Is this called love? Episode 9


What is he even trying to do?

Pragya was supposed to meet Abhi for lunch. Pragya was confused as in why does he expect her to come and meet him at his music studio just for lunch! She was thinking why can’t he just have lunch at home!

Pragya was waiting for him and he walked towards her. Abhi ” Let’s go for lunch!” Pragya ” Ok fine” Abhi drove the car while thinking about something and ended up at a place that he was not even aware of. Pragya ” Is this the place to eat?” Abhi ” Don’t start your bak bak! Wait I myself don’t know how I ended up here!” Pragya ” What? You don’t know why u are here?” Abhi ” Yes! I was driving the car thinking of something and I just lost the way and ended up here!” Pragya ” This is….Ok fine, I have nothing to say now!” Abhi ” Thank u for that! I also don’t want u to say anything!”

They were actually near a beach and there was no sign of restaurants there to have their lunch. Both were very hungry too.

Abhi ” It’s my fault! Ok Let’s leave and I will drive faster to home to have our lunch!” Pragya” I know that you are doing this purposely! I am so hungry and you just want me to roam here and there with hunger!” Abhi ” No Pragya! I didn’t mean to but it’s may be I was too tired and just drove it here accidentally” Pragya ” Whatever it is I don’t even have the energy to argue with u!”

Abhi ” Then just come with me!” Pragya ” No way! I don’t want to go somewhere else instead of your house!”

She walked away from him and sat down at a bench there and he was clueless on how to convince her. Abhi, there is no choice! I just have to forcefully bring her from here!

Abhi went near her and tied her mouth with his handkerchief. Abhi lifted her in his arms forcefully while she was trying to escape from his grip. But he was very firm and she couldn’t escape from his grip! Abhi ” Just be calm Pragya! All this is just for our lunch!” Pragya, This is just too much and I will definitely take revenge on u for this!”

He made her sit on the front seat and Abhi drove his car very fast to reach home. Pragya was keep on mumbling with cloth in her mouth and Abhi found it very funny!

Pragya, I will show you how much I suffered today because of u! You should never understimate the hunger of a common girl Abhi!

Something special happens…

I am very sorry but i was very busy ytd and tats y i couldnt upload and today’s epi… i also wrote it in a rush…so seriously i don’t what i am typing but i assure u all the upcoming ones will be nice…

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  1. Honey


    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it nice Honey!?

  2. Krish

    nice……………..epii diii its k waitng fr te nxt epiiii

    1. Maya

      Thanks for ur wait! It will makes it way today!??

  3. Angita

    Oh my god so funny ….so cute…so lovely….so filled my heart with joy reading it

    1. Maya

      Glad that you were joyful while reading it Angita!??

  4. So cute… ????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Vigan!???

  5. Good epi☺?waiting for ur nxt epi ?

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mokshi for the wait!???

  6. Haha you should never underestimate, the hunger of a common girl ???? This was so much best! Imagining pragya mumbling something really was funny ??? you were really wrong suga, it isn’t illogical ? it’s best to core! Seriously amazing! I don’t know why but again and again this song is Coming in mind ? i should type it to you! So….
    Mein shayr toh nhi……
    Magar aye haseen..
    Jab se dekha m ne tujh ko mujh ko shayriii aa gayeee!
    I loved this epiiii as usual.. ?

    1. Maya

      ????I also don’t know why that song was keep on repeating in ur mind!??As usual I loved ur comment too esp accepting my illogical writing??

  7. VarshaVenkat

    Is it romantic lunch??r a kiss on prags cheeks r smtg which will b written by u as u r d creator of this ff…’s was really a.gr8 episode n d way prags mumbling was lol…..keep goin

    1. Maya

      I myself not sure y i wrote this way?? but it cant be a romantic lunch or kiss for now…there is still time needed for all that to happen??

  8. Riyashri

    So from now on wards u should remember something really imp …..Don’t Underestimate The Power Of MY MTMP !!!!! Got It !!
    U r UnBelievably UnBelievable !!!! Tum TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEST hai !!!!!! Bestest of the Best !!!! Rocking update ……..Keep Rocking in all your writing…….and in your Life too !!! Take Care !! Love u Sweetie !!!

    1. Maya

      Rocking in my writing, I can try…but in my life ah? Its very difficult??? and ur lines are always cute as usual!???? Take care too and love u cutie! Did u get what I send u?

  9. Prathi

    Never underestimate the hunger of a common girl.. ??? Funny!!! Epi

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it funny Prathi!??

  10. Lol epi akka?dnt underestimate the hunger of a common girl haha??loved it akka???

    1. Maya

      Love u too Saranya for ur support!??? and so sorry for not being able to comment on ur prev epis?

  11. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it Superb Reshma!?

  12. gud one………….

    1. Maya

      Thank you Anjaly for considering it as a good one!?

  13. waiting for that update suga

    1. Maya

      Thank you so much for your wait lakshmi!??

  14. Supeeeeeeeeeeer nice

    1. Maya

      Thank you Lucky!??

  15. Wow it was awesome I loved it to the core

    1. Maya

      Glad that you find it awesome Monesha! Ur TS is also great! ??

  16. Soooooo cute n funny episode yaar

    1. Maya

      Glad yr that u find it cute and funny!??

  17. It was superb…u should never underestimate the power of a common girl ????….. I loved it..

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Abhigya!??

  18. Maahi

    omg u shld nvr underestimate the power of my IB urself think once u typed it in hurry still it is unique perfect funny lovely thn watif if u type sincerely by addicting nly to dizz thn I would hv b admitted in worlds craziest hospital of urs lol I am already admitted but dizz time 24×7 I vil b there yaar ur impossible haha hungry girl my godddd intrstng precap dr waiting fr smthng smthng spcl thing

    1. Maya

      Haha ya u are welcomed to the craziest hospital of mine but there is conditions apply! Hehe the conditions are very crazy too! So I dont think u will be able to get in ????

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