That we called trust (abhi and PR) Part 1


A man was running to the hospital blood bank it is some distance from hospital time of midnight rain is heavily doing like the rain this night don’t want to lose from him but the man was not losing his hopes he brought blood and medicine and running towards the hospital…
Doctor -you came OH god how this happened your head is bleeding you need first aid….
Man -no doctor first you see the patient would be happen to….. Patient just take medicine and blood please go make everything absolutely fine I can’t even think about living without. … …
Doctor goes in ICU only one doctor and nurse is there in this thunder storm raining midnight

Man -god please don’t give……. My sin to……
Doctor come -…..patient got out of the danger you can see……. But still unconscious…
Man calls-hello abhi speaking the contact is on…….
Abhi go to the ICU room sit beside the patient (to him self I am going far away from you where just don’t get my shadow on you I just wanna your happiness but it can’t be happening if I stay with you my” jumbo “”
Just take care bye bye

Scene shift after 3years
Abhi -everything had me my work my family but I know one thing would not change my sweetheart smile yes my love my jumbo smile I you will be happy in your life with out me what destiny played with we even cannot imagine…
So here you are life saviour machine “voice came from back his back side
Abhi turn gets smile on his face… His friend rohana….come

Precap- maa I am going to Australia for 2monnnths””packed my Robin

Credit to: Aryna

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  1. Continue with ur story atlest by next episode I get some clearcut information ah nu let me check…

  2. Reshma Pradeep


  3. continue. pls may be next episode give a clear information

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