That we called trust (abhi and PR) Intro


Abhishek mehra abhi-agood person and handsome dashing man and a business man owner of mehra industries
Pragya -se*y and hot but good by heart and also mysterious woman and very serious tooand owner of India no. One company PR (Pragya Roy)
Purvi-pragya’s secretary and Purab girlfriend
Suhana -freind of Abhishek and work for him too
R oh an-adviser of PR company and lawyer
Ankit mehra -father of abhi

Purab mehra -brother of abhi and younger in family
Alia-sister of Pragya but stays with her mom
Sarla -Mom of Pragya and Alia and divorced woman
Sahil Roy -father of Pragya and Alia and divorce husband
Bulbul-best freind of Alia and manager of PR company
As I know it is totally different from kum kum bhagya track but if guys like it and give your and I as silent reader but if you have complaint with my writing or anything you are free to say as you guys are my friends

Credit to: Aryna

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  1. U can continue the story by after 2 r 3 episode u get a very good appropriate for this story… good luck..

  2. Continue vth ur story…

  3. Same comment of saran priya first u continue ur story 2 r 3 episode then i decide to comment as our wish but now u continue the story as u wish aaryna.

  4. let watch wt is interesting?in thz story?all the best

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