Is this called love? (Intro)


Let me tell you all that this is just a intro to a new ff but I am unable to start it soon…
A love story that is painful but will give a peaceful feeling as time goes by…..
Pragya : A novel writer
Abhi : Popular musician
All other characters in kkb are same here

Abhi: U were just after me that I am a lookalike
of him!
Pragya: Yes because I loved him!
Abhi: So if i touch u like this or come close to you then u still feel him?
Pragya: Yes I feel him whenever u are near me
Abhi kissed her on her lips harshly and said ” U leave now and tell me when he kissed you then does it feels the same!

He left from there and Pragya was in tears for hurting him.

Pain in love is what both of them share in common and will it make them realise their love and Pragya’s pain is also his too. So it will be emotional roller coaster where pain and love will be interconnected in all ways….

To be continued if you all like it…..

Credit to: I can't tell my name now....

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  1. Awesome intro really loved it looking forward Fr episode dear…

  2. love is like a coin.which has both pain n joy…..both makes our bond more strong…….pls contiune…….soon…..

  3. Nice pls continue!!

  4. Hey its nice, waiting for episode…

  5. Awesome dr pls con it n haan ur concept is absolutely right love will give us both the happiness n pain n dr i don’t know who r u but i felt tht u r someone close to me while readng ur ff i think tht my feel was somewht weird sry if i had said somethng wrng

  6. Wow, it diff, pls con… Give long epis pls…

    1. i think maya…….. it wrong sorry…..ya

  7. Wowww osm intro waiting for ur nxt episode

  8. Superb.. And yes u r right love gives both happiness and pain.. Ur intro is nice..pls u can continue…

  9. ofcourse continue it was a v. short epi

  10. Pls continue it is really very nice

  11. Just awesome intro yaar continue it. Waiting for the first episode. Concept s nice

  12. I can't tell my name now....

    Thank you everyone for showing interest in this story….but I am really unable to update this soon….will do it when I am free…I really can’t tell my name as I feel that I should tell my name when I start this ff. Don’t get angry one me if I start this very late….

    1. I can't tell my name now....

      Ok let me just tell my name as my logo itself had show it off! Ya di I am Maya…very bad at hiding myself….i went to reply my other ff and also forgot to change my name there…

      1. my thought right,,,, thanks MAYA……….
        boc i thinks U FF is based person emotionally, a way of thinking, 4 life as view is differ…… that y thought that my guess is right……

        one more think that U’s another ff will u without me……… that u start with kiss na!!!!

        title as show U……… one my resq is give some roman sce 4 abhigya pls……..

        if any thinks is pls forgive me….. n also sorry.

      2. Oh no!!! so sad of u my dr frnd u don’t know to hide urself haha sry dr if i had irritated u by my wrds n haan suga not ur logo but my heart told me its u but i didn’t mentioned ur name as if i was wrng thn someone will get hurted na really dr don’t thnk tht i am using cinema diologues i really felt u presence dr

      3. Haha ya i know i started the other ff with kiss and this one too…and yes always playing with emotions as that’s the most difficult to play with in our life!!! Ok di u will see romance here as u have requested more than once….but this will not come soon…u all have to wait for it…. and ya Pavi haha i think my writing shows it off alrdy….should change my writing style ??

      4. N yup suga i 4get to say u one thing i don’t know dr how will u react aft hearng this but its my responsibilty to inform abt it to my swt frnd who is close to my heart n whoms presence i could feel n haan suga i think i can’t b here hereaft as i will b getng my exam results by tommorow actually suga nalaiku enaku ennoda 12th result varudhu,naan exams ellam romba kevalama eluthirukaen enna intha yr question paper romba tough so naan low marks vanguna ennala kandipa tu use panna mudiyatdhunu nenaikuren so tata bye bye GONNA “MISS U A LOOOOOOOOOO……………………………T” MY DR FRND “LOVE U A LOOOOOOOOOO……T”SUGA N “GOOD BYE” don’t know dr if v could spk hereaft or not anyways r u takng ur medicines properly??? So takecare sry dr i don’t know wht to spk? I am just lost of wrds girl k sry i blabberd a lot so tc bye bye

      5. Hmm Pavi I will miss u too but I wish that ur results will be good and haan I am still taking the medicines…hmm what can i say if u are not here of course i will miss u a lot but its ok as sometimes certain things cant be avoided. after this study well and rock on in ur studies as well as other talents that u have….dont give up at any point of time and keep gg! wish u all success in ur life…a sweet frnd’s req choose a course of study that u like and not by choice….All the best for ur future and always a pleasure talking to u here Pavi…

      6. Thnks a lot 4ur wishes dr n haan if i got good marks then i’ll b definitely back dr n thnks a lot 4ur each n evr wrdr n haan i am not gonnat acpt ur wrds as req but haan i will always obey ur orders so just order me k thanks a lot 4ur concern dr as they always mean a lot to me

  13. Nice please continue

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice Concept yaar……Plzzzz continue…..

  15. It’s superb yaar n different plzzzzzz update ur 1st episode asap yàar

  16. really nice. v just love it please continue this

  17. omg thn bunch of emotions must b waiting I think abhi is referring to abhi nly glad tht ur back

  18. wow…i loved it soooooo……much yaar…pls continue…pls….

  19. diiiiii..plz update the next episode soon………its really intresting………….plz…….

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