Is this called love? Teaser to episode 17


Pragya : Abhi! What are you trying to do? And why are u here? Can u just stop what u are trying to do? It wont work out!

Abhi : It will work as I am trying it! You just go away from here!

Pragya: You have totally gone mad! Why are u like this? I am telling u right? Just leave what u are trying to do!

Abhi : If u want me to leave it then u leave your silence!

Pragya, what can i do now? He is so stubborn! I don’t want him to get injured from what he is trying to do!

Abhi: Pragya! Ok u continue to think! And I will continue what I am going to do!

Pragya: No! Just wait!!!!!

What is Abhi trying to do that Pragya is trying to stop? To know that u all have to wait for the next update!

Sorry guys I cant upload episode 17 as I stuck with some personal problems…so i just upload the teaser to next episode for now…Hope my personal problems gets solved and then I will upload full epi with peace of mind….

I have seen all your comments for the prev epi! For each and every comments I am pleased with it! And to Smiley I am from Singapore not Andhra and Nivi the movie is Nuvvostante Nenuodantana. Really I want to reply u all but my situation that I am in is making me not to reply….Once again thank u all for all ur support!

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  1. Riyashri

    That’s absolutely fine Sweetie…. Hope your personal problems get solved ASAP !!! And U pls Take Care …. Teaser is really something unexpected ….. So now waiting for the Unexpectedly Unexpected Update !!!! Love u Sweetie !!! Glad that u read My Previous Comment as I fought with my bro to get his mobile and read and commented !!!

  2. Soo much of suspense ka eagerly waiting for it.. Hope ur problem get solved.. U don’t take too much of tension.. Just relax ka.. Face the problem with a smile definitely if u r smiling continously the problem itself get fed up.. So keep smiling.. Unnka health ah pathukongaka..

  3. It’s ok dear plz take care.teaser was great.but y did u give teaser? dr coz now iam desperate to the core to know the story.hope n I wish ur personal problems gets solved soon n si that we can enjoy ur writing .Eagerly waiting for the nxt episode.

  4. Sharaya

    Awesome my sugar!! Loved it a Lott… And no sorry as I didn’t comment on previous update

  5. Maahi

    yaar IB such a super duper hit teaser dr I am damn excited dr u just rock my world srry fr nt able to cmmnt in previous updates wish ur prblms get sort out soon keep rocking dr dont wrry all is well loads of love

  6. So much suspense…..but no problem I will wait for ur next update…hope ur problems will get solved soon…

  7. Suspense
    ?????? I love them! So eeagerly waiting for your next update! Update it when free ?

  8. Super teaser sisy really it was awesome waiting for the episode. Don’t worry ur problems will be solved soon

  9. Suoer akka no worries we ll wait and dnt wry i ll pray tat all ur prblms get solved???

  10. Semma teaser da n haan andha prblms ku romba kulir vitu pochu evlo dairiyam irundha en sweetu va disturb panum n haan ena prb nalum enta fb slu na adhukana sol tharen k va

  11. Reshma Pradeep


  12. wating for your next post

  13. Nice teaser.. Waiting for the full episode…. Hope everything gets fine in your life… ☺

  14. Nice teaser yaar I hope ur problem shd b solved asap n give u peace of mind/life.

  15. Trisha

    Awesome teaser… Eargerly awaiting the epi…. Hope all your problems go away soon… Take care my dear???

  16. Super suspence

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