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Hey guys! This is an OS….compensation for not posting my ff….i am not in the correct state of mind to continue it….i have some os lying around…i completed this one and presented it to u….hope u’ll like it…i cant promise when my next epi will be up but i’ll try to bring it soon.

❤️_________Ready set go________❤️

Girl’s POV
what have i done?? How could i do this? I never allowed him but i…

A girl, dressed in a haggardly worn royal blue saree, with messy hair was walking in the corridor of a hotel. Her makeup was all smudged and dried lines of tears were sculpting her rosy chubby cheeks.

She entered a room and threw her purse on the floor. She walked to the bathroom, lifelessly and stood in front of the huge mirror. Hesitatingly, she removed her pallu from her shoulder and let it fall on the floor, exposing her boldly stitched blouse, her neck, cleavage and belly. She roamed her hands around her bare skin. Love bites, nail marks and redness highlighted those areas. Tears started to pour endlessly from her eyes. She cried silently.

G-i ga..gave my…myself t..to hh..hi..him…
She stammered.

G-how could i do this?? What is this feeling??! I cheated on my fiancé but i am not remorseful! I just spent a night with the one whom i should hate! How will i face Yuvi now??

She opened the shower and let the water conceal her sadness.
She sobbed hard, crouched on the bathroom floor.

❤️On the other side❤️

A guy was shown sleeping on a round bed. His back was facing the ceiling. His head buried in a pillow, he was sound asleep, with a huge smile on his face. A dainty ray of light caressed his face. He flinched a little bit but then opened his eyes slowly, revealing an unusual sheen…

He sat up on the bed and stretched his arms. Growling, he moved his hands on the other side of the bed but finding it empty, just smiled faintly. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He ran his fingers through his hair.

Guy’s POV
Thank u Twinkle…we completed each other yesterday…you are the best thing which could have happened to me…ur mere presence embellishes my life and…by handing urself to me last night, u just increased the love i have for u in my heart…i love u…ur KUNJ loves u….

He smiled.

❤️Next Scene❤️

Twinkle was seated on her bed, in a baby pink bathrobe. Tears were visible on her pink cheeks. Neither was she crying nor was she smiling…she was just confused…

Twinkle’s POV
I never let Yuvi touch me…it has been 9 months ever since we got engaged yet…i cannot connect to him…we have not even shared a kiss but i…today i crossed all the limits…how could i do this??

She closed her eyes. She felt kunj’s heavy breaths on each and every part of her body, she could feel his hands on her face, his toned body pouring his love on her…

She opened her eyes in a jerk and started sweating. She could still sense the intoxicating effects that his lips had on hers…that sensuality was lingering on her…she was high…but with what?

She was stuck in this turmoil of emotions when she heard a knock at the door. She composed herself and opened the door to find Yuvi smiling at her. She was appalled at first. She did not know how to face him. He tried to come in but Twinkle did not allow him in.

Y-jaan are u fine??
He said cupping her face.

T-please yuvi…i need some time off all of this. I hope u understand me…
She said avoiding eye contact.

Yuvi started to leave when Twinkle caught hold of his hand.

T-could u meet me on the terrace at 7 pm tonight?

Y-sure jaan.

He was still at the doorstep when Twinkle closed the door on his face. She yet again went to sit on the couch.

After sometime, there was another knock at the door. She got irked at first as she remembered having told Yuvi to give her some space.
However her mind started questioning her on the same.

T-Twinkle u’re wrong…u cheated on him…why r u normal about it?? Its not freaking acceptable!! U…u just lost ur virginity…that too…with the one whom u should have maintained distance with…why r u not able to react?? Why do all these sins seem right to u??
Wait! Why did i feel my heart being pricked? Just because i called what happened a ‘sin’? But it is one…i ought to tell him….i have to master that courage…but why did i do that at first?? I was not drunk…nor was i under the effect of any type of drug….nor was i forced…i was just ready….

She closed her eyes yet again.

She recalled the soothing kisses on her wet skin, the playful hands in her hairs, the intensifying moans and groans…the growing heat and…

‘Knock knock’

She wiped the lone tear on her cheeks. She was about to get up when the mirror caught her attention. A faint smile had crept on her face. She was surprised. She kept staring at herself…trying to ask herself the reason for this state of hers.

‘Knock knock’

With difficulty she managed to divert her gaze to the door. She opened it and froze to the doorstep…

‘Hey! May i come in?’

She stood still. Those words seemed like an oasis to her…that of pain, love and comfort. She wanted some time alone…however…this time her heart talked…

She just went and sat on the bed, leaving the door opened. He came in and sat there with her.

‘Are u okay?’
He said placing his hand on her thigh and, rubbing it back and forth, continued’
‘Is there any problem? I mean…i guess it was new to u but…’

Twinkle was just staring at him. She felt like crying. She had thought of many things in her mind: she would bash him, beat him, hate him…but all she did was to place her head on his shoulders. She interwined her hands with his and closed her eyes.

After sometimes, he was about to go but Twinkle held his hand
‘KUNJ please stay…i need you by my side…’

He just smiled at her and hugged her by the waist. They had an intense eyelock. Kunj put the single brand of hair behind her ear. A strange atmosphere was formed. He kissed her cheeks, forehead and then….captured her lips. It was a soft and long one. After breaking apart, they looked at each other. They yet again consummated their relationship.

❤️After some time❤️

The same room was a little messier. The blanket was haggardly placed on the bed, covering two souls. Kunj was sleeping with Twinkle in a hugging position. While kunj was fast asleep, Twinkle was awake. She looked at Kunj and smiled. She caressed his face.

She looked at the ceiling and recalled what happened some time back.


Twinj were sitting on the bed, with their backs supported by the bed. Twinkle had buried her head on his shoulder. She had closed her eyes.

Again the night scene flashed but this time something struck her mind.

While they were engaged in a lovely moment of love, trying to gain dominance over each other, they were not only moaning. Kunj was loving her..was making her feel complete…he was sucking, biting and kissing each and every part of hers. After sometime he started getting wilder. Twinkle screamed and tears started gushing from her eyes. However, she was still lost in that moment of love. Her eyes closed, she was feeling that intoxication which was bringing her closer to him…he came to her face and sucked those tears from her face. He went to her ears and kissed them and whispered:

She opened her eyes and thought:
‘What is this feeling?? Is it really love? Or was it that i just flew in the moment?? He loves me…no! This is not right!’

She was still engrossed in those thoughts when Kunj was about to go. Her hands automatically caught hold of him. It felt as if it was not ready to let him go….’it’??? What is this??

❤️End of flashback❤️

She looked at Kunj. He had woken up and was catching sleepy glimpses of her.

‘I’ll freshen up’
Saying this Twinkle took the blanket and wrapped it around and went into the bathroom. She opened the tap and sat under it, closing her eyes, asking for an explanation from her heart and brain. After 15 minutes of fight, she had concluded something…she recognised that feeling.

She came out and wore a long simple cotton dress. It was sleeveless with floral prints. She paired it with simple tongs and light makeup, with a golden bracelet.

Kunj had worn shorts with a deep necked t-shirt. He had paired it with regular men sandals.

T-will u accompany me to the terrace??

Kunj grinned and replied,

They went to the terrace and Twinkle observed the beautiful exotic beach and closed her eyes, feeling the cool breeze on her back. She felt a hand creeping on her waist. She took a deep breath and said,
‘I am engaged’

She felt that grip loosening. A tear escaped from her eyes and mastering all her courage, she turned to face him. He had his head down, however his tears were visible. He looked at her and Twinkle could feel his thousands questions hovering around. She could not speak. She just burst out into tears and collapsed on the floor.

‘I am sorry. It was all a big mistake…i shouldnt have…’

Before she could complete she felt two strong arms pull her up and pinned her to the wall.


Twinkle could see the pain in his blood shot eyes. But she had to admit it… She jerked his hands away and escaped from his strong grip…

She said, crying hard…


She yet again collapsed on the floor crying hard. Her heart was broken to pieces. Kunj could feel her confusion. He could sense the huge dilemma she was stuck in. He picked her up, this time, in a gentle way and made her look into his eyes. He wiped her tears. He turned her in such a way that her back was facing his chest and his hand was on her belly. He made her to close her eyes and whispered in her ears…

‘Ask ur heart…was it love or lust?’

At first she protested and tried to get out of his grip but finally gave in…

All their past moments appeared in front of her eyes and this time…she heard what her heart had voiced out that night..



That was all her heart needed. She left herself to him. He carried on loving her. Then, he made her all his…she just moaned and let out
It was in such a less audible voice that nobody could make out what she had said…but her heart knew…
This confession not only struch her heart but it also reached Kunj’s who smiled. He kept on pouring his love on her the entire night. It was only at 6 am that they could drift to sleep…

❤️End of flashback❤️

Twinkle opened her eyes. It instantly watered. She realised what a mistake she had done…she had given the name of ‘lust’ to such a pious relationship, the bond of love…pure love…

She turned and hugged Kunj tightly and voiced out
‘I love u!!! I love u soo much!!’

Kunj responded with the same passion and love. They were both lost in each other. Suddenly Twinkle’s eyes popped opened. She moved Kunj away from her.

Kunj looked at her, perplexed…

‘I’ve cheated on him…i cant do that…’
She mumbled.

She was about to go when Kunj held her hands. She turned and pleaded him to leave her with her eyes. He simply handed a letter over to her. At first, she looked at him with a confused look. She hesitantly took it and opened it.

‘Dear Twinkle,
I am happy that u finally got ur tru love…we could have never been happy in a forced relationship. I always knew that u were unwilling for this…our parents made us to take that engagement step. It is true that i love u…one sided love may be enough to live this whole life…but if one heart is stuck somewhere else…u cant live for even 1 minute. Accept your feelings. Live ur life…i am leaving….who knows? This Goa vacation made u meet ur true love…maybe my destiny has also reserved some adventure for me?? I’ll get over it…dont u worry! Keep smiling…wishing u a happy life ahead…

Your friend,

Twinkle was dumbfounded. She stared at Kunj.

T-so u knew it all??



He said placing his finger on her mouth.
K-look at this beautiful view…stop thinking too much…we are here…let’s make the most of it….

He grabbed her by the waist and engaged in a liplock. At first Twinkle was still battling with her mind but Kunj’s love brought her back and she responded passionately to that kiss.


Lust is one thing and Love is another thing. s*x is a way of showing love…u share this relationship with someone whom u love…attraction is something which exists in many relationships…if not live u should overcome it…however the answer to this lies within urself…nobody except ur heart can aknowledge this for u…listen to urself…n identify ur love…. s*x is only an expression of love…do not cross ur limits until and unless ur heart identifies the right one…

❤️___________The End___________❤️

Hope u guys enjoyed it…i read a book…it explains this feeling…i thought to share it with u…

Thank u Ria nad Kruti! This competition was a success!! I am soo glad we got such great stories to explore….keep going girls!!❤️

Love u all❤️

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