes the change in story line. and video mode !!! you read it in any mode,i just hope the message is spread- life is difficult for them and we civilians need to understand that.

      1. HarSHaN

        S!I got about change in Cuckoo while reading..N S!!We all need to understand..Hope many articles from U like tiz ll come soon?Good work

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